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Multi-tier skirt: Quickly, fashionable, convenient


How to sew a multi-tier skirt? Multi-tier skirt in the floor do it yourself. Crocheted Multi-Tier Skirt

And again in fashion wide multi-tiered skirts. Motley and monophonic, stitched and knitted, with rolling and without it, long and short. In such a very beautiful circling in the dance and convenient to walk around the city on a summer day. Let’s try to sew and tie a multi-tier skirt with your own hands.

We sew a skirt out of several tiers

Multi-tier skirt: Quickly, fashionable, convenientWhat material to choose each decides individually. It can be a lace guipure, flax or cotton, sitheria and satin. The main thing is that he liked you and it was convenient.

For a crumble, a multi-tier skirt will not require a sewing education. All its components are rectangular fabric strips, different in length and width. How many components each will decide.

Approximate calculation will look like this:

  • Coquette: its width is 12-18 cm, the length – the girth of the hips + 6 cm (100 + 6 = 106 cm);
  • The width of the components = the length of the skirt – the width of the coquette: on the number of tiers (100 – 15 = 85: 5 = 17 cm);
  • Length each «floors»: Subsequent more than the previous one by 1.5 times (100 x 1,5 = 150 cm, 150 x 1,5 = 225 cm and t. D.).

Kra is made from a fabric with a width of 150 cm, our product will require about 2.5 m tissues, we draw on the wrong side. On each part, we leave the allowance for the seams 1.5-2 cm. Top of coquettes Measure the distance for gum and bend (3 cm + 2 cm = 5 cm). We should have 2 parts of the coquette, 2 hours. – 1 tier, 2 h. – 2, 3 hours. – 3, 3 hours. – 4 and 5 row 4 h.

We sew layers and coquette from the wrong side on the machine on the sides. Hands can be made the mark so that the details do not disengage. All sections are desirable to handle on Overlock or snatch Zigzag. At the top of the coquette, we make a bend, sew, most importantly, do not forget to leave a hole for invating gum. Next, proceed to collecting our skirt.

After stitching individual parts, we obtain 5 solid parts (circles). Seams are carefully smoothed and boiled. Now the upper edges of the tiers are going to the thread (flashing with a free line and slightly tightened) so that they can be filled with each other. Folds are evenly distributed over the entire length of the row. Now the details are connected to each other.

Multi-tiered skirt can be sewn in several ways. The product made of mild matter Stricken Vangest, such a seam will perform the function of an additional decor, you only need to pre-process the edges.

Dense fabrics are connected by a racial seam. The sealing top of one layer is connected from the bottom of the other, while the fabric is folded to face. It is necessary to scribble from the wrong side, but it is better to quickly.

Now smooth out the seam. It’s time to insert up a rubber band. After that, you can iron all the product and wear. We have a multi-tiered skirt in the floor. Simple and beautiful, and? the main thing is convenient and sewn with your own hands.

Multi-tier knitted skirt

Multi-tier skirt: Quickly, fashionable, convenientIn addition to matter, for making multi-tiered skirts, you can use knitting threads from natural cotton. The product will be very elegant and light just for a hot summer day. For her knitting, you need to be able to work in a crochet and know the rims (how the loops are recruited and what they happen).

This skirt will be short. To start knitting the foundation. We start with the gain of the chain of air loops. Its length will depend on the girth of the hips, plus 2-3 cm per battery. Having gained the required amount of loops by a hopping chain and then we say the first row by columns.

Next follows the second one, we will have a belt to insert, which we will connect later separately. To be more convenient to insert it, knit columns with 3 nakidami. The third row is usually. Starting from the fourth and to the very end knit with one Nakud.

The length of the multi-tier knitted crochet skirt can be arbitrary. Only worth considering that the threads are drawn and plus still ruffles. Therefore, from the desired length, take 7 cm. This will be the size of the basis. After it is associated with the toughing.

Start from the bottom tier. Each Oracle will consist of 4 rows. Knit so. The first: 4 air loops, 2 columns with 2 nakida from the loop of the upper (previous) row, 1 column with 2 nakids and another column with 2 nakidami. Of the 3 loops of the previous row we get 4 columns with 2 nakis.

In the second row of the previously received columns, we already do 5 pieces with 2 nakis. To do this, we do the following manipulations: 4 air hinges, 2 columns with 2 nakides from the loop of the row located above and 3 times 1 column with 2 Caidis.

The third: 5 air loops, 2 columns with 3 nakida from the loop of the previous row, and a column with 3 nakidami. In this lineup, we turn out of 2 hinges of the top row to recover 3 columns with 3 nakis.

Now the final series of first ruffles. First, 5 air loops for lifting, then 4 more air loops. We pass 3 peels of the previous row, we make 2 columns with 3 nakida from one loop of the upper row and another column with 3 nakidami.

In such a sequence, all the ruffles. In this multi-tiered skirt, the calculation of the ruffle is not done, everyone knits how much wishes. The main condition is to arrange them evenly throughout the length of the product.

Multi-tier skirt: Quickly, fashionable, convenientAfter the product is ready, proceed to the belt. Its manufacture does not take much time. The width is 4 columns, knit smoothly, without any naughty. The length is arbitrary to have enough to rush and tie a bow. The belt is inserted into the second row, stretching it through 2 columns.

The finished product can be rolled in soaply clean water. After that, the skirt is dried and stroked. If necessary, irregularities and ruffles are treated with steam.

Do or buy in the store?

When you learned how to sew a multi-tiered skirt on my own, it becomes clear that this thing is not very laborious and according to any hostess. Time and money it takes a little, and the final result will please. In addition, the funds for a new thing is not always enough, but practically everyone has various fabrics or bright threads.

Agree, always nice when someone praises your outfit, and if it is made with his own hands, then this reason is proud of himself.

A good hostess is arguing everything, and the ski ability has long been appreciated by men. Why not try your strength and not to sew a skirt and optional to the floor, you can and shorter.

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