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How to tie from yarn plaid needles? Knitting technique with pompons


Plaid from yarn with pompoms differs from similar products with its softness and unusual pattern. Tie a children’s plaid under the power of even a beginner needlewoman

Knitting from yarn with pomposami is popular due to simplicity, availability and unusual appearance of products. Future mothers want to give their kids better, so even during pregnancy, you dream to tie a plaid for a newborn from yarn with pompons.

What you need?

Babes fit a blanket standard size – 75x75cm. If necessary, the width and length can be increased, but the thread will need more.

It is necessary to prepare for the manufacture of knitted items:

  • Yarn for the main canvase – 200 g;
  • Yarn for decor – 100 g;
  • Knitting needles;
  • Knitted hook;
  • Satin ribbon;
  • Satin decorative flowers – at will.

How to knit?

How to tie from yarn plaid needles? Knitting technique with pomponsKnit baby blanket convenient from several separate blanks. They knit squares that are subsequently connected in a single plaid. First row: Type 14 simple loops, stretch in between pumps and collect them on the needles.

Knit all the canvas, alternating kinds of loops in rows. Even rows perform facial techniques of knitting, odd – in the wrong way.

Do not move the first loop of the new row to another needle, and check the face. In the process, straighten pumps between hinges. During knitting, only broach.

In this form, the knit front side differs from the wrong, and the finished canvas will be more dense than when the knitting of all rows is a personal manner. Knit the blanks until the length is equal to the width.

After receiving the square, finish the mating of this part. To do this, check the last row in the wrong way and turn the cloth to yourself the face. To close, lie at once two loops in front of the face, then return the loop to the left needle. With the following loops do the same.

After one looper remains on the left needle, cut the thread, leaving a small piece. Take the remaining thread in the last loop, then remove the needle. Tighten the loop, remove the extra edge of the thread. In order to prevent breaking the threads, it is advisable to fall fire. It is convenient to do with matches or lighters. To tie a children’s plaid, you need to make 16 square blanks.

Plaid finish from yarn with pompons

How to tie from yarn plaid needles? Knitting technique with pomponsTo decorate the blanket, use another color of the prepared material and hook for
knitting. Each square must be tied with a hook.

To do this, in the loop between the pompons, lie two columns with an attachment of one loop, and make 3 air. Reincate in this way all sides of the first square. The second square can only be tied with from three sides.

The fourth side must connect with the first blank through the second air plating of the first square. Third and fourth part attach in the width in the same way. Fifth Place on the second row of the future blanket and connect it with the first square on one side with air loops. The sixth of the plaid must be attached from two sides. One side, connect with the fifth square, and the second – with the second. Continue until all the billets turn into a finished plaid.

Completed view of the product will give satin ribbon and decorative roses. To do this, grind the ribbon around the perimeter of the plaid into the holes around the edges of the product. The tape is not worth a very stretching – this will lead to the consignment of the finished product. At the same time, the satin tape should not be saved. Edges connected in one corner, tie a bow. Tape tapes can be turned out so as not to bloom. Failure of ribbons Fix with decorative flowers. If they are missing, the folds simply turn the corner.

How to tie from yarn plaid needles? Knitting technique with pomponsYou can knit from yarn plaid any size – To do this, add the number of blanks. They can be of various shapes and all kinds of color gamut. When connecting to a single cloth, they can be alternate in any sequence. The main thing is that the edges come to smooth. Methods for connecting segments in a solid canvas may differ from the proposed scheme. Prepared parts Sew on the edge of a suitable thread. Decoration of satin ribbon and flowers can also be excluded.

How correctly knit yarn with pompons? In order to achieve a beautiful drawing and softness of the finished product, it is necessary to use intermediate areas of yarn in knitting. Pompons that are on the thread must be straightened to one facial side.

Yarn with pomp is soft enough. That is why it knit a variety of clothes for the kid.

For example, booties, blouses or hats.

Successful needlework and beautiful things!

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