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How to make knitted yarn from t-shirt?


Crochet knitted rug: how «minimize» Raw materials from old T-shirts and other similar things? How to associate the product from the material?

Hand-maid from the primary materials is not only interesting and fascinating, but sometimes very advantageous lesson for a woman. Usually, for your creative crafts, we use ready-made shopping products – threads, yarn, accessories.

But did you know that as a good, dense knitted yarn, you can serve as the most unexpected things – for example, an old T-shirt?

How can you use knitted yarn?

How to make knitted yarn from t-shirt?With the help of this «Raw» You can knit bags, baskets, covers and even mats. Especially good work with masters mats and bedding for chairs, as well as man-made stands for hot dishes. Knit from knitted yarn is very convenient – it turns out the optimal width and density, perfectly suitable for processing large hook.

Find some old T-shirts in the closet, and you will get a high-quality original yarn for knitting a variety of interesting crafts right now, and completely free!

If you intend to give old T-shirts a new life, you will probably be interested to know how to cut them right on this very yarn. When using old T-shirts for the new yarn, it is best to use things as much as possible. Children’s knitwear is theoretically suitable for these purposes, but such work will be very painstaking, and the yarn itself will be too short for adequate mating. Therefore, novice needlewomen with small things is better not to communicate, so as not to spoil the planned work and not be disappointed in such an original version of Hand Maid from the very beginning.

So, how nevertheless cut the T-shirt for the manufacture of rug, bedding, baskets, cover or any other things like this plan?

How to choose «Raw»?

How to cut old yarn t-shirts?

First of all, it is important to choose the appropriate option of raw materials. You will need a monophonic article, rather soft on the texture, but not too covered and «chlipoe» (which happens with knitwear, which are stored too long in storage rooms and cabinets). In fact, the material must correspond to its original characteristics – normally stretch and do not fall on the fibers at the first touch.

For cutting it is better to take the part of the product where there are no seams and unnecessary seals. Of course, T-shirts with bulk embroidery and other embossed inserts in this case are not at all suitable. Paint prints do not interfere with your needlework, so such things can be safe for future creation.

Front «Cutting» TRicatory product is best shot and reassured, but the latter is not necessary.

Master class on cutting

Since we need only a smooth part of the product, a T-shirt follows «process». For this, the lower edge of the product is cut off, and its upper part is cut off from one armpit to another. As a result, you get a large «Pipe» with two side seams.

We proceed to the processing of the resulting fragment of the fabric:

  • How to make knitted yarn from T-shirt?One side edge received «Pipe» need to be applied on top of another, be sure to retreat 2-3 cm on top. The lower edge must perform above the upper – this condition is necessarily for the manufacture of high-quality yarn;
  • Then fold the knitwear twice again, while the upper 2-3 cm of the primary «Departure» So must come;
  • Decide with the thickness and density of the yarn that you need. At the same time, keep in mind that the finished strips will decrease in the width almost twice, curling into the tube. So we recommend that you take a width with a stock. «Being» Needlewomen claim that the optimal width of the sliced ​​bands is a value of 2.5 centimeters;
  • If you are hard to do everything on the eye, take the ruler and put the appropriate tissue marks;
  • Take large tailoring scissors and start cutting fabric strips of the specified width. You only need to cut the material folded in several layers – we don’t touch the upper indent!;
  • Do not cut off the entire length of the t-shirt convolution, bypassing the protruding edge;
  • Now you can deploy a bundle and see what you have happened. The part you have passed, you need so that the yarn remains uninterrupted. Otherwise, you would only get short strips, which, of course, knit is inconvenient;
  • Next you should wear the resulting «Pipe» on hand or any other basis (for example, a three-liter glass jar). It is necessary to do it so that not only the untouched section is visible, but also the bases of the cuts along its sides;
  • The next thing you have to do is start cutting a retreat diagonally. Cut lines from the first row of already cut fragments to the second opposite, from the second to the third, and T.D. This is what will make your finished knitted «thread» For knitting continuous. If you would cut the simple identical stripes, you would have to connect their tips with each other (link or sew), which is extremely inconvenient and time consuming;
  • Having done all the diagonal cuts, you get continuous yarn. Now it should be pulled along – so the threads stretch a little and twist on the sides, with the result that you get neat «cord»;
  • Your yarn is ready! Now it remains only to be able to wind into a standard tangle for convenience in subsequent work.

How to make knitted yarn from t-shirt?Make a rug or any other product of this «Raw» You can with the help of a hook – so the mating is more denser, careful and anger than.

In short, knitting will come out more «Charger». However, with the goal of needlework in this case, you can use the needles.

The main thing is that their dimensions are quite large. Optimally, the spokes No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10 are suitable in this regard.

You learned how to cut a t-shirt for knitting a rug, bedding, stands or covers, and perhaps already got a high-quality knitted yarn for this purpose.

And what to do with it next and how exactly knit the product?

Knit knitted yarn rug

Crochet rug extremely simple if not to say «Primitive». Even a beginner lover will cope with him. What can we talk about experienced hostesses who know how to create a large crochet real masterpiece!

We recommend that you cut down a few shades of yarn that are mixed with each other. It looks very beautiful, a rug made of gray and coral or pink yarn. For those who have an eclectics at home, a bright colorful yarn of old neon T-shirts will fit. Ordinary threads do not use.

So, take the most fat hook and the main knitted raw materials (the color that will be at the base of the rug, that is, his middle). Now start knitting according to standard technology in a circle. If you have any additional skills, feel free to introduce them in practice! The more interesting patterns will be in docking the loops, the more beautiful and more attractive will get the finished product.

Attach the circles of new shades with air loops without Nakid. Or proceed according to the same scheme that is most acceptable and familiar to you in crochet. You can make a striped rug, where the circles woven from yarn of different shades are quite small. You can, on the contrary, make major contrast circles. Ready rug will be an excellent supplement for the bathroom or kitchen. At the entrance door their efforts, of course, it is better not to.

If you have enough experience in such a needlework, you can create large carpets, and original bedrooms for sofas, chairs and chairs. Also using this technique you can create beautiful decorative pillowcases and covers for various small things. Rugs and stands are obtained especially interesting when the flower is performed.

How to make knitted yarn from T-shirt?Having enough skills in needlework of such a plan, you can add to knitwear and ordinary fine threads, and even woolen yarn.

If you have a single dark yarn (knitted), it can be spectacular «wiggle» Loops made of fine traditional yarn or threads Moulin of bright colors. It will be fun «Summer» A rug that perfectly fit into the interior of a creative person.

Remember that Hand Maid may require you a certain perfection and excerpt. If you had such an experience in the past – it will be easier for you to cope with knitwear in «Chistov» Option. But if you are inexperienced in this regard, it is better to start with «Chernovik» and use the usual old yarn. And most importantly – do not rush, focus on the conceived, plan the appearance of the future product in advance. And do not forget to improvise in the process!

Let your creative ideas give only the most beautiful fruits!

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