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Frame for bouquet with your own hands: simple and cheap


Frame for a bouquet with your own hands can be made of cardboard, foam, foam rubber and other girlfriend materials. The main thing is that he reliably fix the flowers and the other decor of the composition

Beginners florists face a mass of nuances and features in the manufacture of flower compositions. Not always the necessary devices and accessories can be purchased in the store, and the price of them can be quite high. I have to do everything yourself, mastering the science of the manufacture of bouquets with their own hands. Very often, it is necessary to produce a framework, you can use for this the most different blowing materials – vases, chest, cardboard, baskets and even coconut shell.

Frame for flower bouquet do it yourself

  • Frame for bouquet with your own hands: simple and cheapTo obtain the foundation, we will need a cardboard on which you need to draw a circle of arbitrary diameter. Focus on your bouquet. Inside the lumber the circle of smaller diameter. You can circle a small cup;
  • Cut with scissors a large and small circles and prepare a floral felt, cutting it on the strips of such a length, which should be enough for a complete turn around the circle;
  • Get to the decor, gluing strips to the base, trying to impose them a little on each other so that the cardboard is not visible. Once the circle is completely filled, proceed to the manufacture of a frame for a frame. You can pierce from two opposite sides of 2 holes with a seaw and push the wire in them. It is better to take green and sufficient length to twist the ends together. You should easily grasp them with your hand and freely keep your weight framework;
  • From above, felt can be decorated with artificial leaflets, an organza or other intended materials, and only then insert the finished flower composition into the hole;
  • Bottom holder for a frame should be closed with corrugated paper, and so that it keeps, tie beautiful ribbons. Everything, the basis is ready.

How to make a frame for a bouquet of toys

  • Frame for bouquet with your own hands: simple and cheapDraw on a sheet of cardboard or watman Circle of the desired diameter – approximately 14 cm. Be sure to schedule a center;
  • From twisted in a rectangular piece of cardboard to make a handle. Length is about 30 cm, and height is 15-18 cm;
  • Cut from the circle a small corner, how do you cut a piece of cake or cake. Remember, the larger corner you cut out, the deeper the cone will turn out;
  • Clear ends and connect with each other. Handle tube also need to glue. At one end it is necessary to make several cuts and beg. In the center of the cone cut out a small hole and also perform notches. The size of the opening must correspond to the diameter of the tube, as you have to connect them with each other using glue;
  • Everything, the basis is ready. Now it has to tighten the corrugation and fix it from below by glue. In order for it as much as possible, it is possible to make cuts and put the material on each other;
  • Cut out of paper of the same color as corrugations, the circle of smaller diameter compared to the frame and glue in the middle. Fix the ribbon holder from below and proceed to the decor of the carcass;
  • Making a frame for a bouquet of toys involves their fixation based on. To do this, you can stick to her two beautiful narrow ribbons next to each other and tie a toy. To enter as well with the remaining soft bearings, kittens, etc. Further decor at discretion.

Frame for a bouquet of candies with his own hands

Frame for bouquet with your own hands: simple and cheapSuch a basis can be done in the previous technique, in fact, soft toys in bouquets often adjacent to candy. And it is not yet possible to perform a frame for the very first technology described by yours, and after sticking a piece of foam having the shape of a cropped cone to it.

In this very cone, it is planned to insert spanks or toothpicks to which candy are accumulated. You can take a small basket, which will perform the role of a frame. Place a piece of foam rubber and use as a candy holder.

How to make a frame booze for a bouquet of sweets:

  • Cut from cardboard oval of the desired size and the same oval to read inside, retreating from the edge of about 3 cm. Also cut this hole;
  • Cutting green gift paper. To the center to place a piece of foam in the form of a small flower pot so that he keeps there well;
  • The handle can be made of 4 well-sharpened pencils or sharp wooden rods. They need to be inserted into the foam from the bottom and wrap over with a tape or scotch;
  • Now it remains to hide it all under corrugated paper and start decorating a bouquet of sweets with sweets, artificial and lively flowers, leaves, etc.

Frame designed for a wedding bouquet

  • Frame for bouquet with your own hands: simple and cheapTo make the basis yourself, you will need a ball of foam and a piece of a narrow plastic pipe as a handle. Since the ball is round, the handle can be placed anywhere, by running first this area itself, slightly srolling;
  • Now the stationery knife cut the hole to a depth of at least 2 cm so that the knob is not enough fall out of the bouquet;
  • After you need to mark the line on the ball, from which a sharp knife must be cut off part of the foam to the handle, that is, give the billet cone-shaped. Approximately 1/3 of the ball must be cut;
  • Cut from white cardboard circles of the same diameter as the pipe. Saving it atlantic ribbon, attach to the bottom of the pipe. The handle itself is also wrapped with a ribbon and fasten with glue;
  • Now the free end must be abundantly lubricated with glue and quickly screwed into the pre-made hole;
  • Cone-shaped cut to disguise with lace or other suitable case and along the bride material. Everything, frame for wedding bouquet Ready. It remains to place flowers in it and other decor elements.

As can be seen, frameworks for various bouquets are easy to perform and independently, using the simplest and inexpensive materials for this. After all, in any case, under flowers, candy and toys it will not be visible.

The main thing is that he to fulfill the task assigned to him and allowed the composition «live» All allotted for a solemn event. 

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