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How original and beautifully packaged any gift


Packing of small gifts. How to pack a large-sized thing? How to pack money? Features of gift wrapping for women, men, children

When choosing Gifts Much attention is paid to their originality. I want them to be unusual and interesting. Having decided with the present, there is only one thing - to decorate the box beautifully. It is not necessary to puff over every bow or ribbon, but sometimes the wrapper plays a very important role.

How original and beautifully packaged any giftEven the most banal gift, interesting and non-standard packed, will become a subject for sincere admiration. And if the gift is exclusive, and wrapped with taste, it will please twice.

In addition, the packaging can be regarded asAn indicator of individuality, the ability to translate their ideas and think outside the box. That is, at first glance, the usual packaging can characterize the donor and pleasantly surprise the one to whom the surprise is given.

How to beautifully pack a small solemn gift

An interesting design will be a peculiarMatryoshka from boxes. This option is suitable if the souvenir is small, but valuable. To work, you need several boxes of different sizes. First, the addressee will unpack the large one and see in it a smaller box. After that, open it, and there again - a small box.

And so on: Boxes will open like matryoshkas, and in the end it will come to the one in which the gift lies. Simultaneously, you can beautifully arrange a present, and turn its unpacking into a fun game. This process can be encouraged by shouting and shouting, creating a good atmosphere and cheering up.

How to pack a large-sized thing?

The above option is only suitable forSmall items. How beautiful is it to pack a large gift? The best option will be a large box that you can buy or ask at a hardware store. It is pasted with a suitable paper, taking into account the type of holiday, age and gender of the addressee.

Significantly, you can save time by coloringContainer with an aerosol can. Another option is to glue it with plain paper, and decorate with a variety of pictures, clippings, make a photo collage or appliques. Suitable and funny labels, then it will become an integral part of the presentation.

A good option, for example, to the New YearHolidays, there is a big bag. You can sew it yourself, choosing the right material. A highlight is that it will be presented in an unusual way.

Decorate bags with colored appliqués,Fur or knitted pompoms, inscriptions from bright ribbons. If sewing is a problem, you can simply take a large piece of cloth, put the selected item on the middle, and, holding up the ends, fix it with a ribbon or a large bow.

If there are only small sheets of paper, then they are connected on the back side with adhesive tape. The result is a large packing list.

In this case, you can show imagination andCombine material of different textures and colors, with small and large patterns, geometric figures, peas and a cell. The present is packed into this sheet and rewound with ribbons, you can add balloons.

A beautiful packing of a large-sized gift with your own hands is a simple matter.

You can use the following methods or on their basis to come up with something else:

  • Tissue packaging. This is the easiest way. The thing is thrown on the sheet and at the appropriate moment pull it off. The gesture, of course, is better to rehearse. The main thing is that the beautiful fabric at an important moment is never caught;
  • Packing of several sheets of paper. To do this, you need several identical pieces of material to hold them together and cover the gift. The ends of the paper are sealed together with adhesive tape and give the product the shape of a cylinder. Then with a thick needle with a fishing line, the upper edge of the package is collected "In accordion"At a distance of about 15-20 cm from the edge. After that, a special case is put on a present, decorated with ribbons, bows, balls and other accessories;
  • A very large gift can be simply decorated with a large bow of fabric or other material that is capable of holding a shape. This decoration is attached with scotch tape, suckers or ribbons.

To properly pack a thing, you need not onlyKnow the schemes and ways, have an original idea, but also get acquainted with some traditional techniques. Guided by the classic models, you can create your own, unique and nothing like that.

How to beautifully pack a gift: colors and decor

Each holiday is associated with a certainColor scale, for example, a wedding with white, blue, beige; Easter - with yellow; Valentine's Day - red and pink; New Year - red, white and gold.

You can just choose the right color packagingAnd experiment on its decor. By Valentine's Day, you can decorate her with hearts, paper roses, attach a leaflet or a postcard to her with poems, wishes, tender words or a declaration of love.

Create beautiful and thematic packaging with your ownHands can be and the New Year. For this, not only the above colors are used, but also symbols: bells, gold and red ribbons, tinsel, mother of pearl beads, appliqués in the form of snowflakes, small glass crumbs from Christmas toys, etc.

How original and beautifully packaged any giftSmall things can be put in a rather unusual packaging - gloves, a Santa Claus hat, striped knee-highs with a New Year pattern.

How beautifully to pack a solemn gift for a man? In this case, do not beOrnaments. Not allowed an abundance of ribbons, bows and other elements of decoration. We can say that the present should be packed accurately and accurately, laconically, without excesses. Much attention should be paid to color.

For older men, gray, blue, purple, red, that is, standard, soft colors, are suitable. For boys - on the contrary, the packaging should be bright and cheerful.

Souvenirs for women are usually packed in paperMore vivid colors, but here, too, must take into account the age of the culprit of the celebration, and her personal preferences. Decorate the boxes with flowers, bows, colorful ribbons.

The best design for a child is a combination of color and game moments. Of course, paper or other material should be bright colors with funny drawings.

You can wrap up your gift with your own hands in the formCandy or put in a normal box, on which to paste the mouth, nose, eyes, that is, to create from it a kind of creature. An interesting moment will be a box with a gift, in which several balloons are rising up.

Corporate presents are a separate topic. Often, the company gives employees the same gifts in the same packages. The latter are usually decorated in firm colors and can have a logo. Very often, workers are given baskets of fruit or sweets.

How to beautifully pack and make money as a gift

One of the original, but not quite aestheticPackages, is a glass container. In this case, many small bills are covered in a jar and rolled up with a lid. This is quite an interesting option, but it does not always work.

Money tree is suitable for those who loveTo be engaged in needlework. The basis is the canvas on which the tree trunk and branches are drawn. Leaves are folded in accordion bills. The peculiarity is that this option is suitable for both a man and a woman. This is not only a pleasant surprise, but also an addition to the interior of the house.

For a wedding or other celebration, you can donate a bouquet of paper bills, adding fresh flowers and greens to it.

The modern sphere of trade offers manySpecial postcards, that is, they are intended for monetary banknotes. They are sold in a large assortment, so you can easily choose the right option.

An interesting and original souvenir will be money in an inflated balloon, bandaged with a bow.

How original and beautifully packaged any giftIn some cases it's better to make the designWith his own hand. For example, needlewomen can tie or sew together a package or elements of its ornaments, and artists - draw a plain paper and wrap it with a box.

A beautiful gift wrapping is veryImportant nuance. Fortunately, there are many options now. You can buy the finished, ordering a box in the store for the dimensions of the presentation, selecting paper and asking the seller to arrange everything. In some cases, it is appropriate to show imagination, add bright colors and accessories, and sometimes it is necessary to follow the traditions.

It is worth noting that in the first place in the design guided by the tastes and character of the person to be congratulated. Beautiful and successful gifts to you!

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