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Useful nail masks


So that the marigolds remain are always beautiful, healthy should make a lot of effort. It is important to feed the nobes from the inside using vitamins, and outside applying nail growth masks

So that the notes remain beautiful, strong and healthy – you should make a lot of effort. If you are an adherent of natural products and care products, and want your nails to look perfectly without interventions from the outside, do not accept the extension and coating gel – pay attention to Nail masks and masks, Namely – for their fortress and rapid growth.

Some of their recipes went to us from grandmothers, but there are also those used in modern beauty salons and medical centers.

 Where to begin

To begin with, consider what our novels are. This is the burdens of finger tips, designed to protect them from external unpleasant effects. For primitive people, they were a tool for survival, now they became a decoration and an indicator of well-maintained and a healthy lifestyle.

So now hinders our nails to grow strong and beautiful?

  • Useful nail masksFirst, it is stress: active social and social life often leads to depression, nerve at work, experiences for relatives and loved ones;
  • Secondly, the lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals: turning in the vitro rhythm of life, we do not always pay sufficient attention to our diet, which negatively affects the marigolds;
  • Thirdly – household chemicals: Often, the composition of detergents includes components that have a detrimental effect on the surface of the nail plate and the skin of the hands, leading them to dryness, allergic reactions and peeling.

That is why it is very important to nourish and saturate our marigolds not only from the inside, taking complexes of vitamins and minerals and feeding useful food, but also outside, making masks for nail growth and vitamin baths.

Getting started

Very useful nail masks for rapid growth based on sea or food salt, iodine, lemon, all kinds of vegetable and essential oils.

Olive oil mask

Take a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, add a few drops of lemon juice and as much iodine drops. Oil should be warm on the steam bath, all the components thoroughly mix each other and tissue to nail plates. Withstand 5-10 minutes, wash off warm water without soap. Such a mask is excellent Strengthens nails, Stimulates rapid growth.

Lymna mask

Useful nail masksFrom the whole lemon cut off two slices, at least one centimeter thick. Immerse the nail plates in the flesh and hold five minutes, then wipe out a wet cloth. At the end of the procedure, lubricate your hands with a nutritional cream.

Daily mask

For her preparation, one teaspoon of glycerin should be taken, a few teaspoons of lemon juice and three tablespoons of pink water.

All components mix and apply on nails daily, do not wash off. A few weeks later, the marigolds will become light and strong, it will take yellow and dark spots.

Mask with nail pepper

To begin with racking the marigold in a warm bath with sea salt. For masks, it will take: ground red pepper – half of a teaspoon, mineral water – half of a teaspoon and a non-large hand cream.

All components mix and warm in a water bath ten minutes, it is necessary for their best interaction with each other. After the mixture has cooled, we apply it a good layer on the nail plates and give it to absorb for 25 minutes, then wash off warm water.

Mask with pepper for nails will noticeably speed up the growth of marigolds, will make them stronger, but be careful – it should be done no more than once a month.

Excellent wax-based mask

Melt the wax on the steam bath to the liquid state. Plunge the tips of your fingers into the ground and quickly move your fingers into a cold water container for instant wax pouring. On the tips of the fingers will appear peculiar caps.

Useful nail masksSuch a nail mask is being done before bedtime, so, pre-nodded cotton special gloves, go to bed. In the morning, the caps are easily removed. If you apply it for six weeks twice a week, the nails will become strong and elastic for a long time.

Salt-based mask

From the halves of lemon squeeze juice into the container, add a good pinch of salt to it and stir carefully. Nails are lowered into the mixture and keep approximately 20 minutes. Excellent remedy for rapid growth.

Mask based on black currant

We take a few grinders of black currant, knead it in a homogeneous cleaner, add a spoonful of flour and a little cream. The resulting mixture by apply a brush to the marigold and leave for two hours. Then my hands are my hands and applied hand cream.

The result will not make long wait, after a pair of procedures you will see the result in the form of rapid growth of healthy and strong marigolds.

Nutrient based on herbal infusion

Take a teaspoon of mint and daisy flowers, brew grass with cool boiling water in a glass and insist two hours.

Next, chilled by infusion is filled with and add one and a half teaspoon of flour and half a teaspoon of peach oil to it, all mix all the formation of a homogeneous casher. The resulting mixture is applied to the nail plates for 30-40 minutes, after washed with warm water and lubricate your hands with cream.

Practical advice

Useful nail masks

  1. Before applying the nail mask for rapid growth, the nails should be previously cleansed from the coating and disappear in the salt solution, it contributes to light absorbing nutrient and beneficial substances;
  2. Always choose the method that is most convenient and affordable for you, and if you alternate several such methods, the effect will be simply awesome;
  3. Try to perform homework in gloves, thereby preventing nails from fragility and bundle;
  4. Try to wash off the strengthening formulations not hot water, but warm, it will prevent the skin of the hands from peeling, soap does not need to use soap.

Watch out for your marigolds, indulge their nutritionals outside and vitamin nose from the inside, and they will thank you with their beauty!

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