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How to pack a gift – secrets of proper packaging


What turns the usual bauble as a gift? That’s right, packaging. You can turn to professionals, but you can use our advice how to pack a gift

We all love to receive or give gifts, but do not always know how to present your carefully selected souvenir at the bottom of the birth or other holiday. Therefore, it is worth passing a few lessons about, How to pack a gift.

How to pack a gift - secrets of proper packagingYou can do without beautiful wrapping paper, but then all the magic of a gift is lost. But on the holiday it is important for all possible ways to maintain a good mood.

Preparation for packaging

As a rule, the appearance of the gift is better preserved, it is packaged in a rectangular box. And since it does not always have an attractive appearance, you will have to go to the store for bright festive packaging.

To do this, we need some materials, it is time for free time and a great mood.


  • Wrapping paper;
  • Decorative cords or ribbons;
  • Scissors;
  • Scotch bilateral.

Advice! Use the usual transparent tape is extremely not recommended, because to give the packaging aesthetic species, visible due to glare pieces of Scotch will have to disguise.

Before packing a gift with your own hands, you will have to spend time calculating the amount of paper for a gift. The width of its sheet should be 2-3 cm exceeding the full turn around the box, and the length should be equal to double length with double height add.

Advice! If the experience in the package has never been, and you are afraid that you can do something wrong, spoiling a beautiful wrapping paper, then practice first with a simple newspaper. This will help for the future well consider how the seams bend and where it is better to arrange scotch.

Packing a rectangular box

After the end of the preparatory work, you can proceed to the package itself. Below is a step-by-step instruction of how to pack a gift.

It consists of 6 simple steps:

  • How to pack a gift - secrets of proper packagingStep 1. Place a present strictly in the center. One of the vertical edges make a small fold to 1.5 cm and stick a strip of bilateral tape;
  • Step 2. The box with the gift is tightly wrapped with paper, leaving the seam with a scotch top. Ideally, he must be located in the middle. Before gluing, it is thoroughly check, whether all the edges are smooth and densely pressed to the box;
  • Step 3. The number of paper from the ends should be the same. If it is not so, you should gently move the gift in the right side. Now the upper part of the paper from the ends should be gently bent down and tightly press so that the side edges formed triangles;
  • Step 4. The resulting triangles on the sides gently press to the end of the box so that they firmly lay down to the contour;
  • Step 5. The remaining bottom bend and press to the end part. Then bend the paper tip inward so that the seams turn out strictly in the middle. On its edge, glue two-way tape and press to the box;
  • Step 6. The same thing to repeat with the second side of the box. If everything is done correctly, all seams will connect at one point.

Ideas decoration

To give the gift of the finished and most aesthetic species of the seams we will mask decorative ribbons or cords. If you want your gift to look the most original and attractive, then use one of the tips on how beautiful to pack a gift and decorate it with simple elements.

To give originality, you can use corrugated paper. With a combination of purple and copper colors, packaging will look very impressive.

Alternatively, you can use funny medallions and emoticons purchased in advance in the store or carved from ordinary cardboard and painted by markers. Instead of ribbons in this case, you can use ribbons with bridges at the ends.

If you own knitting or embroidery skills, I will rather originally look for gifts, decorated with large colors from yarn or threads Moulin. If the question of the decoration of the New Year’s surprise is solved, then instead of a large bought banta use a Christmas toy, a bowl or a bump.

How to pack a gift - secrets of proper packagingIf there are children in the house, and the hotel is made for close relatives, then the duty of decorating gift packaging can be given to the children. Grandparents will appreciate such attention from the beloved grandchildren, and the last will feel involved in the special magic of the holiday.

Decorations of simple threads and beautiful buttons will look very original. First, few people think so unfortunately to get to the gift packaging. Secondly, too big bow only closes a bright festive packaging. For about the same purpose, you can use multi-colored pumps attached to the ends of the ribbon.

We hope that now you have learned a lot about how pacify and decorate it with various decorative elements. Therefore, go to the store for gifts and materials for their decoration, and take on this interesting and creative occupation.

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