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Shoes shelves: Options Overview


So that the shoes served you longer, it is very important to ensure its proper storage. Shelf for shoes will save your shoes and boots in the offseason and will make use and easier, and convenient

Each family has a lot of different shoes, which is used for different shapes of clothing, has different colors, styles and requires a lot of storage space. In some cases, not only shoe boxes in the hallway are used for its interseasonal storage, but sometimes part of the space of other residential rooms and even a balcony.

Shoes shelves: Options OverviewTo solve storage tasks, a shelf for shoes is needed, which will have not only a beautiful appearance, and fit into the overall interior, but will provide the necessary conditions for short-term and long-term storage. Such products can be made of various building materials and have different design versions.

In order to determine the choice of the shelf and understand which product it is necessary in your case, let’s try to consider all types of these designs, their main differences and applications.

Main species

All available storage products can be divided into two main types:

  • open;
  • closed.

Open-type products In the manufacture do not provide for the presence of doors and all shoes are stored open in free access. The main advantage of this type is to ensure free air access, which does not allow moisture to accumulate and removes unpleasant odors. This storage option essentially saves the useful area and allows you to provide the necessary storage conditions to ensure a long service life.

However, this type of product has its drawbacks. Open product S Shelves makes it possible to store only frequently used shoes and has limited capacity. They are intended only for storing seasonal shoes, because if in the warm season next to summer shoes store winter boots, then by winter they will cover with a thick layer of dust.

Closed-type products look like a regular cabinet, a small chest of drawers or a massive cabinet with a seat for seating, in which the doors originally provided to hide the internal space from universal viewing. In such places, the shoes usually store, which is rarely used or not suitable for the season.

The main positive torque of such a product can be considered the presence of doors that hide the insides and give the shelf the type of completed product. In most cases, they have minor internal space and are intended exclusively for long-term storage.

Both types of structures can differ significantly in height – starting from 35 cm for storing home slippers, ending over a height of a high-boot storage or massive winter shoes.

Additional functionality of the standard product

To ensure the greatest functionality, the products can be equipped with various constructive additions, among which can be noted:

  • Installing a seat for seating in the upper part of the structure, which allows a person convenient to settle down and calmly put on shoes or shoes. Such constructions call a banquette or shop with shelves for shoes;
  • It is possible to locate at the top of the banquette of a special decorative stand for temporary storage of headdress, bags or gloves;
  • In the lower right, a closed-type retractable banquette can be provided, in which various creams, varnishes, special brushes and other means for care of shoes and hygiene are usually stored;
  • Multi-level structures have the ability to fix the inner shelves at different distances from each other, which allows to divide the total space into several tiers depending on the height of the shoe used.

On this various functional additions do not end, and today the furniture market is a huge number of unique design solutions and designer ideas.

Number of internal shelves

In the number of available shelves in the workspace, it can be divided into such types:

  • single-tier;
  • bunk;
  • Multi-tier.

Options with one partition are practically not used due to a small capacity, but for an apartment or a house with a narrow hallway will be appropriate to save space.

Shoes shelves: Options OverviewModels with two shelves are the most common type, since they are some kind of golden middle between the occupied space and the capacity. Often, such models have a space of different height, which allows you to simultaneously store high-heeled shoes and indoor slippers.

Shelf for shoes with three retractable sections and more, is usually made as a closet or banquette. Such products are mainly closed and are not only a storage location, but at the same time actuate the decorative element of the entire interior of the hallway. These designs for apartments and houses with a spacious entrance hall or a separate dressing room are used.

Materials used

All models can also be divided into types of type of material.

As a material can use:

  • plastic;
  • Natural tree;
  • metal;
  • MDF;
  • Combined.

Plastic products are quite common and worn purely functional character. Plastic shoe shelf can have several tiers in the form of pallets that are designed to dry the wet shoes or for storing dirty shoes and shoes.

Also plastic structures are relevant in winter when snow on boots when placed in a warm medium begins to melt and flows into plastic pallets. However, such models usually do not exhibit a deposit due to an unsightly appearance and use only at the time of drying.

Products made of natural wood are performed in open and closed versions. Due to the physical properties of wood, only clean and dry boots are located on such shelves, and also use both the elements of the interior.

Metal design is considered the most common budget option and most often has the form of a frame structure with lattice racks and has the ability to disassemble and assembling. These models can be used as an insert in an existing cabinet or as a separate interior element.

Shelves for metal design shoes are treated with a special anti-corrosion material that allows you to store and dry wet shoes. When buying such a model, try to buy a shelf with a chrome surface, because this coating is much longer than ordinary paint.

Music MDFs have great popularity, since these products are relatively inexpensive and have a huge number of various design options and designer performance. However, the life of such models is relatively small compared to metal or natural wood.

There is also a huge number of combined models in which several types of material are used at the same time. For example, it can be a closed-type shelf, the frame of which is made of natural wood, the metal shelves of the lattice type are used as racks, and the closing doors can be from MDF with decorative plastic facades.

Each design can also be classified by the type of placement.

The most common options is:

  • Shoes shelves: Options Overviewoutdoor (motionless or rotating);
  • wall;
  • Built-in.

Built-in model shelves for shoes may have a universal design and apply as an internal insert for a closet or as a separate interior element. The second version of the shelves for shoes is often done rotating on a special stand.

Before purchasing a similar item for your apartment, it is necessary to study the main types of shelves, their advantages and disadvantages, which will significantly reduce the decision-making process.

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