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Gift of a man: favorite, boss, colleague


How to choose a gift for male hobby? What is appropriate to give at work, and what you can not give the man? What hours give a man? What kind of flowers are given to men? We know!

Socks, flask and deodorant have already become a topic forJokes as the most banal presents in case you need to give a gift urgently, but there is no time for creativity anymore. What to give a man, if you want to do it from the bottom of the heart, beautiful and original, and at the same time show tactfulness and not go beyond?

By themselves, the items listed above andAre good, and necessary. But what kind of woman does not imagine in fear and embarrassment that her offering will be in a locker among exactly the same jars, socks and deodorants from all the other congratulators?

Determine the choice will be easier if you know the simple rules of the donor:

  • Gift of a man: favorite, boss, colleague If a man is seriously fond of something, and you are in this sphere a complete zero - you can not choose a good gift;
  • Inscriptions and engraving require special attention - ambiguous and generally without meaning do not fit;
  • Consider the circumstances of life: a family person is not given a coffee set for two persons, and a student from the hostel is an exercise bike;
  • You can not give animals and plants only if it's not what he dreams about;
  • You can not buy something for one man, and give it to another, it's a bad taste;
  • You need to give on time. Agree, summer swimming trunks will be a little strange New Year's gift;
  • If you give a purse, then you need to put a symbolic amount of money in it.

What to give to a beloved man

A gift to a loved one gives more freedom, but alsoRequires a lot of tact. So, one can not emphasize any shortcoming of his boyfriend: accepting such a gift, he has to admit a problem for which he was kindly pointed out.

For example, massagers from pharmacies are suitable only for grandfathers. Books about sex can not be given to anyone, as well as different manuals in general (a hint of incompetence in this area).

A man can receive a weapon only from a man,Even if it is a blunted saber in his collection on the wall. Also, variants with a hint of femininity - cosmetics, salon procedures, certificates for shopping are also unsuccessful.

However, do not worry too much and driveIn the framework of excessive scruples. Close relations with a man give the right to give something done by yourself (if you are sure of the quality of your production by 100%).

Also it is possible to please the guy or the husband with somethingImmaterial, but important for him: a poem in his honor, a declaration of love, a song of his own composition. It is very romantic, remembered for life and will not be eaten or used in a short time, like cake or shampoo.

What to give a man at work

In some cases, the most important is recognitionAchievements, and status in the team. Before deciding what to give a boss to a man, remember: in no case can you switch to his personality, even if you think that the boss will understand and appreciate.

Gift of a man: favorite, boss, colleague

Avoid embarrassment will help universal giftsClass luxury, from expensive materials, a well-known brand, with a commemorative engraving. A gift to the boss should be such that he can leave it in his office, and not secretly take him home as soon as possible. Funny trinkets, clothes, hygiene items are absolutely not suitable for a solid leader. However, sometimes you need to congratulate a senior employee who adheres to a democratic style and does not issue orders, but is responsible for their execution.

In this less formal setting it is appropriate to give something for his personal benefit - good household appliances or watches.

A gift to a colleague is good because not so muchDepends on etiquette and practically does not compromise him in the team. Accessories for work, gadgets, thermo mugs will be very good as signs of attention.

Ideas for gifts for enthusiastic men

Here are a few tips to choose a gift for a man based on his hobbies.

If a man is a music lover, tickets for a concert of his favorite band or for an opera, a disk with an autograph, a player or headphones will suit him.

A fan of sports will appreciate tickets for the game, uniforms for practicing his favorite sport, a chance to stay behind the wheel of a sports car, branded clothes of a football club for which he is sick.

A jack-of-all-tradesman will like the toolsetOr a special box for their storage, anything for home improvement. It will be interesting to give him something that you can put together. A good idea is a mug with the inscription "Golden Hands" or "Mr. Master".

For the mod, a tie or stylish accessory, an original watch, an item from his favorite designer, or you can choose a convenient organizer for the cabinet.

Knigoljubu like the first edition of his belovedA novel, a book signed by the author, an electronic device for reading, a nice lamp or a floor lamp with directional light (also for reading). If you can find a miniature vacuum cleaner for bookshelves on sale, then consider yourself the winner in the contest of gifts.

The traveler will need a good pair of binoculars, a tent, a travel case, and sunglasses. Also a hammock or a folding chair is good.

The watch is always a welcome gift

The special attitude of men to wrist watchesIs explained by the fact that very often this is the only decoration in the male image. The watch emphasizes the style, status and excellent taste of their owner. Therefore, every man is happy to get a good watch, even if he already has one.

Thinking about what kind of watch to give a man, it is important to know that men's watches are of four types:

  • Gift of a man: favorite, boss, colleagueClassic for the costume - laconic design, simple dial, mechanical;
  • Everyday - Quartz watch with navigation, discreet, comfortable;
  • Fashionable - for a club, a bar, for a party (with a metallic luster, crystals, a strap under the reptile);
  • Sporting - Electronic clock with many functions, protection from moisture, shockproof.

A mechanical watch is a thing that can serve for centuries.

However, from time to time they needSpecial care, and they need to be treated with care. Another nuance in choosing a watch for a man is his complexion. Massive watches will suit a large man with a wide wrist, and a watch with a thin bracelet - a thin young man.

Flowers as a gift to a man

An effective addition to the gift will be a bouquet,Especially if the occasion is an anniversary, the benefit of the actor or any solemn event. What flowers to give a man? It should be an oblong bouquet, round and magnificent fit only for women.

Flowers should be a deep dark color(Burgundy, blue, purple, red) or white. The best flowers for a bouquet for a man: roses, feces, carnations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, tulips, perfectly suited bright green bamboo - it is considered a symbol of growth, achievements and monetary success.

And remember - any gift should be presented with a smile, an open heart and sincerity!

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