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How to stretch suede, leather or rubber boots


Tips for those who want to stretch the top of the boots and increase the size of the shoes. What to do if stylish new clothes you? What methods will help hand out shoes at home?

We all know that the shoes over time has a property to blame. This pattern makes women buy shoes on the size, or even two less, I believe that your favorite boot will have to come only. We absolutely do not want to discover in a month that a new couple has become great, but also to walk, rubbing her legs to the blood and torment yourself, not the best idea.

How to stretch suede, leather or rubber bootsWe will not deepen into the motives that prompted you to buy or get the shoes inappropriate.

Let’s talk better about whether it is possible to stretch the boots at home without harm, and how to achieve it.

It’s time to learn how to quickly and quickly stretch rubber or leather boots.

Method First: Freeze

Please note that this method is not suitable for rubber, which just cracks. Freezing perfectly suitable for the skin and suede. Make sure your boots made of genuine leather, synthetic products may suffer under the influence of low temperatures.

What do we have to do:

  • You will need a package of plastic on a fastener, which should be filled with water half;
  • We produce all the air from the package and close the fastener tightly. Better if it is a freezing container, of those that are sold in the fish departments of the supermarket. Alternative can serve durable polyethylene with lining. For sock and heels, enough and small liter bag. If you want to stretch high tops, you will need a package of four liters. A special freezer gel can be a comfortable substituent for water. This liquid is intended for medical purposes and is also sold in comfortable hermetic packages. Avoid direct water and ice on your product, otherwise the skin is deformed and becomes breaking;
  • How to stretch suede, leather or rubber bootsPut a well-closed package with liquid into the appropriate section inside the shoes. It is necessary to stretch the top – put the crumpled newspapers in the bottom boot, so as not to deform the foot;
  • Watch that the water is evenly distributed in the sector;
  • After that, we leave our pair in the freezer for eight hours. How it will help stretch the top of the boot? Very simple – water, freezing, expands and forms the similarity of the pad for unbinding;
  • Pull out the shoes from the freezer, we are waiting for water off, and pull out the crox;
  • We measure boots, if you still hise, repeat the procedure with a large volume of fluid.

Method Second: Heating 

This method works on the principle of temperature difference:

  • We put on several pairs of socks on both legs, or one warm woolen or terry;
  • We climb into our shoes (yes, it will not be easier and unparalleled);
  • If the leg does not fit at all, remove one layer of socks;
  • Turn on the hairdryer and heated the desired zones on the shoes at maximum temperature;
  • After that knead the legs, try to wear boots in such a state of the house. We walk there around the house, turn your feet, put the feet in different positions;
  • Heating every problem area at least half an hour. Do not converge and do not remove the socks until a complete cooling, otherwise the skin is reborn again;
  • We check our shuttle to be checked if the size is still small, we repeat the procedure;
  • When heated, the skin loses elasticity, so do not forget to lubricate our new clothes with shoe cream or glycerin.

Method Three: Application of Alcohol

We use 70% medical alcohol or vodka. Know that a more concentrated solution can damage the delicate suede and leather products.

Now more details on how to stretch the boots with alcohol at home:

  • How to stretch suede, leather or rubber bootsSpray from the spray, the alcohol solution on the boots you are interested in (if there is no pulverizer, you can apply fluid to the vaccine and rub);
  • avoid moisture from entering other parts of the product;
  • After uniform applying alcohol, we are waiting for half a minute, while it absorbs a little, and quickly wear boots for warm socks;
  • we swear so far in half an hour.

In general, it will be better to walk in the new clothes. If the material is still not wide enough, repeat the procedure in a few hours or the next day.

The above methods are good because available, cheap and do not require additional devices.

Professional means

You can take advantage of a special shoe spray for stretching shoes. Be careful, be sure to read the instructions before use. Pay attention to the type of material type and recommendations for use.

This spray can not be used on the suede and, perhaps, it is not suitable for your pair. Test this tool on a small plot of shoes to check the effect (sometimes such spots leave spots or divorces).

If the stains did not appear, spray the remedy in problem areas and around them. We observe the distance during processing and do not hide the plots that require stretching. The approach is the same as in the case of alcohol and warming up – immediately after applying the spray, we put on the boots and dangle for a long time.

How to stretch suede, leather or rubber bootsProfessionals recommend applying special shoe extensions. Various subspecies of these devices deform and expand separate parts of the boot. These are peculiar expansion shoes, they are also called wedges.

Advantage This method is that you independently unwind new things, for you it makes the unit for a few minutes. Also, devices are good in that it allows you to treat all sorts of materials (rubber, skin, suede and t. D.).

Such pads are used in shoemakers, they are quite expensive. Their essential minus is that, without having special experience, you can press too much on the product, and the boot will simply crack or break. In this case, it is more reliable and cheaper to contact the workshop and with your problem and do not try to repair a pair yourself.

As you can see, not suitable in size, the update is easily transformed if you do everything right. Which method to choose to solve you. Home methods are more accessible, but do not always allow to achieve the desired result. Very often the unreasonable use of cold, heat or alcohol leads to damage.

Carefully follow the application manual or buy a couple more.

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