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7 Stunning Wedding Travel Travel


How to spend honeymoon. Where to go newlyweds in honeymoon. Which countries and islands will leave unforgettable impressions for young

After the wedding, the newlyweds go on the journey to celebrate the honeymoon. Travel in loved in native edges or abroad. Someone loves to visit the sea depths, mysterious caves or go on a tour of the museum, others prefer forests or just rest in a removable hotel.

Probably, few people wondered over the name itself. Why exactly «Honey»?

Most people will answer that the honeymoon is a month of the first joint living of newlyweds after marriage. And his name symbolizes the unity of spouses and their sweet, like honey, love. But this is an erroneous opinion. The secret of origin is lighted in the distant traditions of the Slavic people.

Why honeymoon is called honey

7 Stunning Wedding Travel TravelTaking care of the health and happy life of the young, the parents of the newlyweds gave them to the wedding of a row with natural honey.

One month after the wedding celebration, they must eat this honey.

It was believed that honey gives a woman forces and helps to recover after childbirth, so after the birth of a child, a young mother drank a glass of liquid honey. Men have eaten a little honey before performing a marital debt.

Now honey is no longer given, but there are European peoples who use honey wine during honeymoon.

How to spend honeymoon

Survive completely to each other, take a break from work and gray everyday life will help journey into a honeymoon in cities and countries. Think in advance where you wish to go with your second half, buy tickets and plan financial expenses. Nothing will prevent anything else to go to the cruise. Prepare your favorite clothes, download good music on the player and forward, conquer new lands.

Arrange with mile «Paradise in a halary» You can also at your native expanses, going to a country house, at the villa or leaving a deep forest with a river. Tent, night fire and your love that may be better. Just imagine: fishing, fresh air, fire, ear, bird singing – and you two. Yes, and the money will be safe and maintained.

7 Stunning Wedding Travel TravelExtreme honey holidays can be held high in the mountains, jump from a parachute, arrange a game for survival or something like that. What about the autocale? For a month you can visit interesting places and get acquainted with the sights of different cities and settlements.

Well, if working days do not allow to go on a journey, go off in the evenings in your hometown, you probably have a couple of clubs and other entertainment venues.

There are advantages, you don’t need to go anywhere and worry about where to spend a honeymoon. In the company of close friends you will feel more cozy.

Where to go to honeymoon

If you have not yet decided where to go to the wedding trip, we offer a list of interesting places that can create a romantic environment and give unforgettable impressions.

So, you can enjoy honey solitude here:

  1. Turkey;
  2. Hawaii;
  3. Asia;
  4. Dominican Republic;
  5. Maldives;
  6. Rome;
  7. Paris.

Turkey – will allow you to relax for a modest amount of money. Gourmets are provided with chance to try oriental dishes. Lovers of archeology to explore Turkish monuments and ancient stones. Lovers of rapid entertainment is waiting for a night disco. In addition, here you can ride the boats, scooters, yacht and banana.

7 Stunning Wedding Travel TravelHawaii – Beach resort resembling paradise for lovers. The island is surrounded by tropical plants and is amazing with its beauty. The average price of 3 weeks vacation in Hawaii is 150 thousand rubles.

Asia – differs from all resorts by low maintenance prices, numerous entertainment, shops with souvenirs and incendiary night disco. For example, buy a ticket to Egypt or to Indian Country Goa.

Egypt will introduce you to pyramids, and India will treat acute cuisine. Also in Goa there are a lot of exotic animals that are not averse to setting on your cameras.

In the Dominican Republic there is a magical island of Haiti. White sand and bright sun will not leave you indifferent. There is a coconut plantation, chocolate trees and coral reefs.

Is it not a fairy tale!

Maldives … Here the phone and the Internet do not work, and therefore the Maldives are able to give a quiet and relaxing rest for the soul and body. Visiting massage procedures and spas salons will restore the health of vacationers, and the clean and transparent water of this island will fill you with force and energy.

Rome is famous for hiking and excursions, monuments and architecture. Classic honeymoon – picturesque nature and clean air. Prices for the junction in Rome are expensive, but it is worth it.

Paris, Love Country – France, the most romantic city. Croissants, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Corridors and Natural French Wine – All this is here.

7 Stunning Wedding Travel TravelLovers of oriental martial arts, meditative techniques and cultures of the East, should go to Japan or China. Net nature, ancient acute temples and samurai traditions will open their secrets in front of you.

To spend time in honey holidays there are many interesting places. For a good rest there should be a choice one, joint and planned. Be sure to read the rules of the ticket, count your expenses and consult the tour operator.

Prepare in advance the necessary things and medicines. Remember, on holidays in distant countries, you need to be sent prepared.

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