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Sun skirt: simple start modeling clothes at home


How to build a classic sun skirt classic, with a belt, on a rubber band and with a loop? What is worth considering in the manufacture of children’s things?

With the onset of heat, each woman begins to think about replenishing in their wardrobe. Still, because you can «reset» gloomy and boring winter things, and completely refresh your appearance!

In this case, weightless dresses and air skirt come to mind, because they are capable of emphasizing femininity and romanticity of nature, as well as create an easy and relaxed image.

Stylish clothes and all cases of life

The Sun skirt has become quite popular a few years ago, and its various variations to this day periodically appear in seasonal collections of fashion stores.

And what if you try to sew it yourself?

Sun skirt: simple start modeling clothes at homeAfter all, it will not require much effort and material costs from you, and the result is guaranteed to be unique and unique. In addition, you can independently determine the style of the future product – for example, to sew a skirt with a train, or choose the original coloring that will definitely not meet among widespread goods.

Before each newly recent seamstress, the lawsight immediately stands up – how to reveal the future skirt-sun?

Having robbed you – it is also easy, and even an amateur in cutting and sewing can cope with such a task. To do this, you will need to remove measurements, namely, fix the girth of your waist, and carry out simple manipulations with drawings.

The only thing that is not worth a particularly hope is to your hands, since such a product involves machine sewing.

If you have no sewing machine at home, you can ask for help to your girlfriends.

In principle, you can try to sew a thing and hands, but the guarantees of the accuracy of the product obtained in this case are not expected, unless you do not really have «Golden Hands». If you have already armed with cloth, typewriter and small tools, let us consider in more detail the question of how you can cut the Sun skirt!

Options for building patterns

Cut the standard skirt in several ways. It all depends on what it will be attached, and from which material is made.

First, let’s decide on the values ​​that will be given in the instructions. R is the main parameter that determines the radius of your waist for normal landing of the future skirt. To calculate this value, use the formula:

R = 0.32 x Art, where Art is the value of the half-coupling waist in centimeters.

Such a formula is relevant for the manufacture of products that suggest zipper or a button.

Having obtained semi-rapidity on paper. Now from its edge evenly measure another parameter, which will be marked with the letter L. It will fold from the desired length of the skirt D and the waist radius R. Draw this semidery by a knead. Actually, the drawing is ready. It remains only to note the side seams letters s.

Skirt length can be done any – everything depends on your personal preferences and the lengths of such things that you are used to wearing. You can sew a charming and exquisite skirt to the floor, especially if you pick up a high-quality satin or silk of noble muted shades for it.

Sun skirt: simple start modeling clothes at homeIn it you will be the queen of any celebration!

The second half of the selected patterns of the skirts are similar to the first, with all the following manipulations. After you fully figure out with the value and build the pattern, make «sketch» Fabric belts belt. You can sew a skirt on a gum – it will be more convenient and practical, but in this case we are talking about the product on the usual clasp.

To properly cut the skirt, do not forget to leave an increase in free felting, as well as letters for stitching seams.

The second version of the pattern is built almost the same as the first, but instead of the value of Art in the formula, the Sat value appears in the formula, which means half-crowd hips. If you do not consider this, you just can’t put on the finished product. Also pay attention to the fact that the total radius L must be put off strictly from the center of the circumference, and the parameter D, meaning the length of the finished thing – from the edge of the circle R. Do not forget to take into account skipping skirt and damping belt in the waist area.

The same moment refers to the use of the first option of the pattern.

So easily and simply built the pattern of our Skirts of the Sun. Probably, it is for this reason that it is so popular, because even a newcomer can be carved, and it is even easier to sew it, especially if there is a good automatic sewing machine.

How can you cut the skirt-sun jelly?

Identically specified options, but the drawing also needs to consider areas marked with a plus sign or cross. Also these markups can be used for the product with asymmetric bottom. In this case, the form parameters and the length of the corners can be designated independently, on its own taste and discretion.

We sew a skirt-sun for a small or young girl

How to paint the Sun skirt for the girl?

Almost the same as in the classic version above. You must use the same basic formula and calculations, but there are several nuances. Fabric consumption when sewing the Sun skirt on a schoolgirl is small, which allows you to save, but you should take a material with a margin.

The maximum length of the skirt for the girl-schoolgirl with the cutting of one part is limited only by the values ​​of R and D. If, with this situation, the length will not exceed 70 cm, the same pattern option can be used for building a drawing of the future product on an adult woman.

To make the cutting of the Sun skirt on the girl, you need to draw two circumference on paper. One of them, internal, calculated by the formula R = 0.32 x Sat, as in the second version of the classical «adult» things. The length at the same time is equal to the distance from the edge of the inner circle to the edge of the outer circle. Usually, the RD parameter in this case must exceed L value, since the skirt involves an abundance of folds. It should also be noted that it sews exclusively on the rubber belt.

We sew a thing on the elastic

Sun skirt: simple start modeling clothes at homeSkirt Clash on a rubber band is guaranteed to become one of the most convenient, practical and universal things in the wardrobe of every fashionista. And sew it enough simply, given that you can just shoot a beautiful wide gum in a circle to the base of the product.

But as in this case, cut the Sun skirt on the rubber band?

In this case, you should use the very first formula, but you need to add a few centimeters to the standard half-coupling of the waist as a seam allowance under the belt. You can insert a wide elastic band into the belt belt, and it is possible to do without a belt at all, and only to shoot a gum to the tissue itself.

But for the second option, you need to choose adequate material so that the finished thing does not look disharmonious and strange. For example, a standard white gum, which is used in the belts, in this case it is clearly not suitable.

It is necessary to find a good stretching material that will live for a long time and looks presentable.

By the way, such a finished belt can be decorated manually – for example, to divide beads, beads or rhinestones, or make a threaded embroidery if you have such skills. It all depends on your imagination, good taste and impeccable feeling of style.

Option with train

Recently, skirts with the so-called loop. They look short in front and elongated from behind (of course, everyday and fairly simple thing can not mean a full-fledged long loop pulling out the mistress of the floor on the floor). Such products are relevant even at weddings, and some brides prefer them to ordinary wedding dresses.

How can you cut the sun skirt with a train?

Draw the train on the pattern you need to quench the bend by 60 cm. Thus, the total length of the short side will be 60-65 cm, and long – about 120 cm. Such a thing can also be made in layers, but it is more difficult.

And do not forget about the poverty that will close your underwear. The skirt with the train is also optimally sewn on the gum so that the complexity of the manufacture has not aggravated and sew the belt. Ready thing can be additionally «Earth», For example, having reproving the entire length of silk or chiffon with white pearl beads.

If you doubt your abilities, ask to help you sew such a thing of a knowledgeable person. However, if you want to try your own forces in cutting and sewing – Sun skirt will be the best start for you.

Be stylish and original!

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