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Skirt-fourclock – how to cut and sew?


Skirt-Cheyrechklinka, tight hips and expanding to the bottom – an attractive piece of wardrobe, which is not difficult to sew yourself

Skirt is such a matter of wardrobe, which allows you to create a lot of interesting images, reflect the mood of a woman, and even its social position. The easiest, and at the same time, a popular fitor, a fourclone skirt is still considered, consisting of 4 cone-shaped fabric fragments. She has a rather peculiar form, since the finished product is very grabbing her waist, but it is greatly expanding at the bottom.

Beginner modists let him please the fact that the construction of the pattern for their first in the life of the four-point skirt will be the simplest occupation: it will only be necessary to decide on the waist girth, and long-range clothes in general.

Who is permissible to wear?

Skirt-fourcloth - how to cut and sew?This model has one feature consisting in its versatility.

Fourclinet can be an elderly and young woman decoration, hide too narrow thighs, emphasize the waist, balance the too wide shoulder line and smooth the thigh steepness, if it comes to the continued owner.

Considerable significance is the length of the pattern of the future product. Short, she attracts the eyes of a strong sex to the slender female legs, to the knees or lower – it is suitable for business and official events, but long – pulls the silhouette, adds him sexuality, freedom, comfort and lightness at the same time.

The pattern of such a skirt can be a base for creating clothes on a coquette, especially suitable for complete ladies and those who have a figure with sand clock.

If you sew a new fourfall skirt from matter with transverse stripes, it will expand the figure, but will remove the growth, while the longitudinal lines create completely opposite visual metamorphoses. Well, the fabric with oblique lines is a separate conversation, because the finished new thing will make a figurine sophisticated and elegant.

But the chute option is a leather or dermatical fourcloth, with overhead pockets and a gifted belt. It is not necessary to iron, often wash or be afraid to break / smith, and therefore sew it – a great idea that needs to be immediately embodied in reality.

How to sew your own hands?

So, the construction of the pattern begins with removal of measurements. Measure the length of the product, the circle of the waist and the hips, on the basis of which the drawing of one wedge is built. As you already understand, all of them will be four, they are completely identical, and therefore the pattern will be only one. The waistline for one wedge is calculated as follows: all the measurement of this part of the body is divided into 4 (the number of clins). Similarly, you need to do with the hip line: the total circle is divided into 4. The length is chosen arbitrary, about its meaning and relevance is written above.

As soon as the pattern of the homemade skirt-fourklinkle will be drawn, start performing such a sequence of actions:

  • Skirt-fourcloth - how to cut and sew?Position the wedge on the fabric so to use the matter economically. In fact, it needs to be outlined in a checker order, in turn turning the pattern that down, then up;
  • Belt, whether it is on an elastic band or dirty, lifted only by equity threads. It should be increased by 8 cm, making a greater waist circle, and choose the width depending on its taste preferences;
  • Then you need to sew a skirt, that is, runstaving the sides of all the wedges, without forgetting to leave an unfinished place in the rear seam, which will be inserted with a zipper;
  • The trunk belt is joined as follows: it is applied to the outside of the future skirt with its front side, it is applied, the seam is cut into the resulting line to the resulting line, and all allowances are. Then it will be left to turn inside out, notify, stop from the face so that it happens to picked up the impressive allowance left from the wrong side.

Similarly, the fourclone skirt is sewn, as well as a product consisting of six, and even eight wedges, on an elastic band, a conventional breast belt.

It also makes a pattern for a children’s counterpart having a minimum length.

What to wear?

Existing models of homemade four-killek skirts differ only in their length.

Skirt-fourcloth - how to cut and sew?It vary freely from the bold mini, to the romantic maxi, loved by women who appreciate comfort and self-confidence.

Depending on what purpose is sewn, whether it will hide or, on the contrary, emphasize the volume of the waist, completeness / thin feet or the volume of the hips, wearing it is permissible with all what is already in the wardrobe.

The fourcloth looks great with beautiful blouses and pullover, refilled in or freely falling from above, shortening jacket, fur vests and butt shoes.

From shoes – exclusively heels, no wedges or platforms. With such a skirt, it is customary to wear shoes, ankle boots, boots, stockings and just boots, but only on heels, thin or medium thickness. If it allows height, complement the image of the ballet shoes, but do not get carried away, because the usual convenience will steal the sex that gives the skirt of such a style.

The most bold fashionista is recommended to combine four-point with matte dense tarts of bright or muted color, shortened tops and turtlenecks «in the appearance».

What we are? It all depends on your feeling of taste and tact, since such a skirt is ready for any experiments. Stylish and bright images to you!

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