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Scrapbooking: New – Old Art


Not in vain say that everything new is well forgotten old. Scrapbooking albums were made by their own hands at a time when they also did not hear about the art of scrapbooking

Scrapbooking album, write teachers of master classes, this is a modern and almost new kind of art design of original albums. This word was out of 2 separate – tenderloin and book. Scrapbooking technique – they emphasize – it’s easy to learn, so for several years she won wide popularity.

Scrapbooking: New - Old ArtThis art is really popular, but not so young, as they tell. It was simply temporarily confronted in connection with the general computerization and mastery of photoshop. Another 20-40 years ago every self-respecting «Dembel» – soldier who served his term in the armed forces – brought from the army exactly the scrapbooking album made by their own hands.

Skillfully made cover, originally cutting in the pages of the photo frames reflecting his complex army weekdays. The design of the album was the most varying, there were different materials in the course – from painted croup to cutting metal. All necessary accessories were collected independently.

Now, when the art of scrapbooking is firmly in fashion, for the ideas of albums and do not think. There are special stores in which sets are sold: an album for a girl, for a boy, wedding, for a child. It remains only to purchase and create!

Techniques and directions

The design of the album is performed when combining various technologies.

These include:

  • Stamping – Interesting effects are created using stamps that can be dipped in ink, special stamped paint, water paints: watercolor and gouache;
  • Embossing – this technique allows you to get convex images;
  • Distrassing – paper making;
  • Applique – all known method;
  • origami…

Scrapbooking: New - Old ArtYou can decorate the pages selectively through a few, each of them, only the cover.

Depending on which the design of the design is chosen, the album is purchased.  Assortment has special foliants on rings, on pins, in the form of books, on screws and paper clips.

True, such shops are available only in major cities. But residents of the provincial towns should not refuse to boast to close in close – and not very close – thematic collections of family history. Binding foliant and skillfully carved pages can be made with their own hands – would be worthy ideas!

Preparation for the creation of a masterpiece

If the foliate wants to collect completely with his own hands, you will have to think about cardboard and tight paper, paper clips for connecting sheets, hole punch. But nevertheless, even experienced masters advised to acquire the basic «Book» In the Stationery Store. If you want to independently engage in the binding album scrapbooking or its pages, it is advisable to have some kind of foundation.

Paper for scrapbooking should not contain in its composition of acid binding fibers, and lingin. Otherwise, in 2-3 years, it will begin shirt.

For decorations you can use any materials, it depends on the imagination of the author and the style of crafts. For decoration Scrapbooking album for the girl, you can use beads, rhinestones, ribbons, beads and t. D. For the boy, cogs are suitable, small details of the designer, wire spirals ..

On the pages of thematic foliants, you can see the braid, elements of the herbarium, small crafts from thermal ceramics – no restrictions in accessories.

There are no restrictions and when used in finishing works of fabrics. Single advice, do not enter construction fabrics to decor. They are durable, look beautiful, shimmer, but when contacting the skin can cause irritation and itching.

List of necessary tools:

  • Scrapbooking: New - Old ArtKnives and scissors;
  • Accessories for coloring: paints, crayons, pastel pencils, markers;
  • Stamps and stencils;
  • Tools for fastening children and pages: hole punch, tape, stapler;
  • Adhesives of various species.

Sketches for scrapbooking album can be purchased in a special store or cook on their own. Sketches are sketches, outline, contours of figures. Those who do not know how to draw, can find suitable images in advance and transfer to paper using a copy.

It is advisable to prepare the notes in advance that will be glued under photos. They can be made independently, or to ask for help to classics by editing the style.

Master class for the manufacture of children’s album scrapbooking

First you need to decide on the events that I want to introduce into a children’s album. Will it be dedicated to some one thing, or covers all his life?

Photos are desirable to pick up in advance, sort over the years. Prepare their exact description, talk with eyewitnesses of growth or incident – I look very interesting to memories of different people with different points of view on what happened. In the future, these descriptions will be made to plunge into the past, we will die, maybe even cry.

Next pick up the design style. Children’s drawings will be appropriate in the album for kids – even if they were not painted by the inspiration of the idea, light light paints will be suitable for design.

Decorative decoration elements should be thought out and prepared in advance. There are no restrictions on accessories, but they must be combined with each other. Style and Harmony are very important concepts. If the pages are not combined with a common idea, the work of art will not work, there will be scattered chronicle.

Scrapbooking: New - Old ArtThe style of the inscriptions depends on the images. Signatures to official events can be launched, and captured cute pranks are desirable to comment on ordinary signatures manually. Interestingly look inscriptions in which letters are cut out of paper.

Even well thought out the design style, immediately stick decorative elements and the photos are not worth. First you need to outline future pictures, put accessories for each page to decorate. It is advisable to try several options.

Before cutting the frames, circuits required to circle. Cut pages better than a stationery knife or scalpel, putting something solid under them – for example, a board for cutting vegetables. The tip of the knife should not touch the surface of the next page.

It is desirable not to overload sheets by photos and decorative design elements. Alaupovity does not testify good taste, and it is difficult to view photos if there are many of them, or eyes run away from the abundance of small brilliant decorative elements.

Each page is drawn up separately, without excessively hiof. Glue and paints should dry. Sometimes make an album, faster than page per day, will not work. To glue some accessories to sheets, it will be necessary to put something heavy, leave for a long time. Leather and ceramic decorations faster than 6-8 hours with a paper surface will not be seized.

By the same principle, wedding albums scrapbooking or other thematic crafts are issued. If the wedding folio is done to the date of the silver wedding or even golden, then the edges of the sheets can be artificially creating, applying torn paper technique.

Not necessarily making the album capital. Scrapbooking technique Suitable for registration of mini notebooks, diary format albums. Restrictions in the art of registration «chronicles in the future» does not exist. Connect fantasy and enjoy! First, creativity and then the results of their own labor.

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