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We sew yourself a pillow for pregnant women


Pillow for pregnant women – a very convenient and almost indispensable thing for women in «Interesting» Position. We sew a comfortable pillow with your own hands

Each woman agrees that pregnancy is an unforgettable, causing period.  But unfortunately, in addition to positive emotions, there is a future mother and some unpleasant moments. One of them is a comfortable sleep. Or rather, his absence.

After all, it is impossible to sleep on the back, but to take a convenient pose on the side of the increasing tummy. There are several ways to facilitate the situation. Under the stomach and under the back, you can put a roller from a towel or blanket, a big soft toy.  But there is an option easier – you can use a special cushion for pregnant women to sleep.

Unfortunately, in stores such goods for pregnant women is expensive, so not every woman can afford to buy it. You can purchase a product used, but it is better to sew your own pillow for pregnant women.

Types of pillows for pregnant women

Before sewing, we define with the appearance of the product, that is, what it will be.

The thing can be different configurations:

  • We sew yourself a pillow for pregnant womenin the form of the letter U or horseshoes;
  • in the form of a letter C or Banana;
  • in the form of the letter r;
  • straight – in the form of letter I.

The most convenient is the first, U-shaped. Its advantage is that support and support receives not only belly, but also back. In this case, the head must be put on the middle part «horseshoes».

But there is a drawback – «Podkovka» takes a lot of space, so it will be relevant only on a large, wide bed.

For bed of smaller, you can choose the product of another form – it will also provide you with a comfortable sleep.

After the form of the subject determined, you can choose the necessary materials.

Select filler and other materials for pillow

Filler – the most important part of our subject. It depends on it, how comfortable and relaxed you will feel in a dream. To take the shape of the body, but at the same time it is good to maintain it, the material for filling must be elastic and spring. Best of all these parameters match Hollofiber.

Despite the fact that this synthetic material, he does not cause allergies, and this is very important during pregnancy. In addition, the subject with such a filler can be erased, even in a washing machine. You can use other fillers – syntheps, foam rubber, wool, as well as buckwheat husks.

As a material for the pillow itself, it is better to buy natural fabric: flax or cotton. These fabrics will not cause allergic reactions, besides, it is easy to work with them, sew. For pillowcases you can choose any material you like – velvet, velor, cotton, silk or other. The main thing is that you can sleep comfortably with such a pillow, and so that the pillowcase is easily erased.

It should also be taken into account that this product will be useful for you and after pregnancy – the subject will be used for feeding the child. Therefore, the cloth for pillowcase is still better to choose a natural, hypoallergenic. By the way, pillowcases need to sew two or three so that you can wash them alternately.

In addition to filler and fabric, you will need snake, velcro or buttons – for convenient buttons.

Pillow for pregnant women: sew themselves

Product dimensions Choose based on its growth and physique. The width of the finished item usually ranges from 25 to 40 cm. The pattern is best to first draw on a millimeter or other paper, and then transfer to the cloth. But you can draw the workpiece and immediately on the fabric – it all depends on your sewing skills. If you can not draw a blank yourself, you can find the finished pattern of the pillow for pregnant women with your own hands, and then print it on paper, glue all printed sheets and move the pattern on the fabric.

The process itself:

  • We sew yourself a pillow for pregnant womenSo, draw on the fabric two patterns of the required size, taking into account the allowances on the seams, about 2 cm, and cut them out;
  • Stop on the sewing machine from the wrong side of the pattern. So that the seam was stronger, you can shoot twice;
  • Leave the central part of the pillow. Remove the face with the face and through the left hole to type it with the selected filler.;
  • Then squeeze the front side of the front side.

Pathway patterns Make a little more than a pillow – so that they can be easily removed and wear.

Pillowcase Cooling and sew Similarly, only instead of the filler hole, we leave a zipper: zipper, velcro or buttons. At the edges of the pillowcases, you can attach ribbons so that the pillow can be fixed in the desired position.

In addition, a sleeping pillow can be decorated – to embroider with your own hands on the pillowcase. Cute pattern or make the original applique. For convenience, you can also sew a special pocket, in which then folding the necessary things, such as handkerchings or hair bands.

Now you know how to sew your own pillow for pregnant women. As you can see, it is quite easy. We wish you a pleasant stay and sweet dreams with your pillow!

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