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Torching as a way to create paper figures


Torching – technique of performing corrugated paper crafts. With it, you can create volumetric, contour and planar images, as well as figures of different sizes

Torching is the technique of creating original crafts, souvenirs, postcards, paintings and other products. This type of applied art seems to be created for the general creativity of parents and children, because it provides an opportunity to spend your free time to all together and implement original ideas. For the manufacture of all sorts of crafts for this technique, you will need simple or corrugated paper.

Master class on creating a flat pattern

Torching as a way to create paper figuresTurning from corrugated paper involves the creation of numerous tubes-ending, which give a flat image volume. For their manufacture, use the technique of paper, in which a small square of paper is screwed on a wand.

Traveling technique allows you to create a contour, volumetric, multi-layered or plane image. To create a planar image, need scissors, glue, toothpick or match and corrugated material of various colors.

Printing through the Internet Any favorite black and white drawing, you can start working.

The master class includes the following actions:

  • First of all, it is necessary to prepare all the material for work, and since this requires small pieces of paper, it must be cut. To do this, from an uneven roll, it is required to cut off a strip with a thickness of about equal to half 1 cm;
  • The resulting strips need to be cut into squares;
  • The master class when working with a picture involves treating all black lines with glue on the image;
  • Having placed the end of the toothpick on the middle of the square, it is necessary to spin it tightly;
  • Torching at this stage is performed as follows: without removing a piece from the toothpick, it must be attached to the pattern on the gloven, the part so that it remains on it;
  • Further actions are similar to the previous. And the equipment technique obliges to position individual tubes as close as possible to each other. This will provide a drawing of greater expressiveness, so-called terrain.

When working with nature elements to give a drawing of a more natural view, you can use different shades of the same color. For example, highlighting red flowers, use the paper of orange and pink shades. Green leaves, respectively, can include the tubes of marsh and emerald colors.

Turning a common background composition is performed by white squares. If you are interested in such a workshop, but there is no opportunity to buy special material, you can try to make a torch of colored napkins.

Plasticine work technique

No less colorful and spectacular, crafts are obtained, for the manufacture of plasticine.

Master Classufacturer Cactus:

  • Sleep from plasticine improvised pot for cactus;
  • By purchasing a ribbon, which is used for the design of bouquets, wrap it with a pot of the future cactus;
  • The subsequent crossing on the plasticine occurs like this: corrugated paper of green color needs to be cut into squares of the side width of about 1.5 cm. Then they need to be cut diagonally to turn out to be triangles;
  • A further master class encourages to make from plasticine itself the basis of the future flower, which needs to be hoisted on the pot;
  • Now the master class of the technique of the terethery involves the manufacture of tracker in the method described above, and attaching them to a cactus at the junction of the future flower and a pot;
  • Thus, transportation is performed over the entire surface of the cactus. Too tightly fixing the ending, but there should be no spaces;
  • But before covering the material all blank space, you need to roll a small ball from red plasticine and attach to the surface of the future cactus – it will be it blooming;
  • Petals for this flower cut from yellow paper or napkins of the corresponding color. Special requirements are not presented to their sizes, but the ideal one will be a 3 cm length, and 1 cm wide;
  • Having placing a stupid toothpick end at the base of the petal, twist it and secure on the plasticine. In the same way, to do with the rest of the petals, attaching them as they are located on colors in nature;
  • Turning on the plasticine comes to completion: It remains to fill the core of the resulting flower. For this, from corrugated paper of red or napkins, you need to cut squares on the side length of 1.5 cm and fill in them the remaining space.

Master class does not prohibit go further and attach the resulting cactus improvised mouth, eyes and eyebrows. The role of the mouth can perform one or more flip of red, as a nose you can use a conventional piece of yellow material, and the pieces rolled into the tube will completely come for eyebrows. But the eyes can be searched at any office of the office.

Master class on making snowflakes

On the eve of the New Year, there will be particularly relevant toothed corrugated paper. With it, you can make several charming volumetric snowflakes and decorate with them.

Stages of work:

  • Torching as a way to create paper figuresCut from cardboard snowflake any form. It is desirable that the thickness of its individual elements is not less than 0.5 cm;
  • Further transportation involves the preparation of small squares of white paper or napkins with a thickness of about 0.7 cm;
  • The usual movement attach the end of the stick to the center of the square and wind it around it;
  • Traveling technique provides cardboard cover with glue. After that, it is possible to lay out the resulting ending;
  • At the end of the procedure for carrying out paper, it is necessary to give time to dry.

Master class on the manufacture of a heart shaped

  • The basis of the tree will be a heart of foam. Its sizes can be any, but it is better not to do it too much;
  • Now there is a turn of blanks. It is necessary to make them as much from the red napkins with the size of the parties 2 cm;
  • Since this craft will be a much larger cactus, it is better to use a pencil to work, and not toothpick. Further actions are the same as in previous cases;
  • To attach billets to the surface of the heart, you can deceive it with glue or to make each separate twisted square in it;
  • It is necessary to move from the outer edge to the internal;
  • Prepare a pot, decorated with paper in the same technique;
  • Throw into the base of the heart a thick wire and insert into the finished pot;
  • Now it remains only to decorate all visible parts of the corrugation;
  • Add any decorative elements – ribbons, flowers and t.NS.

Making master class «Fairy Garden»

To create a topiary from corrugation of various colors, you will need the basis for the stand, crowns and trunk. As a crown, you can use a New Year’s toy from plastic or a small ball of foam. Everything will depend on what diameter of the crown you want to get.

Torching as a way to create paper figuresThe trunk function can perform a handle or a pencil, and a plastic cup or a small flower pot of the same material will be suitable for the manufacture of the stand. To the trunk pencil stood in a pot tightly, his cavity can be pouring plaster or paraffin. If there is no other, the usual plasticine is suitable.

So that no one guessed, from which your fabulous tree is made, its crown is pre-painted in green, and the trunk in brown. Start working below, covering blanks first surface «Earth», gradually rising to the top.

It is better to use the corrugation of two or three colors to use her gardening, for example, lilac with burgundy, emerald with lightweight or blue with white. The impression of a small bird or butterfly, which can be purchased in specialized craft stores.

Traveling technique will allow you to reveal the potential having looked in you. After all, this occupation can bring satisfaction from work, as well as change the world around, make it more colorful.

Thanks to the minutes of proximity to their children who will give you the technique of a carriage, you will become better to understand each other and will remember these happy moments to remember these happy moments.

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