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5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years


Drugs for children under 5 years old: manufacturers, indications and contraindications, approximate cost, parents’ reviews about drugs from a cold.

5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Small children often occur with a runny nose. The laid nose does not allow the baby to breathe normally, and the infants also eat normally. The child becomes a capricious, restless, can sleep badly, lose weight, sometimes there is an increase in temperature, The appearance of dry or wet cough. And, of course, parents really want to help their child. But in pharmacies now a very large number of diverse drugs from a cold for young children, and to figure out which of them is good very hard. So let’s try to do it together.

Rubber and stage of its development

Rubber, or speaking medical rinitis – this is inflammation of the nose mucous membrane. Most often this disease is not independent, but is a symptom of any other disease, such as flu, measles, adenoviral infection and other diseases of ORVI. Most often, the runny nose is developing within 7-10 days and more, it all depends on the disease that provoked it. The drug is produced in the form of nasal droplets and spray. Children up to year to apply spray not recommended.  As a way out, you can use Best folk remedies from a cold for young children.

Rinith has three stages of development:

  • Reflex – develops very quickly, passes within a few hours. Vessels are narrowed, the mucous membrane of the nose sharply pale. During this period there is burning and dryness in the nasal cavity, frequent sneezing;
  • Catarova – There is an extension of vessels, mucously red and swells the nasal sink. This stage lasts 2-3 days. During this period, there is a difficult breathing, abundant transparent watery discharge, tearing, ears, decrease in the smell;
  • The third stage begins if joined Bacterial inflammation. In this period there is an improvement in general condition: the smell is improved, breathing restores. Selection from the nose become more dense, and I have a greenish or yellowish color.

Medicinal preparations for children under 5 years

Aqua Maris

5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Approximate cost in pharmacies: drops – 192 rubles, spray – 176 rubles

This drug is based on water from the Adriatic Sea. It includes unique trace elements (sodium, magnesium ions, calcium, etc.) who contribute to the effective treatment of rhineel and colds.

Basic Indications For the use of this drug are:

  • 5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

    Inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity;

  • Dryness of the nasal cavity in the autumn-winter period;
  • Adenoids;
  • Allergic sinusitis, rhinitis;
  • Prevention of nasal cavity infections from car drivers, avid smokers;
  • Sharp climate change.

For the treatment of Aqua, Maris bury up adults and children 2-5 times a day 2 drops in each nasal stroke. Duration of treatment This drug from 2 to 3 weeks, It all depends on the severity of the disease.

For prophylaxis The drug must be buried 1-2 drops 1-2 times a day.

The preparation of Aqua Maris can be applied from the first day of life. For newborns, it is used in hygienic purposes to moisturize the nasal cavity. The drug does not have side effects, except for individual intolerance to some components.

Parent reviews:


Oh, a wonderful agent … Drops for kids are fit perfect, and you can drip as much as you like, without harming health, rather, even on the contrary, immunity improves.. Rubber and liquidate only to them, do not have to apply any potentially dangerous.


My family nasal spray Aqua Maris helped a lot. We are very often moving, because of this child suffers. After all, the change of climate contributes to the fact that the daughter began a permanent runny nose, health problems. Thanks to this nasal spray, daughter is much better to carry a sharp change of climate. She is not tormented by a scored nose, it is hard to breathe

Akwalor Bebi

5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Approximate cost in pharmacies: drops – 118 rubles, spray – 324 rubles.

The bottles contain sterile isotonic sea water. The drug prevents the development of the nasophal infection and its distribution to the inner ear. Akwalor Bebi helps to improve the kid’s breath during feeding. The drug is recommended to use for daily hygienic purposes.

Medical Indications For the use of the drug Akavor Bube:

  • Complex treatment and prevention of influenza and ARVI;
  • Complex treatment and prevention of ENT diseases;
  • Sharp, allergic and chronic rhinitis;
  • Daily nasal cavity hygiene.

This drug can be applied from the first days of life. For hygiene and prevention Children and adults need to do daily 2-4 washing. If necessary, you can and more.

There are no contraindications for use. By a side effect is the individual intolerance to the components of the drug components.

Parent reviews:


Akwalor began to use when the child was six months. Now we have been a year and a half, I don’t know the best fund. Akwalor Bebi is just a drop of non-drop, it is sea water for washing the nose.


Akwallor is the best thing that we tried to clean the toddler spout. Before washing well did not work in any way, and here they advised the Akalor Baby, literally several times – and the cutlets seem to be!

Nazol Baby

5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Approximate cost in pharmacies: drops – 129 rubles.

Nazol Baby is a vasoconducting drug of local action. The main component element – phenylephrine hydrochloride. Auxiliary components of benzalkonium chloride 50%, polyethylene glycol, disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Dinatariya Edetat), sodium phosphate Double-sufficient glycerol, potassium phosphate is unanimized, purified water.

Medical Indications For application:

  • Flu and other colds;
  • Allergic diseases.

This drug must be applied intranasal.


Children up to the year – 1 drop every 6 hours;

Children from 1 to 6 – 1-2 drops every 6 hours;

Adults and children over 6 years old – 3-4 drops every 6 hours.

Treatment has side effects: dizziness, headache, sleep disorder, tremor, elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia, pallor, sweating.

For children under one year, the drug must be applied strictly by appointment of a doctor. Remember, self-medication can harm your child’s health!

Parent reviews:


My Silete often ill cold illness. Rubber – this is our trouble. He is tormented from birth from birth. What we didn’t have tried: and different drops, and washing anything … Then the doctor prescribed Nazol Bebi, we thought that would not help too, but mistaken. Helped, and not just the symptoms removed, but also cured a runny nose. Magnificent drops, sleep calmly, nose breathes.


Drops of Nazol Baby Apply from birth. My child was born with a runny nose, he chuckled, breathing badly, because the nose was scored, and small kids do not know how to breathe mouth. So he eating, only nozzles and cried. The duty doctor ran out Nazol Bebi, in every nostril around the droplet and the baby fell asleep. The main thing is not to use more than three days, because it is a vasoconstrictor.

Orivin Baby

5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Approximate price in the pharmacy: drops – 202 rubles, spray – 175 rubles.

Orivin Baby Applied To purify the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity in irritation and dryness during colds, poor environmental conditions and daily nasal hygiene.

The preparation includes a sterile isotonic saline. It includes sodium chloride 0.74%, sodium hydrophosphate, macrogol glycerolricinoleate (RH4 creedor), sodium phosphate, and purified water.

Orivin Baby can be used for children up to a year and older. Drops apply intranasal, Each nasal move is washed 2-4 times a day.

Do not apply this drug if the child has an allergy to the ingredients, which are indicated in the composition.

Parent reviews:


Item is irreplaceable for moms. I did not keep anything more efficient in my hands. Easy and does not costly cleanses even in the sinuses of the nose. At the same time does not harm the children’s body. I recommend it to everyone, Reincine Baby.


I enjoyed and I use the Cellin, a cool thing, you will not regret.


5 medicines from a cold for children up to 5 years

Approximate cost in pharmacies: drops – 205 rubles, spray – 230 rubles.

The drug vibration is designed for local applications. Its main active ingredients Phenylephrine, Diminden Maleat. Auxiliary substances: ENZALKONIY chloride (preservative), sorbitol, lemon acid monohydrate, methylhydroxypropylcellulose, disinatarity Phosphate anhydrous, deterpenny extract from lavender, purified water.

Basic medical Indications For application:

  • Acute rhinitis;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Chronic rhinitis;
  • Chronic and acute sinusitis;
  • Acute middle Otitis.

Dosage and method of application:

The drug is applied intranasal.

Children up to the year vibration is used 1 drop in each nasal stroke 2-4 times a day.

Children from 1 to 6 years old drugs use 1-2 drops 2-4 times a day.

For children under six years apply only drops.

A drug It has weakly pronounced Adverse reactions from the mucous membrane, dryness and burning.

Parent reviews:


Drops in the nose vibrations are beautiful, in a few seconds facilitates breathing. Suitable for me and children. After them do not take others.


Vibrotil still, I relate to gentle drugs, t. To. He dries, but not sharply as NEZOL. Gradually. At first, it may seem that it does not help, but after having passed the result on the face.

Lady-Magazine site.COM warns: self-health is dangerous to health! Before taking any drugs, a doctor’s advice is needed!

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