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Bedalchin over the bed with his own hands: We make a chic bedroom


Baldahin – Stylish and functional part of the interior, completely transforming both a children’s and adult bedroom. From this article you will learn how to make a cavalo over the bed with your own hands

Baldahin was originally a practical thing than an element of decor: he defended from insects, bright light, draft. Today, meshs on windows and fumigators are saved from insects, from bright light – blinds and curtains, and from drafts – double-glazed windows … But the gender above the beds do not lose their popularity thanks to a unique property – to give comfort and create a mood.

If you also want to add comfort to your (or child) bedroom and decided to make a cavalry over the bed with your own hands, this article will be useful for you. 

How to make a cavalry above the bed: fastening methods

Bedalchin over the bed with his own hands: We make a chic bedroom

You can hang the canopy in several ways:

  • on four vertical racks, attached to bed or floor;
  • on the horizontal support-rod, mounted in the wall;
  • on a special ring suspended to the ceiling or support above the middle bed (or above the headboard);
  • On the curved (arc, four-broth) karnis installed on the ceiling above the bed. 

Consider more these species. 

Classic Baldahin on Four Vertical Supports 

This type of color is the most solid, requiring space. Good suitable for large rooms in which the bed is worth «Isle» – not in the corner. Metallic or wooden vertical supports are attached to bed or floor, and at the top are connected by a frame that repeats the perimeter of the bed. On this frame and hangs fabric.

This design withstands the considerable weight of the fabric, so you can use heavy velvet and other dense fabrics. The bed double with a cavity of this type looks like a royal bed, so requires the relevant interior. 

How much cloth needed? It all depends on the designer idea and the type of fastening. You can create a chic multi-layer canopy with lambrequins, heavy and transparent fabrics, and you can confine ourselves to one layer of matter.

In any case, that the fabric is well draped, take at least a double width relative to the support. If one side, for example, 2 meters, then fabrics for one layer you need 4 meters in width. 

Baldahin on the horizontal rod 

In the wall above the bed at an altitude of about 2 meters from the mattress, a horizontal metal tube with a limiter on the free end is screwed down (so that the fabric does not fall from the tube). With the help of the cord, the length of two tissue bands is measured (from the rod to the floor or to the required height from the floor, plus 5 cm on the edge stitching, plus 3 cm on the scene).

Strip width – twice as bigger than the length of the rod. Both stripes are stitched, the scene is made from the connection, in which the rod has been doing. At the end of the bar, the decorative tip is attached. The weight of the edge should not be big. 

Color dome (on the ring) 

Bedalchin over the bed with his own hands: We make a chic bedroomOver the center of the bed or over the headboard on the ceiling hook, a circle is suspended (for example, the usual hula-hup), to which with the help of rings or loops, the fabric is hanging, falling by a tent on the bed. Instead of a hook, you can use special supports (most often light supports from the wire attach to a crib).

The width of the fabric is calculated on the basis of the area that it should close down (the entire perimeter of the bed or only the headboard). Again, take a double number relative to this lower perimeter. If a baby cot with such a canopy is planned, you can buy a ready-made bracket (about children’s canopies Read more. 

Baldahin on the ceiling cornice 

Over Bed attached ceiling Eaves: either repeating the contours of the bed or (if the bed is headboard to the wall) curved in the form of a semicircle. By the way, you can plan in advance the canopy when installing a multi-level ceiling – make a semicircular «Step» on the ceiling above the headboard and in it the cornice and lamps. Such eaves, as a rule, are withstanding the sufficient weight of the fabric. And its number is calculated similar to the previous one. 

Children’s bed with a canopy: Create a fairy tale with your own hands

If you do not have the ability to make a cavity on an adult bed, then for your child you will probably be able to build this cozy design – especially if we are talking about creating a bedroom for a girl. 

With the help of a Baldakhina, a children’s bed is transformed into a small cozy world: remember how you yourself liked to build chalashes from chairs / tables and tablecloths / curtains! And if your baby is completely more babe, then the canopy will protect it from excess light, insects, drafts, and just decorate the crib. It will not require you a lot of time and money. 

The simplest solution is to purchase a ready-made special holder for the Bedakhin. Such holders are comfortable attached to any baby bed. But if you want, you can easily make a similar holder of thick wire. His top can be in the form of a ring, elongated oval or just rods. Depending on this, there will be one or another form and the method of fastening the Bibalkhina itself. 

If you chose a circle or oval, then you can suspend the fabric with rings or loops, and on top to build decorative «Roof». You can also cut the cloth in such a way that it turned out some «Hood», molding holder. It can be beautifully decorated with ribbons. 

If the rod is selected, then the fabric just puts on with the help of a row, as described above. 

Now select the cloth fabric (tulle, transparent organza, situz and t.NS.). If the canopy plays only a decorative role, transparent fabrics are suitable, and if you want additional protection against drafts, choose a taffeta, Muslin, sithern, dense silk.

Bedalchin over the bed with his own hands: We make a chic bedroomIf the child has its own room, then the canopy can be left transparent, but if the baby cot is in a common room, then give preference to more dense tissues to create a small secluded space. 

Decorations, Ryushi, Ribbons – at your discretion. For girls usually choose flowers, hearts, butterflies, for a boy – animal figures, cars and t.NS. If you are planning that a baby cot with a canopy «will be inherited» to the second child or to the future kid of friends friends, then it will practically make the design of the canopy in neutral colors (white, cream, golden, lilac) and without machines or hearts. 

At any age for the girl Bed with Baldakhin – the incarnation of a fairy tale about some princess on the pea. Therefore, do not be lazy to create such a small miracle for it. Children’s joy and gratitude will be a generous reward for the time spent!

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