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Learning to sew a case cover with your own hands


Sew the case for glasses with their own hands is easy if you prepare all the necessary materials. It can be made of fabric, leather or other material. Start with the preparation of the details of the cover

Every person who wears glasses knows how easy they can get their building. Even small scratches and minor deformations lead to the fact that discomfort occurs during wearing. To extend the life points, you need to take care of a high-quality case. You can choose a ready-made case, but it will be no individuality.

Better to make a cover with your own hands – then you will be sure that your accessory is stored in safe and stylish «Domika». But do not everyone know how to make a case for glasses with your own hands.

Case from Phack

Learning to sew a case cover with your own handsSometimes the case for points you need to make it yourself very urgently, for example, before traveling or resting in nature. But what to do if there is no suitable fabric at hand?

So that the case was reliable, it is better to flash it with a syntheps or other soft but dense material. If you have no such fabrics at home, the usual tack or felt fabric is suitable.

Before proceeding directly to the process, prepare materials:

  • Cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • Cotton;
  • Whatman;
  • Glue «Moment» and «Plow»;
  • Scotch larger;
  • Magnet that is used in bags;
  • Primary tools: scissors, pencil, brushes and others.

Stationery knife cut all the necessary parts from cardboard. Pick the parameters depending on the size of the glasses, leaving on each side a pair of free centimeters.

Cut from Watman on every side two blanks. The edges of the parties need to be made bevelled with a disk or stationery knife. This is necessary so that the angles do not interfere with each other. Stick side sides to the base. They must be perpendicular to the basis – adjust using a spicy corner line. The beveled side looks inside. Painting scotch tape all corners of the workpiece.

Learning to sew a case cover with your own handsCut the fabric, leaving the allowance to glue all sides. Glue put on a thin layer, then carefully position the cloth, moving it with glass. Cut everything too much and swipe corners.

On the inside, make a deepening – there will be the first part of the magnet. On the opposite side do «Sneake» For the second part of the magnet. Lock «Site» on glue «Moment».

Decorate case with rhinestones, sparkles or filament patterns. Sew such a handset with your own hands in 15 minutes.

Skin case

The advantage of this material in its strength and practicality. Case for leather glasses made with your own hands looks presentable and reliably protects your accessory from damage. And it’s not difficult to sew it.

For the manufacture you will need:

  • Learning to sew a case cover with your own handsThe skin of the middle thickness;
  • Rotary perforator;
  • Leather cord;
  • Clips.

Attach glasses to the flap of the skin and make measurements, leaving the allowance. To form a future case, align the lower and upper edge, cutting off the extra. So that the cover looked elegantly, a little round the lower part.

Fold the material in half and fix the clamps. Little drill Jump holes at the same distance from each other. Cut a piece of cord – its size must be twice as much as the perimeter of the case. To make it easier to label, use the sewer. Pour the hole at the end of the cord, prevailing the node, and insert the pin there.

Cut around the perimeter, and when you reach another edge, make another nodule. Leave the ends of the desired length, and the rest – doit.

Cotton Cover

Fabric can be taken any color, luxuriously looks white case. You can decorate it by a printed word on the adhesive paper – it will be a template. Pick up white cotton flasks of the desired size and transfer the inscription on the fabric. Carefully cut down the blade.

Learning to sew a case cover with your own handsMake the patterns of the cover items and cut them out of the fabric. On the front part, place the inscription and fix it with the pins, and then step on the typewriter.

To the top will set the snake – the lock should be face down. From above impose a rear element of the voice. Pins secure all parts. Stop over the typewriter, connect the second part of the snake with the case.

Make lining – it should easily enter the case. Cloth is better to take tight so that it does not bloom. Two pieces step down the contour and remove on «face». If folds and tubercles appeared – do cuts and push. Pretty straightening the lining inside the case and laid a few locking seams. So that the product looks even better, swallow it with an iron.

Case for glasses from fabric made with your own hands is easily erased, it is durable and high-quality. Therefore, your glasses will always be reliably protected from damage.

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