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Sew a swimsuit is just


How to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? How to sew a large swimsuit and cape? How to sew a swimsuit with cups? Is it possible to sew a closed swimsuit

Pook around the beach in a stylish and original swimsuit would like every girl, but usually the choice of models is limited to the fact that they were brought to the market and in the nearest shops. Money for designer things can find not every girl, but look attractive and sexy want each.

Sew a swimsuit is justThe easiest way out is to sew a swimsuit on your own, especially since it is not necessary to preserve special skills.

How to sew an outdoor swimsuit without pattern?

For this work we will need:

  • elastic and quick-drying fabric (lycra, knitwear) and lining material;
  • threads;
  • rubber;
  • Poropolone cups (from the old bra);
  • clasp;
  • Sewing supplies (chalk, scissors, pins);
  • Decor Items (Sequins, Beads, Ribbons).

So that the kit is a suitable size, for melting patterns, it is best to use your own comfortable knitted lingerie. Any panties are sprinkled along the side seams and in the detailed form lay out on the material from which the thing is going to sew, from the wrong side. Fine outlines contours.

On the material for lining, the lasty will be reduced (a small piece of fabric, sewn in the area of ​​the groin). Scissors cut through contours. So you can guess not only with the size, but also with the fauna of the future product.

How to sew a swimsuit, namely his lower part? To begin with, we take and set the lastics. After that, cross the side seams. In the circle of leg holes, an elastic band is applied and attached with a zigzag seam.

In the upper part of the melting, a progress is formed, a gum or a belt will be inserted into it. Optionally sew panties on the sides. They can be connected using metal or plastic rings or ties, then at the top of the gum will not need. Melting ready!

Cut the bodice in 2 ways.

The first: 4 strips are cut with a width of at least 15 cm + 0.7 cm on the line. They are stitched in pairs among themselves from the wrong side of 1 side. After that, take a ring of metal or plastic and make parts of the leaf, the seam will be on bending. Since the upper part will be with cups, they are laying between 2 strips and are stripped around the edges.

Sew a swimsuit is just

For the second method you will need a centimeter. Measured chest girth. This length is laid on the fabric. Cut 2 strips with a width of 30 cm + 0.7 cm on the seam, bend in half and stitched along the invalid side. Turn on face and insert foam foam cups insert. In the center, the material is submitted and stitched, connecting two parts of the leif.

At the bottom of the bra, it is advisable to insert a gum, so it will sit on the body more denser. Now it remains to make strings and flash sides. As a fastener, you can use special hooks and locks.

If there are no, the side parts are made a little longer and perform the fastener function. Here’s how to sew a bango swimsuit, in principle, nothing complicated. Time it takes no more than an hour, but it turns out original!

If you wish, smelting and bodies are decorated with bows, beads or sparkles. You can attach a pretty brooch and weave the pigtails from the fabric, decorating the cups.

How to sew cape and swimsuit on the pattern?

How to sew a swimsuit with triangular cups? It is also easy, but it will take a pattern. For its construction, the old newspaper will fit. First you need to measure the height of the chest (the distance from the highest point to the lowest – Vg) and the completeness of the cup (size from left to right – PC).

Draw an equally chaired triangle with a cropped top. His height is VG, the size of the base is an invection, the top width – 5-6 cm. On patterns, 2 parts are cut out, adding 1 cm on the grounds and holes for ribbons to the resulting dimensions.

How to sew a swimsuit with your own hands, having these two bodies details? The fabric is fed on the sides and flash. Top and lower parts make navigations with holes for ribbons. From the matter cut out a couple of strips with a width of 1 cm and a length of equal breast girth + 30-40 cm.

Ribbons are flashing from the wrong side and turn out. It remains to collect bodice. For this, ribbons with pins stretch into the lower and top holes of the cups.

Melting are sewn identically described above. Instead of turning, you can use the store ribbons, intertwined in the form of braids, laces and multicolored ropes. You can also decorate at your discretion.

In the same way can sew and large swimsuit. Just need to use your sizes and compact a cup with lining material or foam rubber. To add a beach ensemble you can sew a skirt or a light cape from transparent fabric.

How to sew cape on a swimsuit? The easiest option is to take the transparent fabric of the desired size and overpay all the cut. It will be pareo, which can be tied in different ways: skirt, dress, sundress. You can sew the tunic.

Sew a swimsuit is just

To do this, the fabric takes the width of at least 70 cm, folded in half. The center is cut and dragged down hole for the head. From the sides are a little striking, leaving the opening of the hands, or simply tie up the belt. In general, who has enough fantasy and skill – that will make it.

Buy or sew?

In addition to the open model, you can choose a set closed. True, it will take a little more skills and craftsmanship for his tailor. We will have to deal with the construction of the patterns and the removal of more measurements.

But such products may be not only beach, but also sports for a hike in the pool, or dance, for example, for ballroom dancing. How can I sew a closed swimsuit easy to find in sewing magazines. IN «Burdes» There are already ready-made patterns, you will only need to guess with the size.

The main advantage of the manufacture of swimsuits with their own hands is originality. Having come to the beach or in the gym, the girl will definitely know that such a kit like she has no one. This will help not get lost in the mass and attract attention to its individual, and also boast of their golden hands!

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