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Coffee grain crafts: Bonsai tree and coffee waterfall


Coffee in needlework and art: decoration items, creation of coffee crafts. How to make a coffee tree or cup with coffee? What else can be made of grains?

Coffee, like many other natural products, are widely used in Hendmade, that is, for making crafts with their own hands, decorating household items and even to create jewelry. How good is coffee for handmade?

Coffee grain crafts: Bonsai tree and coffee waterfallCrafts made of coffee grains are quite simple. It is necessary a little fantasy, paper and glue to create a full-fledged picture or arrange a clock clock, a vase or casket.

People who were not interested in Hendmade, folk creativity and needlework, can be very surprised if they see coffee on the subjects of the decor or ego things. But also on the expert hands with the help of coffee sometimes affects. It turns out that coffee grains spread very widely in art and folk art.

Experienced masters can create large paintings and panels with their own hands, but it may seem too complex to beginners. In principle, it is.

First, to create a big picture or panel, a sufficiently large amount of grain is needed. Secondly, it should be roasted to different degrees of readiness so that the master has different tones. Pictures when laid out are obtained quite clear, resemble stained glass and create material from light green to dark brown.

One significant disadvantage of such things is that they are dusting, but not to be soothed. In order for such products to be washed or wip with a damp cloth, it is recommended to cover grains with varnish before use or to process the finished handicap by moisture-resistant varnish coating.

Decor objects

Newbies and lovers try themselves in different fields can immediately begin the decoration of various items. This is the easiest way to transform your home. There are also plates and photo frames, and vases. The process will not take much time, but the result will exceed all the expectations.

The easiest way is to lay out the contour plate for vegetables, tray or frame. You can fully cover the dial of the clock, and the glued mug will not only become warm, it will be possible to keep it, without fear of burn.

Before use, the material is prepared depending on what will be done with it later. For example, it is not necessary to prepare anything for the salable of the frame or hours of special hours, but to decorate a cup or vases you need to pre-cover the material with moisture-resistant coating (colorless varnish is suitable).

In this case, the grains are attached to the special glue – moisture-resistant so that they do not fall off. And if you cover the finished craft of varnish, it will not only be easier to wash, it will become more brilliant and attractive.

Coffee crafts made with your own hands

Separately, you need to mention my own things made. Often the first thing that needlewomen do is the Bonsai Coffee Tree. Its creation also does not occupy a lot of time, as well as materials. The trunk is usually made from a pencil or chips.

If there are branches, the copper wire is suitable for them. Take natural twigs with flyers from bushes and trees. Krone is usually done on the basis of papier-mache. Pot or bucket in which «grow» Tree, made from cardboard, but you can replace it with a conventional color capacity.

Before installing a peculiar plant, a suitable material for stability of the design is poured into the pot. On the bottom of cardboard containers are laying heavy objects or fill them with plasticine or sand. Outside, they are separated by moss, straw and other natural materials.

Especially appreciate such things in coffee lovers, as they are not only beautiful, but also perfectly smell. Unusual products will be decorated and a good addition to any interior. They look unusual and beautifully. In addition, this material is characterized by an interesting texture and in a saturated color, which allows you to create very original things.

Also, grain retain their qualities for a long time and the initial appearance, they can be submitted to any processing, to make holes in them and T. NS. Cover them not only varnish, but also paints, because multicolored grains look quite impressively.

In the house where there are many coffee crafts, a unique atmosphere, filled with the aroma of this product. Things can be created and decorate with children because coffee is safe material. In addition, such work develops small motility of hands from carapuses, so that the needlework well affects the physical and mental development of children.

Craft Ball or Coffee Tree

Coffee grain crafts: Bonsai tree and coffee waterfallTo create such a thing, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Plastic ball (or papier-mâché);
  • Super glue;
  • Brown coffee grains;
  • Storm for the trunk;
  • Small pot (from cardboard or present);
  • Twine thread for winding;
  • Small pebbles.

First take the ball that will serve a crown of wood, and piercing it. Insert a wand that performs the role of the trunk. Now you need to install a tree in a pot and fix it.

To do this, keep the wand smoothly and gradually fall asleep pebbles. This will make the design more stable. When the tree is normally installed, proceed to gluing the coffee beans themselves using glue. It is advisable to perform several layers so that there is no space between the grains and voids. Swords use at the end for the trunk winding.

In the same way you can make a Christmas tree. This original idea is not suitable for the New Year holidays. Instead of a ball make a cone from cardboard. All other works are also held. But among other things, the Christmas tree can be decorated to look like a truly festive. For this use ribbons, beads, sequins.

Coffee grains can serve as a filler for transparent VAZ. This also applies to cosmetics supports. To pencils, tassels and other things are not lost on the shelves and drawers, you can make a suitable stand on the principle of VAZ. You just need to fall asleep the product and insert cosmetic accessories.

Coffee Coffee Waterfall or Coffee Cup

Fresh aromatic coffee is obtained not only after cooking. You can make a fairly interesting handicraft, the so-called cup with coffee or coffee waterfall. To work, you will need:

  1. Coffee couple – a cup and saucer;
  2. Wire for weaving (basics of waterfall). It is desirable that it be aluminum, with a diameter of about 2 mm;
  3. Leg-split;
  4. Glue «Moment» or «Second»;
  5. Coffee grains – near a glass.

In special needlework stores you can buy a wire for weaving. She plastic and pretty soft. Cut it on 3-5 parts about 15 cm long, but it is possible longer or shorter.

We connect the parts into a bundle and drip some glue to the tip so that they do not spread, and then wrap it with a twine. Such a measure will allow you to better combine all the pieces of wire and glue the grain to it.

Now you need to pass it so that one end is inside the cup, and the other – at the bottom of the plate. It is necessary to carefully fix it in this position with the help of glue. The latter is best to take the second, but acceptable and hot glue, which is applied using a thermal system.

We are waiting for the jokes dried. Then set the saucer and cup in accordance with the law of equilibrium. Wire will make it without problems. Otherwise, the handicraft will constantly fall and as a result sometime breaks.

Coffee grain crafts: Bonsai tree and coffee waterfallIt approached the processing of coffee. To this end, you can use any variety. The first layer must be glued «Gorbiton» up. Grains should be close to each other. It is necessary to distribute them as if they really shock the cup to the plate.

After the first layer gets dry, proceed to the second, but now the grains must be turned «seam» out. Need them need to be intervals between the bottom grains.

The lower part of the craft is drawn up quite slowly and the material goes more on it, but at neat work it will work very beautiful. After that, you need to give a craft to dry and you can put it on a prominent place. The smell of glue quickly disappears, but the aroma of coffee will remain. You can cover such a job with varnish, but then it will be shine without fragrance.

Similarly, you can make other crafts from coffee beans. Some of them will delight the eye, while others can be used in everyday life.

Each needlewoman will be able to find something personally for himself, to do it yourself or together with children, make a gift to a close person or a cute interior decoration. Enjoy your needlework and beautiful crafts!

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