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Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at home


You can spend a lot of time and effort to grow a natural dwarf tree, but you can make it with your own hands from beads and many other diverse materials

Growing a natural bonsai – the process is very fascinating, and even more interesting it turns out the result of this activity, but it takes quite a long time. If you don’t have it, but you urgently want to see the imitation of your favorite plant in your apartment, you can create a bonsai of beads, which will take much less time.

Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeThe parent of the flow is China. It originated about 2 thousand years ago and after literally, the eyelids captured the hearts of the Japanese, who made a considerable contribution to its development. Today, this direction has tremendous popularity worldwide.

In translation «Bonsai» Means a dwarf tree or tree living in a pot. Such plants are miniature imitation of trees of various breeds.

Money Tree

It can be attributed to the classics of this direction. Following the simple instruction and using a simple set of materials, you will be able to create a wonderful bonsai with your own hands.

How «arm»?

  • Green beads – 80 g (approximately 4 packs). Beads should be in one color scheme, but shades should be different. Before work it needs to be mixed;
  • Threads of dark color – MOTOK;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue (PVA, but better to use «Moment»);
  • Wire of any color with a diameter of 3.5 mm.

Getting to work:

  1. Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeOur composition will be several twigs, the first of which is done in this way. We ride a wire length approximately 45 cm beads in an amount of 8 pcs., We make a loop, throwing the ends. From the same ends next to the previous form we form 7 more loops. Such is the process of forming leaves for money tree;
  2. Now the ends of the wire twist in one harness, we will have a bud. If the length of the ends is more than 10 cm, cut off with scissors. We make 150 such buds and twist 3 in 1 bundle, twisting their ends of the harness. These beams should turn out 50;
  3. Next you need to make branches. Top form 2 of them. Each branch is formed so – we ware through thread 3 beam. Thread of the branch must be wrapped with a dense layer;
  4. Now, three formed branches connect to one again by means of a dense layer of threads along the entire length of the feet of the beam;
  5. For the tops of our tree, one of the beads will need another same branch. Both of them fasten threads, after connecting to the beams of wire with a diameter of 1 mm. Wire length should be 12 cm. We got the twigs of the first row;
  6. Next, we form the branches of the second row, attaching to the already existing beam 2 more, in each of which two branches;
  7. Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeThe branches of the third row are made in the same way, but it is attached to the branches to one bundle more;
  8. Levels on which you position the branches, determine to your taste. As a result, you will get a crown of a tree with leaves placed at different levels;
  9. Before the end of the plexus of all parts, it is necessary to connect wire with a diameter of 3 mm and a length cm 15;
  10. Now the bottom of our money tree from beads must be wrapped with thin paper or cloth so that Bonsai was with a barrel.

Next, we will need such materials to make the basis of the composition:

  • Form in the form of a pot or any other kind of at your discretion;
  • Polyethylene;
  • Plaster (or alabaster);
  • Paint acrylic brown;
  • Glue.
  1. Rock up the bottom with the edges of the form with polyethylene, weaving water plaster, we combine the mixture with glue (half of the total volume), pour it into a form with polyethylene. When the solution begins to capture a bit, it is placed in it made of wood, its branches and all parts except the leaves are covered with glue. Make a regular toothpick on it stripes so that the trunk looks natural;
  2. Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeLet’s give mixtures and glue, and when it happens, holding the edges of polyethylene, pull out the design of the form – so it will be easier to paint than and need to do it at this stage. The gypsum base is also painted;
  3. After the procedure, it is placed in the form again, which can also be transformed – paint into a nice color (for example, green), apply decor elements;
  4. You can decorate a monetary tree with several coins, and its foundation – stones, artificial grass.

Bonsai of natural materials

Such an exercise will allow you to solve 2 tasks at once – create a wonderful decoration for your housing and make it an appearance as close as possible to the natural.

This master class offers to make coniferous bonsai.

You will need a twig of a natural tree, which you can find in the forest either in the garden.  It should have branches and, desirable, be curved. Also be poisoned by natural coniferous paws that will be used to create a crown.

Check out the master class to make bonsai of beads yourself:

  1. Natural materials need to prepare. Make a solution connecting in equal parts denatured alcohol and acetone. Add glycerin to this mixture (2 parts). Send to conservation collected branches into this mixture for 1 week;
  2. Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeThen dry them in the air. If necessary, you can cut the materials of the acrylic paint of the corresponding colors;
  3. Next, from the conifer paws, select the bundles and, through hot glue, attach them to an improvised trunk in the right order;
  4. Put an artificial bonsai can be in any form, fastening well for which you can also use gypsum or alabaster. Decorate the basis of stones, grass;
  5. Instead of needles, you can take absolutely any components for the needles – flower petals, leaves, and t. D. You can make a crown and do it yourself using beads or artificial blanks.

In the East, it is believed that the needle symbolizes wisdom, experience, and deciduous trees – youth and beauty. In your choice of materials for the crown, you can navigate this symbolism.

From artificial materials

This option is suitable for those who do not want to search for forests and gardens the desired components.

That’s what you need to do Bonsai:

  • Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeKashpo or a plate of ceramics;
  • Gypsum;
  • Wire three-core – 3 pcs. (the length of each – 40 cm);
  • PVA;
  • Gun glue;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Artificial Flowers, Greenery.

Getting to work:

  1. We clean the wires on the one hand, freeing their veins by 12 cm. By means of glue, we attach the other side of them to the porridge in such a way that the attached ends are not connected, but connected to the middle of the improvised barrel;
  2. Stripped wires bending and distribute on the sides;
  3. Now we divorce the plaster, connect it with PVA so that the mass is consistent with home sour cream;
  4. Treat this mixture the entire frame, toothpick create irregularities and leave it to dry about a day. The drying frame again process the PVA, let dry, and then paint;
  5. Now you can form a crown by applying artificial greens, flowers. The bottom of the form can be covered with plaster and paint it in green. For decoration on the trunk you can wear a satin ribbon, and put stones on the bottom, which can be improvised even by coffee beans.


If your apartment has oriental motives, Sakura associated with Japan will be given a special color.

To do this, you will need:

  • Accommodation to the art of the East: Making the Bonsai tree itself at homeBeads green (15 g) and pink (50 g);
  • Gypsum;
  • Paint brown;
  • PVA;
  • Threads;
  • Kashpo from ceramics;
  • Wire.
  1. Mix the beads, take the segment of the wire, the length of which is approximately 75 cm, we ride 5 beerin on it, twist. Such stuffs twist on one wire approximately 15-16 pcs. at a distance of 0.5 cm;
  2. Now from the chain of beads we form a twig, folding the wire in half and binding, while trying not to hurt the cutters. Latestly moving beautifully. All such billets need 54 pcs;
  3. Next, connect them by twisting in the bundles of 6 sprigs each, it will turn out 9 beams. Now they connect them three beams, and the latter connect to one;
  4. Spread the flowers of your Sakura, the trunk will wrap with thin paper or floristic tape;
  5. Further, we already perform familiar actions – fill in kashpo gypsum, drying, paint the basis and trunk, decorated.

These ideas you can use how wanting to decorate your accommodation, workplace, and in case you need to do someone in the near future.

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