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How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?


Pump rug – a pretty accessory who can make your interior of the truly cozy. We will tell you some interesting ideas of such rugs

It’s nice to come to the house where cozy and warm. Do not think that you can do with electric heating devices, the atmosphere in the house depends entirely on the hostess, which truly loves his home and fills the interior with small and cozy little things.

Relegations of the past or current new?

Unfortunately, it has long been gone in the past «Institutes of Noble Devitz», in which girls were trained by housekeeping. But in our time, Needlework enthusiasts can share simple secrets to add all kinds of pleasant and unique trivia to the decoration.

How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?These wonderful products will help add individuality to the interior, emphasize the skills and abilities of the hostess.

In families where there are kids, it is especially important to create a feeling of colorfulness and fairy tales. It helps children correctly and comprehensively develop.

Fill your home with a cheerful mood, invest your skills in it – this will make it the most pleasant place all over the world, where the relatives will always hurry to return.

We want to share a little secret, which is available to your simple technique for execution of any girlfriend. Pumps rug – this is a charming addition to the main carpet coating of the apartment will demonstrate your caring in full.

Manufacturing technique

How to make a rug from pumps yourself?

Everything is quite simple, only the following materials will be needed from the remedies and tools:

  • woolen threads of different colors;
  • needle, with an oblong ear;
  • Cardboard graphic;
  • fabric or rubber base;
  • glue strong fixation;
  • Portnovo scissors.

How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?Getting started to make pumps, you need to decide on the size of the rug to correctly calculate the number. Cut from cardboard Two, the same circle diameter. The magnitude of future pumps you choose depends on the size. Connecting these billets among themselves, cut out an additional circle in the middle, resulting in two identical bagels.

The point is left for small: now we wrap the woolen threads on the cardboard, preferably several layers. This action determines the color gamut of the finished product and its density.

You can make a wool ball multicolored, you can be one-photon you can subsequently collect a plan. When wound enough threads, scissors need to cut yarn from the outside of the cardboard circle.

Title bandage yarn between two patterns, and the ball is ready. We repeat the manipulations until we do the right amount.

Fabric base

How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?To sew pompon to the fabric you will need a needle and a little bit of patience. Take a thread that tied a woolen ball into the needle ear.

Sew it to the base and fix the thread with a dense nodder. Having distributed all balls on the surface, we get a ready-made cute rug.

Fantasy will tell you exactly how it should look. Lay out floral motifs, geometric drawings or make funny animals – everything is absolutely permissible and possibly. The rug can complement the overall color solution of the interior, or, on the contrary, serve a bright diluting spot – this is every hostess will decide herself.

Rubber base

Need a rubber rug that is easy to find in any economic store. Alternatively, you can even use a piece of linoleum left after repairs in the house. The main thing is that the basis does not wet and was dense. All pomponices will need to be glued to the surface, preferably such a glue that will survive the subsequent washing of the rug. This method is not an example faster than the previous one, but the main thing is how smart the wool balls themselves are made.

Below we led to a step-by-step creation of several options for fun rugs.

Bee Maya

To make a rug «Maya the bee», Threads must be two colors – black and yellow, you will still need a sticky tape that beaded when weaving.

As well as scissors, glue, you can PVA, wire for re-creation of mustaches, cardboard paper, needle with a large ear, and two small cuts of white color, the size of 10 cm for 5 cm.

  1. How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?First do the belly. To do this, cut out two rings from cardboard, the outer diameter should be 4 cm, inside the ring – 2 cm. So that the pompon turns out more oblong, the thread on the cardboard needs to be wound tight. We begin the winding patterns with a yellow thread, making only one tight row;
  2.  We continue on the black thread, but lay it out in three layers. After completing the three rows, we return to the yellow color, and we wrap it too three layers. Complete black thread so that in the middle of the bagel it was impossible to go extra threads. When everything is ready, cut on the edge of woolen threads, bandage the middle;
  3. The second ball will be black, it is a bee head. Diameter of circles 1.5 cm and 0.7 cm winding is not thin to get a round wool ball. This is the head of the bee. Breasts also make fluffy, black thread, the diameters of the rings a little more than for the head, the diameter is 1.8 and 0.9 cm, respectively. Cut from wire six paws, each pair per centimeter is less than 12 cm, 11 cm, 10 cm. The pieces we climb only half to eliminate all sorts of trouble, in the form of a wound, in children;
  4. The remaining free, with winding, wire will be inside a fluffy calf. Pumps, imitating head, breast and abdomen glue with each other, and leave an hour for three so that the fixation is complete. While the drying process continues, make wings and mustlets. The shape of the wings make the wire, glue white pieces of fabric on it and hanging with scissors. Do not forget about a free piece that will be like a pin to attach wings to the body. Make a mustache do no more than 2.5 cm, slightly bend, wind and then glue to your head. For greater accuracy, the sting can also be attached in the same way. When all the details are connected, we get a rug bee from cute pumps.


For rug «ladybug» We need black, red and white threads, a piece of mosquito net, a knitting hook and a common set of cardboard and scissors.

  1. How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?Mosquito nets make the foundation for the rug «Ladybug from Pomponov». Mosquito net
    can be replaced by plastic basis, which will speed up the process of fastening the pumps;
  2. Cutting a circle from the grid, we determine this size of the future product. We make markup, so as not to forget where the head and specks of the cow will be;
  3. With the help of a knitting hook, stretch the threads that fasten the pumps through the plastic canva or through the holes in the mosquito grid;
  4.  Tie threads based on three nodes. Withstand the drawing, for this you will need to be patient. It is possible to stick a piece of loaf.

All your pompon rug in the form of God’s cows is ready!


How to make a rug from pumps with their own hands?Making a pattern of torso on the fabric. Top of 24 cm, length 42cm, lower part 32 cm. We connect the top and bottom of the round lines. For the body we make 32 fluffy beige balls, one dark brown. From the fabric we make the head of the bears and paws. Cloth is preferably dense, color beige and brown for paws.

Stitching the workpiece. On the body we turn pompons, two woolen balls are sewn on the paws, one dark in the form of a bear nose. So it will be ready to the Pump Mat from Fluffy Pomponov.

The above instructions demonstrated that the manufacture of pumps with their own hands is simple and cheerful, so even children can be attracted to it. Enjoy your needlework!

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