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Toys from felt


If your soul craves a hobby associated with needlework, try fueling toys from felt. Fetra toys are not only pleasant to the point and the touch, but also easy to manufacture

The felt is customary to call the highest grade of felt, which perfectly lies and very pleasant in terms of tactile sensations. His edges will not crumble, and therefore do not need additional processing. Therefore, working with such a material, the risk of getting a non-acceptable or spoiled product is minimized.

Felt has a very good «Character»: It can be sewed without the help of a professional sewing machine, but by using an ordinary needle, there is no need to study and practice complex seams, but to decorate toys made with your hands from felt, Easier simple, because for this you will need pieces of fabric and glue.

general information

Toys from feltFrom felt with the same success, not only elementary children’s crafts can be made, but also such serious things like: footwear, hats, accessories and household items. This material can be smooth and pile, the latter view is represented by velor, short and long-wave cloth.

Working with such a basis is one pleasure, and the technique of its manufacture something resembles paper production technology. Working with a felt, there is no need to make allowances on the seams, since the edges of the workpiece do not creep, do not seize and do not provoke the appearance of ugly «Road», What is inherent in cotton and silk fabrics.

It turns out that the simplest toys from felt will be able to sew or glue even a small child who is able to manage with glue, scissors or make several stitches «Forward needle».

Variants of coloring such material There are a great set. And therefore, really unique New Year’s toys from felt will not be difficult. Moreover, the fabric for crafts can be done on their own, and not spend money on her purchase.

How to make felt?

So, you need to stock the following consumables:

  • pipple polyethylene;
  • Rolling or glass bottle;
  • warm solution from the household soap;
  • napkins;
  • first-class fluff or excellent wool.

The course of work is as follows:

  • Wool purchased from private vendors, it is necessary to thorrel long and thoroughly to form the formation of a homogeneous, air and light mass, while the store of raw materials is already ready for further manipulations;
  • The table is covered with polyethylene;
  • Make a concentrated and warm soap solution, for the preparation of which should be used exclusively economic soap;
  • Moisten the film with a solution, after which it is to decompose the initial layer of fluff or wool;
  • Cheerful with soapy water, after which to cover with a puffed film;
  • Polyethylene should first smooth out well, after which everything is well rolled with a bottle or a rolling pin. The secreted foam and moisture must be removed with napkins;
  • After that, you can apply the second layer of fluff or wool, repeating the above steps until the reservoir of the material of the desired thickness is obtained;
  • The workpiece to leave carefully dried, the edges of it, and absorb the excess water with napkins.

Types of fastening and decorative seams

Toys from feltSew christmas or ordinary toys from homemade or industrial felt does not represent much difficult, since the edges of the material do not appear, and they do not need to bend.

Due to this, separable elements of the future craft can be connected by any seams that simultaneously play the role of decorative design.

The needlewriting felt is permissible to use the following types of seams:

  • «Forward needle»;
  • «For the needle»;
  • sabulic;
  • Tambourg;
  • «worm»;
  • «cross»;
  • «Kozlik»;
  • «Through the region»;
  • looping;
  • French nodule and other.

Adhesive for fabric applications and scenery

Making educational toys from felt, often have to deal with the need to use appliqué techniques. In this case, the adhesive material should be carefully dosed so that it does not wet the base and did not penetrate through it. If this still happened, the product can be saved only by sticking a duplicate pattern on a damaged side.

For appliqués on felt not all glue. Often, the master enjoys a conventional white PVA, which is divorced as it struck. Before sewing or glue toys from felt, the adhesive substance must be checked for suitability, that is, make sure that it does not leave white spots and fastens the scattered parts.

For tissue decorative elements, only two PVA options are suitable: universal and super, which are a viscous substance of a yellowish color, in which there is no single lump. Going to make a felt handicraft with your own hands, never acquire a stationery or wallpaper pva.

Also undesirable to practice appliques through «Moment» and all its possible analogues. But, if there is no other exit, the glue is worth applying thin strips and the contour part.

If you are going to make Christmas accessories for sale, be sure to take care of a high-quality adhesive gun, which will greatly facilitate work with the felt. Additionally, it is worth purchasing a sewing machine if it is not possible to scribble with your hands or desire.

Than filling?

Toys from feltIn order for the doll or other felt product, it was neat and durable, it should not be filled with Vatin, trimming fabric or cotton. With their help it is impossible to evenly fill the craft, to avoid the appearance on its surface of the bugs and depressions.

Minus cotton is that it is non-genius, falls off when washing and dries very long, accumulating moisture and powder residues. Regarding unnecessary tissue trimming, you can say the following: if they are colored, then may well polish on felt and spoil the appearance of the product.

Considering all this, it can be said that ideal fillers for your future soft masterpiece is a synthetic and camphornell, polyethylene and holofiber plastic. Pleasant needlework and a lot of soft handsome!

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