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Weep bracelets: options and variations


Weaving bracelets from shoelaces – interesting, useful and exciting hobbies, except, among other things, soothing effect on the nervous system

Bracelets are truly universal decoration that can equally use both men and a fair sex. These accessories can be massive and expensive, made from precious metals and valuable stones or present themselves hand-made products that bear primitive and brightness.

Since now in fashion simplicity in clothes, hairstyles and decorations, then weaving bracelets from laces is becoming a popular kind of needlework, which we will tell about in this publication.

Silver decoration of laces

Weep bracelets: options and variationsBefore making such a bracelet from laces, you need to purchase four thin shoelace of silver color and one black medium thickness. The length of the latter should be such that he freely embrace his wrist, but did not hide and did not give.

Initially, you must definitely leave a bit of space for the future clasp. Black blank Put in the middle, and in its sides, place a pair of silver cords, of which you will have to weave the pigtail around the black lace. To do this, a couple of shoelains need to be started under a black base, cut off and tighten.

Similar manipulations are done with another pair of threads. Then, taking one silver cord on each side, we cross them over black, we again tighten and weave with such a technique to the end. If everything is done correctly, the ends of silver will hang up at the end of work on both sides of the black thread.

Now, from a piece of leather, cut the square of this value, so that a small button fit on it. The holes are made in the square, they are on the pair of silver shoelaces, which are then tied to a strong knot directly on the black thread, and is completely cut off. The front side is sewn with the face.

At the second end of the bracelet, with their own hands and from the tips of silver cords, a loop is braided, which should tightly tighten the button so that the product is unclipped.

Jewelry option – Benches

To make such an accessory you will need cords of different colors, each of which can have its meaningful meaning. After that, to set the length of the future bracelet, which is multiplied by 4.

Weep bracelets: options and variations

All shoelaces are associated with a strong node, after which it is necessary to leave a little free space for future strings. Interesting this scheme is that it is possible to weave the bracelet of the thickness that you want, for which you just need to increase the number of threads.

Then the bracelet from the shoelaces fit in this way:

  • So that the product is constantly not twisted, it can be attached or tied to the back of the chair, and weave the most convenient strip, which is diagonally;
  • Take the lace, which is right and from the edge, tie it to the base thread, then to the second and so in order to the last;
  • As a result, you need to splash the diagonal strip consisting of some nodes;
  • Similarly, the diagonal strip of threads in the second row fit;
  • From the remaining material tie a pigtail.

Before weaving such a bracelet from the shoelars, it is worth knowing that its appearance can be diversified as follows: the shoelaces need to be stuck until the middle on each side, after which the arrows are binding to the node.

Use skin

Schemes of weaving bracelets from leather cords make it possible to get a solid and noble looking decoration that can be worn not only on the wrist, but also on ankle or above the elbow. To make this accessory with your own hands, prepare a pair of thin stripes of leather and three cords from similar material, which will be gossipped with each other.

Silver carabiner or ordinary nodules from leather residues can perform as a fastener. The number of bands is selected based on the desired bracelet thickness. Ends should be connected from one end, after which it is wrapped this place with a thin leather strip and tie it up. To be careful, all thin tails are hiding into a node of thick threads.

Next, bracelets of leather shoelaces that are made with their own hands should be mad in the form of ordinary pigtails, achieving the desired length of the product. The second end is fixed in the same way, that is, with a thin strip of the main material.

Decoration of two cords

Initially, you need to purchase several beads and a pair of threads of the right color. The latter are aligned, a small indent from the edge is made, and the knot is tied.

Weep bracelets: options and variations

Now one of the shoelains that will be worked, to wrap the main thread in the direction from left to right. In the resulting loop, the thread is done, and the resulting novel slightly pulls up up.

It may seem that this is the real puzzle, in practice, everything is much easier. Similarly, the second node is knitting, which is lightly delayed and moves close to the first. It turns out that the main thing becomes the thread that has been accurately working. It remains only to fit the decoration to the end, constantly changing the roles of cords.

Finally, we note that creating bracelets from multi-colored cords and beads, the latter can be placed both in chaotic order and in a clear sequence.

Considering the fact that primitiveness and ease in the image is again at the peak of fashion, the appearance of many schemes of how to weave bracelets from beads and laces, is fully justified. All these ways can be changed on the first requirement, allowing you to get really unique and current decorations.

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