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Skirt with swans – knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendations


Skirt with flocks will decorate any casual wardrobe. Especially pleased that you can make such a skirt with your own hands. How the skirt is knitted by the crm?

Openwork skirt with flocks – a great option for everyday wardrobe, because «Kroshe» (crochet’s knitted things) is considered an indispensable trend for several seasons. Ryushi and Volani express tenderness and romance, give the dynamic movement, they make a girl more feminine, and therefore never come out of fashion, becoming permanent elements in the collections of world designers.

Skirt with swans - knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendationsWith their help you can create yourself any image. After all, these universal decorative elements are found in such styles:

  • boho;
  • Baby Dol;
  • lounge;
  • ethnic;
  • Romantic and others.

Openwork asymmetry

Such a skirt is suitable for boho style, the feature of which may be asymmetry and multi-layered. In this case, it is allowed to experiment. For example, you can make an oblique hem, and on the side where it begins to shorten the diagonally, it is permissible to sew a cascade of Ryush. As a result, it turns out a semi-wind fantasy skirt.

Features Knitting Baby Doll

Crochet-knitted swollen skirt, suitable for young women, and girls. The essence is that the gentle and naive openworks did not look rudely and went. And if the cloth is greatly enlightened, you can even make a small lining.

To create such a product, the main thing is to correctly calculate the consumption of threads. For the baby 3-4 years old take 100 g of cotton thread and hook №1,5.

Step-by-step instruction of execution Such:

  • Skirt with swans - knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendationsNeed to dial 15 air loops that will be the width of the belt. Its knit length that matches the waist girth. In this case, the pattern of columns with Nakud will be needed, which will create a certain elastic effect;
  • The belt closes in the circle, and the two parts of each other are connected by a column without Nakid;
  • Next, you need to choose the side where the hem will go, and raise the 1st row of the column without Nakid;
  • Then the 22 rows of the fillet grid fit: the row begins with a column with an attachment, then there are 2 air loops, again the column with Nakud and T.d;
  • After that, there is a trim by a waist. Here is best suited by all the favorite pattern «Pineapples». Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive, and not to miss the arch in a row, with the expansion of the canvas in Openwork. At the end, it should be slightly wavy bottom;
  • Additional ruins weave from 12-14 rows «Pineapple». Then they are tied by columns without nakid to the belt and to the grid, making it at a distance equal to 11-rows;
  • Finally, there are 5 strips and sew in the waist area as a scenery.


Openwork mini skirt, and with a crochet-bound by flocks – this is not the limit of dreams. On the contrary, everything is so easy that even a novice can easily cope with such a model.

Knitting sequence is as follows:

  • Skirt with swans - knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendationsA fillet mesh is done to be enough for mini;
  • The lace motive is selected, and several ribbons are made from it;
  • Then these openings are sewn at a certain distance from each other to the main canvase. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the carriage cascade is symmetrical and neat.

No need to look for diagrams of patterns purely for skirts with swans, to so much with crochet. Usually ruffles go a separate detail, which is tied to the base cloth.

Openwork «Sun»

Such a weaving will suit girls who love to look trustly and romantic. Choosing it, remember that there is schemes patterns that are not at all suitable for the slaughtered skirts. The problem is that after some time knitting the canvas does not expand as it should, but, on the contrary, it goes.

In this case, the Sun-Clash requires a lush from the belt. The problem can be copped with such recommendations:

  • Skirt with swans - knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendationsSelect the pattern in advance that you can use for skirt. For example, it may be already familiar to us openwork mesh «Pineapple». In its scheme there are moments where you can easily make the extension of the canvase. But first you need to make a belt of the desired width and the required length. From him and woven ashur;
  • In the case when, according to the scheme, several columns with Nakud are pronounced together through one loop, it is necessary to add each other than one extra post. Only so the hem will be expanding in a circle;
  • Again, you should not make an extension in each row. This will lead to the embarrassment of the thread, and in the end you will have an inaccier and too lush skirt.

For the girl, the perfect option is when the volans «Sun» Combined with a fatin entry in style «American».

Ethnic style

In this case, you can take the basis of all known «Tatyanka», which rises with a crochet with ruffles at the waist. «Tatyanka» Made very quickly and simple:

  • Need to weigh the belt with a favorite pattern;
  • Now there is a rectangular tube favorite view of the drawing. It is important here to correctly calculate its dimensions: the width must be 2 times larger than the length of the belt;
  • Further knit rectangle is attached in the waist area with a column without Nakid. Oracle will be visible only if 1 cm of the belt will fall 2 cm of the web;
  • Then the product should be closed in the circle, and copp the seam again. As a result, it turns out a long new thing with soft Volanany In the waist area.

Lower Style

This provocative direction in clothing is characterized by the maximum approach to the underwear, which is achieved by lace. An example is the dress on thin straps, similar to a combination or a nightgown, or shorts and pants, like pajamas. Skirt is also no exception. In this case, it can be tied up so that it looks like an old entry.

For this you need:

  • Skirt with swans - knit crochet: Tips, instructions, recommendationsTie. It should be happening something mean between the Sun skirt and the pipe;
  • To the bottom of the hemp to fade in advance woven lace wait. It must be attached not for the tips, as usual, and retreating a couple of rows from the edge. After that, below and at the top will turn out large and small ruins, respectively;
  • Now the lace tape approximately 5-6 cm in width. It must be bent in half and attach at a distance of 10-15 cm from the bottom volana.

In itself crochet – it’s not heavy. Therefore, if there is a desire to have something unique, you can take an idea from the magazine and tie a new clothes to your manner. Stylish products and creative ideas!

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