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Practicality First of all: what is the mocomatic


Many people do not even know what the word means «Mokostuty», But now we fix this injustice. Consider all possible areas of their use

Already from the word «Mokostuty» It is clear that we are talking about shoes. Thus, in the first half of the XIX century, the Kalok prototype used in poor rainy weather began to be called. As for the origin of this word, research is even conducted. Recently, it began to call lining on shoes that put on the flooring.

They can not only buy them, but do it yourself. We offer to stay on these two applications.

Old shoes

Practicality First of all: what is the mocomaticMany assure that the famous figure, writer and linguist – Admiral A.WITH. Shishkov. Other researchers say that for the first time «Mokostuty» Began to use B.AND. Distance.

There is one more opinion that this word is included in the category of unsuccessful parodies that began to appear in Russian after the imposition of a ban on foreign words.

In general, there are confirmation that in antiquity in several places this word was used on par with others.

In the old days, the shoes that wearing such a name, externally, was not at all similar to the common Galosh. The wetstered were wooden shoes or it was just a removable tree overlay. In other localities, this word was called leather covers designed to wear during rainy weather.

In the villages, the name was used to describe birch noodles with a high leg. When people invented rubber, tree shoes began to perform exclusively decorative function.

Weaves and repair

Practicality First of all: what is the mocomaticSpecial shoe pads were invented that builders in the device of bulk floors, performing a concrete screed and aeration of lawns could move around the room. They are also called Skrabami, aerosander, kraskasostups, etc.

The soles are spikes, due to which air bubbles can remove during walking. Depending on the model, their length can be completely different, but it must correspond to the height of the fill. The sole is made of soft, but with a durable material.

Due to the presence of fastening, the mocoma is securely fixed on the leg. This is performed by a special ribbon, which makes it possible to change or increase the size if necessary. Caring for overlays is simple, since after use it is enough to remove the remnants of the floor material with water, and after drying.

To date, such shoe lining can be found in almost every construction store. Everyone can choose the appropriate option. Benefits can be attributed to what is inexpensive is wearing, and they will serve a lot of time. If you do not want or not the ability to buy similar lining, you can make them hands.

What is needed wet

No matter how surprisingly, this shoes from the break and today finds its application.

Here are the advantages that are mocked:

  • Make it possible to walk along the freshly chant floor without damaging it. Can do it within 30 minutes. After the end of the fill. Longer walking will result in damage;
  • Allow you to remove any irregularities that could form when applied;
  • Thanks to the mochrosts, you can get out of the liquid floor foreign objects that randomly got into it, and spoil the appearance.

Practicality First of all: what is the mocomaticWeatherproofs can be made with your own hands from girlfriend. To do this, you need to take a small part of plywood and cut out overlays, corresponding to the width and length of shoes. Of course, you can leave them rectangular, which will significantly reduce the time and effort. Around the perimeter screw the screws.

To attach the lining to the shoes, you can use the usual tape, but to shoot and wear them will be problematic, so you can apply conventional belts or to extremely just tie two attached to the sole tape. Similar home models will largely reduce not only the means, and the time.

Let’s sum up

Now you know what the word means «Mokostuty», And in what way can it be used. When repairing floors, experts recommend that it is necessary to wear overlays so that the final result does not disappoint.

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