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How to learn to weave animals from beads?


Weaving beaded animal figures – very interesting and exciting hobbies. In addition, they can be an excellent gift as a souvenir

Weaving beads is one of the most ancient decorative arts. It was born on the African continent and is currently known worldwide. For beginners, creating funny figures with artificial small «Pearl» can become an original idea for infinite creative expanses. What can only be seen from the masters of this art: and luxurious flowers, and jewelry, and accessories for home and much more.

Weaving animals from beads for beginners

These crafts are better made by certain schemes. They will help not be mistaken in the counting of beads, as well as process sequences.

Such schemes are recommended for flat or volumetric crafts. Working with artificial pearl for beginners is better to study with flat products. One of the favorite beginners of beadworks is the scheme of animal toys. Such crafts can be decorated with a house or please.

How to properly weave from beads of volumetric animals?

How to learn to weave animals from beads?For example, you can weave the beautiful crocodile. To do this, take 120 pieces of green pearls, 150 yellow, as well as black or bright beads, fishing line.

Crocodile is performed by parallel weaving. To do this, you should wear beads at once in the first and second rows. Then the first end to skip towards the opposite end through all the bispers of the second row. After that, both tip of the fishing line stretch well so that all beads were in the middle of the fishing line. Further, the work is performed by a similar method.In the same way, you can create other funny animal figures – Turtle, Dog, Spider. Step-by-step tiger manufacturing process

To do this, you will need:

  • Brown, black, white and orange pearl;
  • Thin needle;
  • beads;
  • Wire or Lesk.

First you need to learn to weave the cheeks tiger.

  • How to learn to weave animals from beads?The wire is inventing the bead, attached, then it is done through the needle. Further
    the white pebbles are rolled;
  • In weaving one side of the cheek you need to take 2 white and 2 black beads. Then they are stitched by lubricating seam. Next, the spout of the brown bead can be wearing the same weaving as the cheeks, and then, cheeks and nose need to be combined;
  • Orange pearls ripped on both sides around the nose. A total of 4 rows of orange beads, only then black is inserted – these are eyes;
  • It should be put on the head of the head alternately between themselves black and orange minerals. It will be strips;
  • With a square weaving, ears are performed, which consist of 2 parts: orange and white. Therefore, these parts are trimmed and connected in a circle with beads of orange shade;
  • Already the finished ears are connected to the head, with a white bead, then the lower part is woven, where the red tongue will be located;
  • With the help of orange, black and white pearls woves the body. Through 17 rows, from the 18th beads you need to remove on the sides, and then in front. The torso must be striped, and the tummy is white;
  • Next, the upper and lower legs are wearing, 16 rows, and at the end of the tail, which will be connected to the paw with a mosaic seam. As a result, it turns out a pretty tiger.

To have a complete picture, it is better to use pictures with animals for weaving beads. In addition to volumetric animals, there are also flat. Such figures look good on key chains. Weaving from beads of flat animals are performed with reverse needle weaving and parallel machinery.

How to weave flat animals from beads?

Master Class for Making Flat Horses.

To do this, you will need: white, black and brown pearls, wire.

  • How to learn to weave animals from beads?First you need to take the wire, and in the middle of a parallel weaving, perform the first row, after it 6 similar rows;
  • Next rushing mane. To do this, it is necessary to bandage 3 bispers on the fishing line and pass through 2, eliminating the last to tighten and beads. After which they make another 1 row in parallel;
  • Then woven ear. To do this, it is necessary to drive 6 bispers on the wire, the last skip and stretch through the penultimate, after tightening;
  • Grieving again again. Lesk twisted. And in the end there should be 7 hairs of the mane;
  • Wire, located on the front side all this time, is done through the beads that are close to the horse’s face. Then the wire is delayed and through the neighboring row is taught back;
  • Neck woven in parallel. And in the last row should add a wire to connect with the legs of the horse;
  • At the end you need to evan the tail with parallel weaving. So simple way it turned out a small horse.

Cute figures will decorate the interior of the house or fit as a pretty souvenir.

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