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Original dress for dresses


Dress belt made. Choosing this accessory, taking into account the shape and the model of the outfit. Making technologies for the beautiful and original product independently

The belt is an amazing clothing accessory with which you can emphasize the advantages of the figure. However, if it is wrong, he, on the contrary, will show all its flaws. Beautiful accessory on the waist transforms outfit and figure, will make it slimmer, feminine, more elegant, complement or sees the color palette of the outfit.

It happens that the finished belt for dresses, bought in the store, is not suitable for color, style, fabric texture. In this case, it can be made independently at home, having the necessary tools and materials at hand. The belt for the dress made by your own hands will be original and unique, give the image a kind of highlight.

Belt for dresses, how to choose it correctly

Original dress for dressesWhen choosing an accessory, you need to focus on the style of clothing, features of the figure, model of the outfit, material. No less important details are shoes and handbag, decorations, because it should harmonize with them too. First of all, his choice will depend on the type of figure, and then from the style of clothing. Properly chosen accessory will be able to emphasize the silhouette and hide the shortcomings. If the figure resembles the hourglass (small chest, the waist of a narrow, hips is wider than the waist), the product is suitable for any form.

If the silhouette looks like a pear (the shoulders are narrows, the chest is small, the pelvis part is wide), beautiful will look a wide view of the product. If the belt resembles a triangle (shoulders wider than the femoral part), a thin strap with a lush skirt will fit harmoniously.

The belt model will also depend on the style of the dress:

  • Narrow direct – if it is covered with a silhouette, the accessory needs to choose the average width. If the clothes are fitted and sewn from flax and cotton, gently will look a narrow strap;
  • Volumetric magnificent – under the magnificent skirt you need a thin belt if the product has a maximum length, a wide belt-gum is suitable or a braided version in an ethno-style;
  • Dress shirt, Tunic – any strap, thin, wide leather suitable here. Thin will emphasize the waist, wide pull out the figure, highlight the buttocks.

Belt must be harmonized with the colors of the ensemble, at least with one of them. Beige, coffee colors will not be combined with a blue or pink sundress. No need to highlight it, it must complement the image. But if you decide to allocate, then the colors of the main clothing must be monochrome shades.

Original belt with your own hands

How to sew a beautiful dress for dresses itself? The answer to this question can be found on the Internet, where the mass of various options is offered. It will always look original and unique, this will always look original and unique; there will be no second.

  • Sea style

The maritime theme recently is popular, as it combines perfectly with different materials and styles.

To make such a strap, will be needed:

  • Original dress for dressesRibbon with a strip of white-blue;
  • not much wide white rope;
  • flap tight fabric;
  • universal glue;
  • tape with sequins.

Sew such a product is not difficult. On the tape it is necessary to determine the middle, glue the flap of felt, drape to it, can be another tight material that retains the form well.

Billet put on a flat surface and glue the rope, the turns will be spiral from the center. Rope should be glued to fabric and ribbon.

After a large rope circle is performed in the center, on the sides you need to do two more circles less. Tights tightly apply to each other. When the workpiece is completely dry, each spiral must be decorated with a narrow ribbon with sparkles, stick or sew from above each turn of the rope, but so that they are invisible.

In the center you can put beads, pearls, over the contour of the spirals to trim the extension fabric, the edges can be glued to the wrong. Wearing a waist tie a big bow.

  • Network

Wicker products are in demand, especially those who wear a folk style, however, they are suitable for the evening outfit. It can be a beautiful pigtail made of threads, leather, cloth. Gorgeous it looks like a product made by Macrame technique.

A simple variant of weaving, it is a braid of several strands, preferably 5-7 pieces.

Weaving technology is as follows:

  • fill the threads, tips to secure beads of glass or wood.
  • weave until 10 cm remains until completion;
  • repeat the same actions with other strands, you can return strand back the same method;
  • take strand on the left, spend it over the second, then under the third and top over the fourth and t.D., It must go to the right;
  • at a distance of 10 cm link all pieces to the knot and hang on a nail;
  • cut off from thread or cord pieces (the length should be several times more than the length of the belt is planned);
  • Belt-corsage

It is considered one of the favorites of avid fashionistas. Simulate your own hands a wide belt for dresses is easy, but, but, very nice. It is suitable for many style styles, create a unique image and will emphasize the waist. It can be worn not only with a sundress, but also with trousers on the blouse from above.

Sewing technology:

  • Original dress for dressesAttach strings at the ends of the middle part on both sides, sew;
  • Product tips lay folds up to the width of the strings. Mark the seats of bending at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edges, combine and glue the folds;
  • Middle item with phlizelin put on top to second the same, starved to each other. The highest part should perform 1 cm. Glue glue cuts. Edges that act, beaten inside, sneaking and flash, cut off;
  • Tools folded 2 details in withdrawal to each other. One tip on each of the ties cut a bit of the male. Sew cuts, distance 0.5 cm from the edge, cut off, leave 2 mm from the line;
  • Picture to attach to the involve of the fabric and circle a pencil. Cut the highest part, leave 1 cm on the seams, the inner cut along the contour without letters. Send 4 parts for strings Length 120 cm, width 4 cm, I do not need allowances. Clean the part of the phlizelin for a wide range of products. Using an iron to glue the midnight;
  • Material. Leather, suede, dense fabric;
  • Pattern. Draw two lines parallel to each other, slightly concave, 60 cm. The distance between the lines should be equal to the size of the belt (12 cm).
  • Crochet

Original dress for dressesRefresh the summer wardrobe can be connected by hook hook, it will make an image more gentle,
Feminine, sophisticated. Hook belt tie for dresses just if you know how to use this tool.

Openwork accessory with narrowing edges, is on the waist or hips, there is a buckle in the form of a flower. Beautifully look at summer sundress, jeans, thin pants, skirts, tunics.

For the manufacture, we need 100 g of thin melange cotton yarn (500 m / 100 g); Artificial yarn of golden color, 50 g (100 m / 50 g), tool itself 2 mm thick and buckle.

Execution technology:

  • Folded together the thread of the melangeeva and 2 threads of gold yarn;
  • Run the chain – 5 air loops (2 in. NS. and 3 B. NS. lifting) further knit according to the scheme, just change the places in the pineapple pattern, as indicated in the scheme.
  • After the resulting 7 pineapples, take this: 10 ISBS in a row, length 6 cm on one side, 10 ISP in row, length 9 cm on the other.
  • End with a length of 6 cm folded in half, to turn into the end of the buckle and sew with an inside.

As can be seen, it is easy to make an original belt for clothing, you just need to be patient, to find suitable materials and pick up the model of the accessory so that it combines with the style of clothing and the silhouette of the figure.

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