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Weight Address Rates. Causes of deviations


Each future mommy is preparing for the fact that its weight during pregnancy will increase and after childbirth will have to deal with the consequences. But not everyone knows what the rate of weight gain

The question of the optimal set of body weight during pregnancy is equally strongly worried and doctors and future moms. For the first, it is, first of all, caring for the health of a woman and baby, well, for the second – experiences about your appearance and figures. Although, you need to admit, not all moms take care of their external attractiveness during this period, especially if the child is desirable and long-awaited.

Weight gain rates for pregnancy. Causes of deviations However, every woman who wants to become a mother should clearly understand that the intrauterine development of its future child and his health is equally poorly influenced both overeating and malnutrition.

Control of weight gain and volumes during pregnancy is mandatory at each visit to the future mommy of women’s consultation.

At home, women are also recommended to control the weight gain, so that at any time it is possible to quickly respond to its abnormal increase or decrease.

What is considered the norm?

In order to determine whether your weight is normal and calculate the weight indicators during pregnancy, the body mass index is required in your usual state. To do this, it is necessary to divide your body weight to growth, previously erected into a square.

If the result is less than 18.5, it is insufficient if this figure is in the range of 18.5-25 – everything is fine with you and weight loss. With an indicator from 26 to 30, we can talk about the excess body weight and the need to take urgent measures. Well, Aesi Calculator showed 31 and higher, it says about the presence of obesity.

Depending on the IMT received before pregnancy, the weight gain is calculated during it. We are talking about that increment that will not harm the health of your baby.In this difficult case will help a special table:

BMI and body weight before pregnancy Kit Mass, kg (mandatory minimum) The maximum possible set of mass (safe), kg
Up to 18.5 – insufficient 12.5 18.0
18.5-25.0- Normal 11.5 16.0
25.0-30.0 – excess 7.0 11.5
More than 30 obesity 5.0 9.0

Each pregnant woman especially in the third trimester of pregnancy must constantly keep these numbers before eyes to be able to control their mass every day. For the convenience of conducting the calculations, you can search the Internet and use a calculator for counting weight during pregnancy, as well as a ready-made calendar of the average body weight gain for weeks.

Why is the set and decline?

Weight gain rates during pregnancy. Causes of deviationsEverything is happening with a woman in the period when it is in an interesting position, there is a reasonable and even scientific explanation. Concerns it and scored kilograms. Everything, that «Added» For pregnancy, our body distributes very rationally.

Under the condition of the proper weight gain, it is distributed as follows:

  • 3 kg from the total gained mass occupies the weight of the future child;
  • During pregnancy, the weight of the uterus increases to 1 kg;
  • about 500 g is gaining a placenta;
  • 1.5 kg occupies an additional blood volume;
  • 1 kg is given by the accumulative fluid;
  • On average, the breast grows by 500 g;
  • Tissue swelling adds more 1-2 kg;
  • Layer fat «About the reserve» occupies 3-4 kg.

That makes up «POSSIBLE»During pregnancy! Naturally, all these indicators are approximate enough and depend on the individual characteristics of the body, t.To. For each woman, the norm will be its.

But they very clearly demonstrate why the weight increases and where exactly he «Gone».If everything is added «according to the rules», then lose extra kilograms after pregnancy will not be much difficulty.

Deviations from the norm

What to do if the weight of the weight does not meet the standards during pregnancy?First, you should not take any independent action. Secondly, it is necessary to notify the doctor as soon as possible about it, which leads your pregnancy.

The cause of the body weight set can be incorrect and unbalanced nutrition, regular overeating and nutrition «for two». If the increase occurred very sharply, then, most likely, the cause of tissues, caused by a violation of fluid outflow and the defective work of the kidneys. No independent actions do not need a doctor without consulting.

And even more so do not try to lose weight gained during pregnancy using diets. If such extent and have to be resorted, you can do this only on the recommendation of the doctor. In any case, the reduction of the weightymabid mother during pregnancy should occur under careful control.

As for the insufficient weight gain, then it is also impossible to sit «Spare hands». After all, this means that mom is not able to provide his baby with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients in full.

Weight gain rates for pregnancy. Causes of deviationsIt is important to understand that the lack of components necessary for the normal development is negatively affecting the process of forming the internal organs of the child.

Remember that excess weight during pregnancy, and its lack, must be alarming and encouraged. Often, its cause becomes toxicosis, which not only torments a woman dizziness and nausea, but also adversely affects the health of the child.

Woman should always remember that she is responsible for the little man who wears under his heart and that any changes in her state should not be unnoticed.

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