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Red Wedding – 100th anniversary!


100 wedding anniversary, as it is called and why exactly? What can I give the anniversaries? How to make this day unforgettable for the perpetrators of celebrations and guests?

Wedding is the birth of a new family, therefore, to celebrate this date now you can every year. Such a pleasant tradition has gained popularity in many countries. Almost every year, together, received its symbolic name, pointing to the stages of the development of family relations.

So, the first anniversary is called «Sitseva», The material is very continuing, as the other relationship of the newlyweds. For half a century lived together already for weight «Gold». How will it be called the century-old anniversary of the spouses?

What wedding is celebrated in 100 years?

Red Wedding - 100th anniversary!Century of living together – it seemed to be the most unreal anniversary. In the most modest counting «Newlyweds» At this point should be at least 116 years old, and we rarely have to live up to 100. And yet this date has its name.

Red Wedding – this is the age-old anniversary of spouses who lived together a whole century. The name is very symbolic, because in Russia, the red color always meant beauty and quality. The latter is very important for harmonious and long family relations.

Such a name for this day came up with the first and so far the only anniversaries – spouses Agayev, living in Azerbaijan. The event was noted in 2012, at the time of the celebration, the spouse turned 126 years old, and his second half 116.

This couple deserves great respect, because it is possible to live so much time together with a good health, good patience and wisdom. And, of course, loving each other.

Red or platinum?

As written above, every anniversary has its name. Sometimes there are several. So, for example, 100 years is not only «Red» Wedding, but also platinum. The last name has emerged.

Platinum – Shiny Silver-White Noble Metal. His color is so similar to the noble seeding of anniversaries. It is expensive, as well as the relationship of spouses who lived so many years together and having a large number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Therefore, this material and taken as a symbol.

Some sources you can find several platinum anniversaries. This is:

  • Red Wedding - 100th anniversary!The 60th anniversary of living together is the first diamond or platinum anniversary;
  • 70th anniversary;
  • 80th anniversary – oak wedding;
  • 100th anniversary – Red Date.

Therefore, probably, it will be more correct to call the age-old anniversary «Red wedding».

How to celebrate?

Tradition to celebrate the anniversary got the greatest distribution in the world in the twentieth century. Most dates and anniversaries are recommended to be carried out in a family circle, on the abbreviated wedding scenario.

It is advisable to attend and honorary witnesses – a friend and a friend.

Special attention is paid to festive toe and wishes to «Newlyweds». The role of Tamada can take on one of the children or grandchildren. Gifts are selected in accordance with the title of the event date.

If you’re lucky to become an organizer of the Red Jubilee celebration, then it is worth considering the remarkable age of the married couple. «Culprnis» Celebrations should be comfortable and interesting. At this age, gifts associated with past memories become the most valuable. It can be a re-assembled album with photos of all close and distant relatives, family video.

Red Wedding - 100th anniversary!Anniversary Memorable Event, especially if you celebrate the 100th anniversary of the joint. Therefore, it is necessary to bother in advance that after this holiday, as many photos and videos remain as possible. It is best to charge this to a separate person who will be responsible for shooting.

Remember also that spouses are older people and quickly get tired of noise and a large number of people. So try not to delay the solemn part of the event.

Registration, music and treats, choose the same with the tastes of the anniversaries. Remember that they are at that age when any little thing can upset and spoil the mood.

Eternity lived together

100 years a serious time to verify the strength of the relationship. Live so many years is rare, but with «Choons» man is suppressed. Thinking about it, you begin to understand the value of the phrase «all life» and no matter you lived together to 100 or 110 years anniversary.

By the way, what wedding in 110 years old are celebrated? There are no names for this anniversary, because there were no such jubilees yet. And who knows, it is your pair that will be the first and will give the name of this wonderful day!

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