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How to make quick pumps from yarn?


Pompon from yarn – Popular Handicraft element capable of decorating with an interior or crafts. How to make pumps from yarn do it yourself fast?

Hand Maid is an unusual way of self-expression, as a result of which a person pretends in life interesting and unusual ideas. Translated from English This phrase means «hand-made». There are a huge set of directions in which a person can be realized as a creative person and create something unique.

In this article, we will look at several very simple ways to create pompons from woolen threads. Thanks to them, even novice needlewomen will be able not only to enjoy the process, but also enjoy the results of their work, surprising homemade things of their loved ones and acquaintances.

Excursion in history

Pomponers – bulk and fluffy balls created from ordinary yarn.

How to make fast pumps from yarn?At the mention of the name of these elements of the decor, many immediately arise an association with various homemade products, such as mats, blankets, or children’s caps.

In fact, these ingenious devices appeared much earlier and were actively used in the 18th century as an element of military uniforms in several countries.

It is not surprising, but with the help of Pomponikov, it was possible to identify the Chin of the Serviceman.

For example, at the Unter-Officer of the Russian Army, they had two colors, and soldiers – monophonic. In addition, French sailors used fluffy balls as additional protection against head blows. Since in those days during shipbuilding, the vessel was built with sufficiently low ceilings, the pumps on the heads allowed to mitigate.

Methods of weaving

How to make a pompon from yarn? There are several methods, thanks to which you can form beautiful decorative pomponices of various shapes. Why it is necessary? Volumetric balls today are often used to decorate some wardrobe items, curtains and even creating entire covers and pillows.

Create beautiful and multicolored pumps with your own hands in several ways:

  • How to make fast pumps from yarn?Classic method. Forming balls on this technology, pomponiki are obtained by the right round shape;
  • Weaving «Tasty». As a result of this method of weaving, cute brushes are obtained, with which they often decorate the curtains and make an unusual kaym for plaids and pillows;
  • Way-light. One of the simplest weaving methods, as a result of which you can form a lot of fluffy balls in a very short time.

In fact, the manufacture of volumetric pumps from yarn does not take much time, but to form a product of the right shape, it is worth familiar with each of the above methods in more detail.

Method-Light – Fast Winding Pubripovikov

How can I make quick pumps from yarn? If you do not want to mess around with the process of creating fluffy balls, this master class will definitely add to taste.

To form bulk balls round shapes, materials will be required:

  • tight cardboard sheet;
  • woolen threads;
  • scissors.

It will take no more than 3-4 minutes for the manufacture of one Pomponchik, while the process itself is in such steps:

  • How to make fast pumps from yarn?Cut from the Cardboard Sheet Cut Square. It is desirable that the width of the cardboard billet will be a little more alleged diameter of the product;
  • Then make an incision in the value of the workpiece, as shown in the diagram;
  • Cut the piece of yarn and insert it into the resulting slit so that the ends are at the same distance from the cardboard blank;
  • We wind yarn around the cardboard shape;
  • After that, the edges of wound threads are cut;
  • Next, around the center of the fluffy blank turns around the tip of the thread, which hung with the slot;
  • And at the end stage, all edges of the product are equivalent so that a smooth fluffy ball formed.

How much should the turns around the cardboard form? If you wish to form a product of small sizes, then for the workpiece with a diameter of about 35 cm We will have to wrap the thread at least 100-150 times. Accordingly, for large-sized pomponchikov, it will be necessary to make from 200 to 300 turns.

Classic method

How to make a beautiful pompon from yarn? The master class in which the classic method of assembling the product will be considered, a little more complicated than the previous version, but only at the preparatory work phase.

To work, we will need such materials:

  • Cardboard rings (2 pcs.);
  • woolen threads;
  • scissors.

The process of creating a bulk ball:

  • How to make fast pumps from yarn?Cut two cardboard rings;
  • Fold two symmetrical rings and wrapped with wool threads;
  • After that, cut the edge of the thread, as shown in the scheme;
  • Then stretch the cardboard blanks so that the thread can be placed between them;
  • Wrap the center of the workpiece thread several times, then tightly torn;
  • Next, cardboard molds are neatly cut;
  • The tips of the product are equivalent.

Please note that for winding the rings you need to take quite a lot of wool threads to form a pretty and bulk ball. If you do little methot, the hole inside the workpiece will be almost empty, because of which it will not be possible to collect a pomponchik of a beautiful round shape.

Weaving tassel

Create beautiful pompons from cotton yarn do it yourself easy and fun. Children can be connected to the process if desired.

To form a brush-shaped product, you will need such materials:

  • Tight cardboard sheet;
  • Woolen threads;
  • Scissors;
  • Wooden bead.

So, it is necessary to make a reservation that this method is conditionally considered the most difficult, although it does not take away a lot of strength.

The process of needlework can be divided into several stages:

  • How to make fast pumps from yarn?Create a cardboard blank in the form of a rectangle. In length and width, the template should be a little more future tassel;
  • Along the long side of the rectangle, the thread is wound in the center of the workpiece;
  • The more screws will be done, the volume and fluffy will be a brush;
  • The edges of the winding, located at the top of the workpiece, are approaching a needle with yarn, which allows you to pull the product and form a brush;
  • At the bottom of the workpiece, the threads are cut and poured;
  • After that, you need to take a piece of the thread and wrap it with it at some distance from the vertex;
  • At the final stage, a wooden beads put on a brush.

The resulting pomponchik in the form of a tassel can be decorated not only by beads, but also rhinestones or subtle satin ribbons. It all depends here only from your imagination.

Plaid assembly

How much will you need yarn for plaid from pumps? The process of creating homemade products from bulk balls is very exciting, but in this matter it is important to correctly calculate the volume of necessary materials. To create a small children’s blanket, a size of 70 per 100 cm will require at least 700-900 g of woolen threads, and no pumps are collected separately, but by winding yarn on a wooden frame.

Plalt creation process:

  • How to make fast pumps from yarn?We collect a wooden frame of a rectangular shape, and brings nails into it throughout the perimeter in a step of 4-5 cm;
  • Then it is necessary to hide the thread between the carnations, according to the scheme;
  • We form about 50 layers of yarn, after which about 30 layers cut;
  • As a result of such an assembly, a cloth from pompons, connected 25 layers of yarn.

You always wanted to do needlework, but did not feel creative potential? Consider the master classes described in the article.

To create beautiful things from bulk woolen balls do not need to have specific skills.

But in the process of creating man-made products, very elegant and unusual decor elements are obtained, with which you can decorate ready-made products or collect new.

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