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Baths for foot


The article will tell about the foots for the legs, toning, relaxing and therapeutic. Contains instructions and proportions necessary for the manufacture of baths

People resort to foot baths in a wide range of purposes and precisely because they can be the most different.

There are several types of baths:

  • Baths for footMedical baths, hardening the body;
  • cleansing baths;
  • Toning baths.

These procedures suggest daily execution to obtain the desired effect. It is unlikely that one foot bath can bring you the desired result.

The main thing after such types of the bath is to carefully wipe foot, since the remaining moisture can attract fungus. After the bath, it is recommended to use the leg cream.

What are the baths – read below!

Bath for legs with soda

It is not by chance that this type of legs for legs goes first on our list, because it is quite popular and very effective. Soda helps to clean the pores, get rid of peeling and dry skin, and will also calm the nervous system. For this type of bath, it is enough to have about 20 grams of food soda at hand and 10 grams of any shower gel.

Baths for footIt is necessary to pour 5 drops of tincture prepared from the herb of the dyeing, after which itching everything into the tank with the pre-prepared boiled water. Solution should be pretty stirred.

The optimal ratio is achieved at 1 liter of water. In the finished solution, you need to lower my legs and keep at least 20 minutes. If water is quickly cooling, it must be insulated. After the water procedure, you need to rinse your legs, preferably in warm water, and pretty dry them.

Cleansing bath with the addition of soda and salt

In order to prepare this bath, we need 10 grams of food soda and 10 grams of sea salt, it is also necessary to pour 5 drops of tinnitus tincture and 5 drops of essential oil cooked from Sage. Legs need to be lowered into the mixture and keep at least 20 minutes, pouring hot water in case of cooled baths.

At the end of the legs should be allocated in warm water, after which we will lose pembia and wipe the towel dry. Salt not only helps to remove swelling and fatigue, but also returns softness.

Hydromassage foot baths

Baths for footAt the feet of a person, a huge number of thermistors, each of which is very sensitive to temperature drops. Therefore, the legs need to be preserved and keep warm from the very early age, especially in the cold seasons.

To preserve the health of the legs, as well as the whole organism, it is necessary not only to monitor the temperature drop, but also give your feet to rest from everyday load. To do this, resort to massage and breaking the legs.

Fortunately in the modern automated world there is a fairly effective solution to this problem, namely the hydromassage bath bath.

The effect of massage is known to people since ancient times, it is able to bring relaxation and health. Not today the number of manufacturers of massage baths is pretty great.

The hydromassage bath is a device that is able to warm your legs, unpack and make a pleasant massage feet feet. Externally, the bath looks like a plastic container, where and on the one hand there is a special visor, in order for water to be shuffled, even if the device works in vibration mode or filled to edge. There are special models of baths that work from the console.

Hydromassage baths help the legs to relax, remove the tension, and stimulate points on the legs that are responsible for the health of the respiratory tract. Such baths are recommended for colds, fatigue and swelling of the legs. For greater efficiency and achieve their goal, add herbal decoction to the bath, salt or a couple of droplets of essential oil.

Firming bath cooked from fir needles

Baths for footFor the preparation of such a bath you need to take 30 grams of chamomile colors, 30 grams of fir needles and 30 grams of grass wormwood, put the herbs in the tank, add about 20 grams of sea salt, put a pinch of cinnamon and then pour the mixture with one liter.

As well as in the past cases, the legs are filled about 20-25 minutes, after that, the clutch pimples and wipe the dry towel. This bath gives the effect of relaxation and strengthens the nails on the legs.

Paraffin Foot Baths

Paraffin baths allow prey to warm up legs. Paraffin baths will help to eliminate roughness, dryness and thickening on the skin. This procedure is not particularly difficult, and can do it every at home, making the following steps. It is necessary to melt paraffin on a water bath.

Baths for footTo do this, you need to take the dishes covered with enamel, preferably with high edges. Specially
Purchased Paraffin Procedure Bath is perfect. While the paraffin melts, the cleansing procedure should be carried out. Skin need to wipe with lotion, and remove the skin must be removed using the scrub.

Paraffin temperature is checked with palm, it should not be very hot so that you do not bother. Lower the foot in the bath for about 5-10 seconds and immediately remove them. The feet will be covered with a thin film, and on the nails and the skin will cover with a thick layer of paraffin. You can apply wax as well as a brush.

After the procedure you need to put your feet in plastic bags or packages and put on dense socks. Keep paraffin on yourself about 40 minutes.

After graduation, the paraffin will easily be deleted from your feet. After you can apply a moisturizing cream.

Relaxing bath with mustard

For the preparation of the mixture, we will need 15 grams of mustard powder, currant leaves and raspberries. The decoction must be pouring 1 liter of boiling water. Insist this solution you need 10 minutes.

Keep your feet in the bath follows 20 minutes, after wiped them with pumice, and after – a towel. This bath will help not only relax, but also make the skin soft and smooth.

All of the above methods will help you keep the health of your feet and the body as a whole. be healthy!

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