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White knitted coat: knitting scheme for girls for girls


White knitted coat – an excellent solution for adult female and a little girl. It can be associated independently with the help of the spokes

Perhaps, from all things performed by your own hands, it is white knitted coat that will force all passersby to turn around to you after and give confidence. It is at the expense of an extended silhouette that the model will not be full, but on the contrary, slight and rejuven. Brunettes will look in it just stunning, and the blondes, successfully combining coats with other things, will be able to rejoice in such a replenishment in their wardrobe.

Knitting the top and back

It is easiest to create a knitted white coat with knitting needles for a girl first, and even then, having a little learned, move to the execution of clothes on yourself. What do you need: two shirts yarn. It is desirable that both and the other consisted of 50% of wool and 50% acrylic, but they had different names. They must be combined together and proceed to the top of the outcome of the wardrobe.

White knitted coat: knitting scheme for girls for girlsBefore the start of the armor, this segment must be knitted with one web. Matching on the spokes No. 3.5 212 loops and 9 of them to knocked with a handful, 2 irons, and 24 times the loop of the Rapporta to perform according to the diagram of the same sweatshirt as the first 9.

At the same time, the scheme shows exclusively the front rows, when working with the irons – guided in the picture. After 14 cm from the set of the edge, you need to go to the separation on the shelves and the back.

To obtain the back of the knitted spokes of a white coat, it is necessary to work on medium 12 ornament rapports. To obtain a loaf from each edge in each even row, close 1×3 loops, 1×2 and 3×1. To get a neckline, retreat 29 cm from the set of the edge and proceed to the closing of the average 34 loops, and then finish both halves separately.

Skos neck will turn out by closing from the inside of 1×3 and 2×2 loops. Retreating 32 cm from the edge of the set, close in one system the remaining shoulder loops. The second half perform symmetrically the first.

Knitting schemes of the shelves and the bottom of the coat

White knitted coat: knitting scheme for girls for girlsKnitting a coat for a girl is not tedious, but every fitting will bring joy to the baby, and she will live in anticipation of a beautiful new clothes. To get the left shelf you need to make the armor just like on the back.

To get a neckline of the neck, retreat from the set of the edge not 29 cm, and 24 cm and planted in each even row 1×9, 4×3 and 6×2 loops. Closing the remaining shoulder loops to carry out 32 cm from the set of the edge. Right shelf performing symmetrically left, vacuum on the bar 4 loops.

To get the lower part of the coat, proceed to the knitting needles of the upper half from the set of the edge. Matching at the bottom edge 212 loops and perform a gum 1×1.

Through 4 rows from the right edge to make 1 loop. After performing 9 rows, continue to work with a handful viscous. To expand this upper clothes to the lower edge, it is necessary every 15 loops to add one, that is, to confuse from one two.

Measuring the growth of the girl to be guided by the resulting digit to obtain a coat of the desired length.

Knitting Schemes Sleeveless and Collar

White knitted coat: knitting scheme for girls for girlsSleeves perform from the arm. In the center of this product, tie 1 rapport ornament according to Scheme No. 1.
Make a shoulder seam. At the same time, 10 loops need to be shown so that the shoulder seam passed in the middle of the loops. Get to a set from the front of the product. Rotate mating and perform a number of invalid loop. At the end of this row add 2 loops. Similarly, proceed from the completion of the next facial row.

Such a scheme is guided by the end of the armor, not forgetting to achieve 2 loops in each row. Latch.

Having reached the armor, proceed to the extinguishing of the sleeve with a smooth web or you can perform a refractive for about 6 loops on each side of the sleeve, guided by the size of the child’s body. Finish the performance of gum 1×1 and sew sleeves. To obtain a collar on the edge of the neck, the hinges will pump and perform a handwriting, adding through each 15 loops.

The height of the collar is also determined by discretion. Such a knitted white coat can be performed and crocheted. It all depends on the skills of the wizard, the thickness of the yarn and the selected pattern. Crochet products are obtained thinner, openwork, weightless. Such a coat can be used as a cape in warm weather. And on the spokes you can connect a denser product that can be worn at the beginning and middle of autumn.

Try to perform such a coat for your daughter, and the reward will be joy in the eyes of the child. Good luck!

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