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Features of gift packing with their own hands


How to harvest a gift? The packaging is important or it does not matter completely, because the contents do not change in any way depending on it? Look for answers to these questions in our article!

Give gifts to be able to. Otherwise it happens, you choose some beautiful thing, put the whole soul in the purchase, and in the end, no special attention is paid to your gift. Perhaps the whole thing is in the package, because it is equally important to beautifully present the present. So let’s figure out how to pack gifts.

What are the options?

Features of gift packing with their own handsOf course, the easiest way to go to the store and ask for a smiling seller to pack your present. But there are two pitfalls. First, the appearance will be standard. And this means that you will not stand out from the total mass again. Secondly, not always the seller is a professional. So the probability of getting an inactively woven present only increases.

Well, the last argument against the shopping packaging can be the fact that even in the most beautiful shopping wrapper paper, there is no personality of the donant. Therefore, if you want to make a truly stunning gift, we advise you to spend a few minutes to make it with your own hands.

In addition, in this way, you can even save, because it is quite often for the decoration of the present you can use infridable materials. For example, if you want to make a pleasant just as your favorite person, you can use the usual office paper A4.

All you need to do is print on it several phrases about your feelings, as shown in the picture. And then the one who receives the present will not only be pleasantly surprised, but also perfectly informed about your feelings. By the way, if it is difficult for you to overcome indecision, then in such a way you can confess love.

To decorate the box, you can use not only ribbons and paper, but also natural materials. To do this, you can attach a figured piece of wood or a small piece of sea coral to the gift packaging.

Attention! Such original gift packaging is suitable exclusively in cases where the addressee can appreciate the idea. If a piece of wood causes at least a bewilderment, and the coral is disgust, it is better to do with standard decoration methods.

How to choose a gift with the help of girlfriend

First of all it is worth saying that when decoration, you can use paper not only as packaging material, but also for decorating. For example, if you have some old old postcards at home, whose collectibles have been engaged in your great-grandmother and the great-grandfather, then do not rush to throw them into trash.

You can cut a few motifs and just paste on packaging. Most importantly, select the carved material in such a way that the images are combined either with the contents of the present, or with the identity of the addressee.

And if you create some interesting applique, then you may not even doubt the recipient. But at the same time, it should be remembered about another nuance: Position the application on the box so that when printing it cannot be damaged. Otherwise all your works will be in vain!

In order to originally pack the gift with your own hands, you can use not only ordinary paper, and the old newspapers. But at the same time be vigilant. If the present will look untidy, you may be suspected in an attempt to save. And this clearly does not accompany the development of friendly relations. 

Experimenting with ribbon. You can tie it into a standard bow, and you can make an original ornament using a hole panel. Such a holey, but a pretty ribbon can just stick on the box. And tighten the edge into the bagel. As a result, the present is absolutely uniquely packaged.

By the way, if you feel sorry to throw waste from the tape, you can use them as confetti. But such an addition to the gift packaging should be done only if the recipient has nothing against unscheduled cleaning. Otherwise you can spoil the mood!

Features of gift packing with their own handsFor packaging presents with your own hands, you can use even garbage bags. The main thing is that they were clean! In order for the present to look beautiful, wrap it in several garbage trees that must be different color. Then neatly straighten the edge of each hood to get a volumetric bow or flower, who has a imagination. 

To create a beautiful composition you can use and live flowers. And it is not necessary to give exactly a bouquet. You can attach a beautiful bud with a scotch instead of a bow. You can add decoration using a regular ribbon. The main thing is that you can pick up all the decor elements in about one gamma. And if the color of the box will be contrasting, then the memorable appearance of the present is guaranteed.

By the way, if the person you give the present is fond of Japanese culture, then you can pack the box in the style of Furoshiki. For him, you need a square piece of fabric, the print on which must resemble Japanese motives. Then, following the schemes placed below, you can pack both rectangular and round items. 

Using the packaging method with your own hands, you will not leave any person indifferent, because it has long been known that all the things made adopt a piece of soul masters. So that making such a gift you give a close person a piece of myself.

Original gift gift for man

All previously described methods of decoration of the present certainly beautiful. But they have one minus – decorated, so the gift you are not Give a man. Since a favorable reaction of a representative of a strong half of humanity on flowers, pieces of wood or Ryushechki you will not raise.

So now we will think with you how to make the original gift for men. After all, you find something really interesting incredibly difficult. We invite you to make a gift packaging in the form of a male shirt. It is, of course, a little more difficult than attracting a piece of flower or colored paper to the ribbon, but for the sake of a close person you can attach a little more effort.

So you need:

  • Wrapping paper;
  • A little gift ribbon;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Scissors. 

And, of course, patience, because the robot we will have a painstaking. But do not despair, the pots did not burn gods, so everything will turn out! To create a shirt packaging, you need to add paper strictly in the sequence that is indicated in the picture.

By the way, if you decide Give your favorite man tie, then pack the box can and in the form of a tie. To do this, you also need to carefully repeat all the steps specified in the following figure. And then the packaging will display the contents of the gift.

Features of gift packing with their own handsThe main rule of the packaging of male gifts is to avoid all sorts of flowers, Ryushk, lace. Do not also choose too bright wrapper paper. The optimal option will be either glossy gray color, or dark blue. And if the addressee is interested in traveling, you can use paper for packaging with the image of the world map.

As you can see, packaging a gift with your own hands, you not only add your originalness of originality and allocate it among all others, but also give a part of yourself. Therefore, to the issue of decorations you need to treat with great responsibility. Be sure to try to transfer your feelings in the package towards a person who will receive this gift.

And believe me: Even if the first time your packaging does not work perfect, it will still look much more interesting than the usual store template! Good luck!

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