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How to make interesting crafts from burlap and twine?


Crafts from jute twine made by their own hands are very popular. This material is durable, natural, so all products seem warm and alive

Interesting crafts from twine look very unusual, they are used in the design of the interior, in the farm, in everyday life. They are easy to manufacture and accessible to all. Crafts from twine made with your own hands, you can diversify any interior. The material has a natural color, consists of natural fiber, so crafts look natural, seem warm and alive.

It is distinguished by strength, not exposed to deformation, is environmentally safe. Another advantage is the low cost of crafts from linen twine. In the presence of fantasies and skills from this material it is easy to make an original and beautiful product with your own hands.

Horseshoe for happiness

This is an old sign – to give horseshoe for happiness. Such a souvenir will undoubtedly enjoy your friends and acquaintances, so you can make topiary from jute twine and horseshoe coins.

Prepare such materials:

  • How to make interesting crafts from burlap and twine?Corrugated cardboard;
  • Sword jute;
  • Wire;
  • The container in which the Topiary will grow;
  • Pliers, round bumps;
  • Scissors;
  • A piece of burlap, alabaster;
  • A small amount of water;
  • Gun glue;
  • Coins and Covers for Decor.

Get ready:

  • The form of the future horseshoe can be drawn independently or use ready-made templates. Transfer the drawing to the corrugated cardboard and cut down the contour. Billets need to be done in two copies;
  • Using tools, form a wire structure that will strengthen the toopiary. In several places, lock it with glue. Unnecessary wire tails gently bent and leave the needed leg length;
  • At hot glue Attach the top of the corrugated cardboard. All the lumens that remained will subsequently close with twine;
  • The most difficult part of the work – the braillet braille. It is very important that everything is done symmetrically. Close the edges, secure the twine on hot glue. Carefully wrap it in a spiral, periodically gluing;
  • So that there are no adolescents, you can lay it very tight, adjusting the ropes and gently ribbing all the bends. Watch one piece of the horseshoe almost to the middle, and then also the second, too, until the middle. Symmetrically close the middle of the horseshoe and wrap the leg;
  • How to make interesting crafts from burlap and twine?Excuse topiary in the selected container, reagging the burlap. Convenient to use silicone molds. Divide the gypsum so that he reminds the consistency of the sour cream. Pretty mix, scatter lumps. Pour the gypsum into the container, install topiary in the center. Keep down while «Earth» will not freeze;
  • You can decorate the horseshoe with a thin pigtail, out of several threads. Finish the product coins. To enjoy them, you can cover the golden paint from the can. The decor made of coffee beans looks very stylish. One of the most popular decorations of crafts from twine is the use of ropes and coffee beans;
  • Gypsum take a small piece of burlap, and then you can form a bag of it. Two layers need to be done in order not to transluce the plaster. Tie a rope, but not very tight, carefully straighten the edges and fix in several places glue. Decorate with coins and bills, rolled into the tube.

Such a snaps of burlap and twine created by their own hands will be a good souvenir.

Pickages for curtains

How to make interesting crafts from burlap and twine?Designers are confident that old things are not necessary to throw away, because they can be turned into exclusive. If you do not like objects that perform a purely decorative function, you can define their functional accessory and create a craft from rope and twine.

Probably, everyone has old CD or DVDs. If you do not need you anymore, you can make pickups for curtains. Holders give the room comfort, curtains look completely different – elegant and stylish.

Prepare such materials:

  • Several CDs or DVDs;
  • A pair of wood speakers for kebab;
  • Sword jute;
  • Cardboard;
  • Thermopystole.

Get ready:

  • The first time to prepare the disk is not easy, so it is better to have spare. Cut the circle inside the disk acute item. It is convenient to make nail scissors. So that the circle was smooth, substitute the glass of the appropriate size and scratch the outline. Cutting, do not hurry, because it is very easy to spoil the disk. The line will be much smaller if you cut the spiral. To make this craft from jute twine, you will need two blanks;
  • How to make interesting crafts from burlap and twine?Discs will give holders strength. But to make them even more reliable, it is worth producing cardboard fuses. They will retain the integrity of the design if the base suddenly bursts. Glue the disc and cardboard with hot glue;
  • Spade reorganize the product. Conaches Lock with hot glue and wind the workpiece. If necessary, you can make an overlay. The tip is fixed by glue. With another workpiece, do the same actions;
  • Decorate the pickups with curls from jute twine. Cut 8 40 cm long threads. Apply glue to one end and twist each thread to get a curl. All 8 blanks with glue are secure on holders;
  • Changing pickups can be skewers for kebab. Good if they are flat. Tailor wrap the twine, and the second end decorate with flowers. Form a flower from thick wires, wrap each petal burlap, and attach curls to the center. You can add tape tapes organza.

Such a decor looks great on curtains from linen material, cotton curtains without an ornament. Unique crafts will bring a variety of in the interior, and do not devastate your wallet.

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