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Packaging of paper gifts: options, schemes, decoration


What are the types of paper for packing gifts? Square box packing scheme. How to pack a round gift? Decorating packaging

Gifts are an essential attribute of almost any holiday. Pleasant souvenirs are presented to friends, colleagues, relatives. And mostly everyone is guided by the principle that the gift itself is much more important than his beautiful wrapper, so you can quite do without such. That is, sweetie and in the candy, and without it there will be equally delicious. But agree, even a very serious person will be delighted with exquisitely and ingeniously packaged souvenir.

Packaging of paper gifts: options, schemes, decorationThe most popular material for packaging, as many years ago, is paper. In addition, there are many ways to wrap. So paper can be copped a surprise of any form.

Big choice as an advantage

The modern range of this material is simply colossal.

In special stores you can buy thin and durable, matte and glossy, embossed and many corrugated paper:

  • Listed glossy – the most convenient for packing gifts. It is offered in a large spectrum of colors and drawings;
  • Kraft. If the previous one can be used for any purpose, then the kraft is used only for souvenir packaging. This type of material has a ribbed structure and transverse embossing. Industry sells it in large rolls of ten meters;
  • Tishye. This material is indender, ease and air. It is these characteristics that make it use and as a filler. In confusion, the objects of complex shape usually wrap up, because such a container fits their relief and it turns out very elegant;
  • The polysilk is also well suited for packaging gifts of non-standard form, so it can be considered a replacement. It turns out beautiful decorative large-sized bows. By itself, he resembles a dense film that is well stretched. It is for this property that the designers and stylists love him so;
  • Corrugated paper. Surely every sign this monophonic grungy material. It is very often used for packaging flower bouquets, but in addition it is used to decorate souvenir gifts with a narrow elongated form, such as bottles, tubes, boxes;
  • Malbury – handmade paper for gift packaging, which is produced in Thailand. Despite this, it is presented in a fairly wide color scheme, often sold with drawings or ornaments, sometimes inserts inserts from floral materials – dried flowers, fragments of stems, leaves.

The above varieties do not exhaust the whole choice. There is still a lot of options: silk, pearl, embossed, yam, gel and t. NS.

Before starting folding the present, you need to remember several important rules:

  • Wrapping paper is taken with a reserve and befened from all sides at least 1 cm;
  • According to the rules of etiquette, the shelting party is the right;
  • When using ribbons, they need to trim under a small angle;
  • Packing material is never glued to the box itself.

Packaging scheme for rectangular gifts in paper

This option is the easiest, as well as one of the widely used. To work, you will need: packing material, cords or tapes for decorating, centimeter or roulette, scissors, tape (better bilateral).

How is the process:

  • First you need to cut from the selected paper rectangle suitable size. Calculate the latter is simple enough: all four sides are measured alternately with a roulette or tailor tape, then 2-3 cm is added to the results obtained, but not less than 1 cm, for the pent. The length is determined by the formula: two heights of the box + one length;
  • Now on the solid surface you need to gently decompose the carved rectangle and the box itself. The latter put in the center of the figure. One of the vertical edges (right or left to choose from) is pregnant inside by 0.5-1 cm. The scotch is glued to the collar;
  • The box is completely winding. You need to apply small efforts so that the material implied the slower and does not frown. A protective film is removed from the tape and the bequeatted edge is glued;
  • It is necessary to ensure that the edges sticking from the sides had the same size, that is, they were stripped. The remaining piece of a piece neatly bends and pressed against the target of the container;
  • After that, the sidewalls of a cut-off rectangle are fed and tightly pressed;
  • At the end bends and pressed the lower part of the packaging. It needs to bend back and get back in the middle. Then glue a small piece of tape and applied to the end;
  • Similar operations are repeated on the other side;
  • Ribbons and laces are used for decorating.

How to pack a round or oval gift corrugated paper

Packaging of paper gifts: options, schemes, decorationPackaging such a form to pack a little more difficult. However, many things sell in such boxes, for example, hats, tea and coffee sets, tea, candy, cookies and t. D. Not everyone will cope with such a task, so it is recommended first to practice with an unnecessary material.

First you need to measure the height of the box. After that, a large strip is cut off from the selected material, which is 2-3 cm wide, rather than the size of the container. It needs to be punctured the box, while under the bottom and under the top, 1-2 cm is touched.

Naturally, the lid first need to remove. After that, cut the circle or oval, which is a little less than the bottom. It needs to be glued down to hide the exposed allowance.

Packing covers happens on the contrary. First cut a circle or oval, but a little more than the size than the product itself. It glue with a bike on the sides, while you need to do neat folds. The strip for salary around should be wider than the height of the lid about 1 cm. It is glued flush together with the top, and the protruding allowances are separated inside.

How to pack paper gift: the easiest way

Most optionally use expensive materials for wrapper. You can take the usual parchment. To pack something, you will need: Parchment itself, stationery knife, tape, pencil, scissors, paper of another color and colored lace.

The foundation is folded in several layers to eventually get a bulk decor. On it, the pencil draw a flower, which is cut off by a stationery knife, but not completely cut off, but only petals to get a bulk decoration. Then the box wrapped in colored paper, and then into the usual. Finally, everything is neatly tied with a lace.

Box Design – Last Bar

The packaging scheme of the most common forms of boxes is described above, but it is necessary and originally decorated. There is a lot of ideas and as many materials that can be used, for example, ribbons and dumping ribbons are used, there may be several, different textures and colors.

If the gift is wrapped in the simplest wrap, without an ornament or pattern, you can drag it with thin ribbons or threads and fasten the flower or bows from above. Such bright accents will give the present charm to make it more attractive.

Male gifts pack in more restrained traditions. On New Year’s holidays use small Christmas balls made of plastic. But the real-day surprise can be decorated with small bows or other decorations.

When packing gifts, children often invest souvenirs in textile bags or are made in the form of large candies. Karapuses are very fascinating surprises.

In specialized stores of souvenir, you can now buy special paper for packing gifts and even ready-made packaging boxes. There is a container of any dimensions, so there will be no difficulty with packaging in this case. In addition, the color and drawing of paper is selected on site, products for decoration.

Packaging of paper gifts: options, schemes, decorationIn general, it will be useful sometimes to go shopping, as you can learn some interesting ideas, for example, how to win the wrapper. It is also worth paying attention to a variety of trifles, because very often they will need for decoration, for example, painted bird feathers or butterfly broots.

Many women in home reserves have all sorts of ribbons, laces, small souvenirs that can be glued to a gift box. And needlewomen can connect a flower with ribbons together with ribbons. That is, with its own hands you can make not only the original, but also a unique, exclusive thing.

Pleasant surprises and beautiful gifts!

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