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Fashionable apparel for furniture: chairs on the chairs do it yourself


Very often the upholstery of the chairs wear out, while the chairs themselves are still ready to serve their owners. Refresh the appearance of your furniture will help covers stitched personally

Capes and covers on chairs in the kitchen not only help keep the upholstery clean, but also give you the opportunity to quickly change the bored interior. Very often, sewing covers on the chairs and chairs is a forced measure, for example, in a situation where a kitten appeared in the house, which does not want to understand that it is necessary to sharpen claws only for this acquired clawholder.

Fashionable apparel for furniture: chairs on the chairs do it yourselfYes, and little children are very often like to draw on the items of soft and cabinet furniture. Agree, compared with the costs of the entire set of chairs or the acquisition of a new one, tailoring new covers on the chairs will cost you in love with trifles, especially if you make them your own hands.

Necessary materials

In order to sew the covers on the chairs with their own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • Fabric and threads suitable in color;
  • Overlock or ordinary sewing machine with function «zigzag»;
  • tape measure;
  • scissors;
  • chalk for marking.

It is quite difficult, without having absolutely no experience, immediately from the first time to make the correct pattern and accurately and accurately fulfill all the work on the sewing covers for chairs. Use any universal patterns of covers on the chairs, anyone already proven, will not work, because options for the manufacture of chairs, like their models, there is a huge set.

Therefore, it is advisable for such a designer «Debut» Purchase not very expensive and convenient in work and commercialized fabric.

Remove mercies

In order to purchase the desired amount of fabric and not run in the midst of the very ripping job for the missing material of the material, you must first «Remove mercies» With your chairs. And the more accurate you do this work, the more clearly and beautifully prepared cover «Syasy» on stool.

Therefore, it is necessary to come true to perform measurements: schematically draw your chair, measure it with a centimeter tape main «parameters» and write down all the measurements as accurately as possible.

Special attention should be paid to the legs of the chair T. To. They very often have expanding the book, as well as backs and seats that rarely have straight corners. Determine the most narrow parts and the widest and all mark on the drawing.

When you produce all measurements and decide on the model and view of the cover on the chair, you can calculate the required amount of material per unit of furniture, and then on everything. On average, 1,5-2.0 meters of fabric takes place on a set of covers for kitchen chairs.

Build pattern

Fashionable apparel for furniture: chairs on the chairs do it yourselfBased on the measurements obtained, it is necessary to build a pattern on copy paper or newspaper, without forgetting to take into account the allowances on the seams, shrinkage, bends (for example, the backrest) and other points. Next, on the built pattern, you must apply marking on the fabric and perform the cutting material.

However, there is a simpler and quite reliable way to remove measure and build patterns. It is called a lion way and involves building patterns using a tracing (newspaper) and scotch. This method is especially effective when the seats or the backs of the chairs have an unusual shape.

How it’s done? The paper is applied to the seat or back of the chair and is fixed with the help of a tape, after that the contour of the pencil is guided. After all the necessary parts circled scotch is cut, the pattern of covers on the chairs is cut out by the stationery scissors and is transferred to another sheet of carting, taking into account the allowances for the seams and the bottom of the Niza, the inaccuracy of the cut, shrinkage, and so on.

We collect details together

Sew covers on the chairs with their own hands are not difficult to see how it may seem at first glance. Especially if there are even the most common sewing machine, and if you have overlock, all concerns on the processing of the edges of the fabric disappear by themselves. If you do not have it, you can easily do the usual line «zigzag».

How to sew a cover on the chair if you have no experience of sewing any things on the sewing machine? Best of all the details are pre-scheduled to pre-occupy, in the event that «Hand Drognet» I did not have to rebuild and alter.

In order for the covers to be securely attached on the chairs, it is possible to use zippers, neatly stitched in lateral seam. But most often needlewomen use various decorative strings, buttons and rivets. If you chose a separate version of covers, t.E. The back and seat of the chair will be mounted separately, it is possible to use an elastic band or a decorative cord that is sewn into the bottom edge of the covers as a fastener.

Sewing failed? We will knit!

Fashionable apparel for furniture: chairs on the chairs do it yourselfIf you have no relationship with a sewing machine or you simply love to knit, there are no obstacles to decorate your chairs with knitted capes or cute overhead «Sidushkami». Knitted covers on the chairs will give your kitchen or dining room special charm and warmth, create an atmosphere of comfort and comfort.

Perform them best of all thick, dense and smooth yarn, on which the pattern will be well viewed. You can purchase yarn specifically to perform this work, but if you need a needlewoman «with experience», in your «Work chests» There is sure there is a mass of various multi-colored glulls left from previous works! Here are from them and you can connect beautiful and bright covers for chairs.

Refresh your interior, look for new interesting ideas and let you accompany you luck!

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