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We sew a tunic with your own hands: Create a stylish and fashionable outfit for all times


Sew a tunic with your own hands even even beginners, not familiar with the process of cutting and sewing. You can use conventional silk scarves for this and create an original and stylish outfit

Tunic – universal outfit for all times. Today it is chosen not only full women, but ladies with a normal physique, preferring to wear a freely flowing dress with leggings, tinned to the bottom of the pants, and just in itself, especially when the weather has the weather. Even if you are far from such concepts, like a pattern, boring and outdoor, you can sew a tunic with your own hands.

Summer option

Outfit for hot weather you can sew from a couple of ordinary women’s headscarves. As a result, you will be able to save on the fabric and do not bother with the search for a suitable color. Just pick a handkerchief to your taste, and you take a step towards the unique and exclusive thing.

How can you sew a summer tunic with your own hands:

  • We sew a tunic with your own hands: Create a stylish and fashionable outfit for all timesbend one handkerchief in half to find the middle. In this place, pinch the pin;
  • Measure from the edge of the material of 28 cm and fix the pin in this place. Do the same steps with the second handkerchief;
  • Now you can try on an improvised dress with hopted shoulder. The benchmarks left in the middle. At its discretion and in accordance with the physique, it is possible to increase or decrease the neck;
  • Now you can open the shoulders of 5 cm on each side;
  • After another fitting, retreat several centimeters on the sleeves and stack the side parts of the handles;
  • If the distance left on the sleeve is allowed, then you can turn the strap and focus on the waist line.

How to properly sew a tunic from handkerchiefs with your own hands? The experienced seams recommend first to practice and use two unnecessary pieces of cloth. You can work on a reduced scale and try out the product on a small daughter or doll. To understand what length you will be tunic, it is possible: to bring a scarf to the chest, taking his cloth for the tip.

If the opposite end of the tissue will reach the level of ankle and lower, then this is exactly what you need. If you want to get a shorter outfit, again get over the end of the shawl and focus on the hanging tip. Newcomers should not be taken for an ultra-signed model, because, firstly, there is a risk of spoiling the material, and secondly, in fashion now minimalism and the easier will be the outfit, the steeper.

Knitted version

We sew a tunic with your own hands: Create a stylish and fashionable outfit for all timesHow best to sew a tunic from knitwear with their own hands? Knitted model can be sewn on the basis of t-shirt patterns. Having folded the selected piece of fabric in half, attach a T-shirt to him and out in chalk, giving the shape of the tunic.

All you need to do is stack the product on the sides, adjust the bottom and cut the neck, processing it with overlock or edge. Sew a new outfit for the summer can be even easier. To do this, you will need a slim knitwear, which is supplement in the processing, does not crawl and does not give the arrows if you cut it.

The length of the material must exceed two bodies of the body, and the width that will later become the length of the dress, can be chosen at its discretion. Now to a piece of fabric you only need to sew straps of selected length and width. The ones of their connection with the fabric will perform the upper corners of the rectangular piece of knitwear.

Sewing straps in the form of loops, get a cloth back, clasping her buttocks. Take it right behind the straps with both hands: now the strap, located in the right hand, must be put on the left shoulder, and the left – on the right. Fix the finished tunic will allow the waist strap. To such a model, you can sew a sneody from the same fabric.

Beach option

The beach option involves the simplicity and conciseness of the forms, and in such a dress should be easily and freely, the body should «breathe», So it is best to take a cotton or linen fabric for sewing. How can you sew a beach tunic with your own hands? Again, by pattern.

The sweeping pattern is suitable, which must be applied to the tissue, cut into the seam letters and flash the hem. In order for the machine seam to be smooth, the edges are accounted from below, the top should be beaten on an inch, and in the resulting hole to stretch the tape, which later should be tied on the neck.

If you do not know how you can sew a tunic for pregnant women with your own hands, you can adopt the already proposed technology with scarves.

Next actions are:

  • We sew a tunic with your own hands: Create a stylish and fashionable outfit for all timesYou will need to do only three seams: to combine three handkerchiefs and add straps. For the manufacture of the front of the dress, you must fold two scarves. From one corner, measure 18 cm, and from another 28 cm;
  • Spend a line diagonally, outset fabric, step and press the product by any press for a couple of hours;
  • For the manufacture of the back, you must take the remaining handkerchief and measure 18 cm from each angle and attach with needles in front of the future tunic;
  • Starting to strike from below, because all the elements of the pattern, including the bands, you need to smoothly connect with each other;
  • Now it remains to attach straps. Please note that they should not hang out and squeeze their shoulders.

Such a tunic can be sewed for complete with your own hands, but in general this outfit is suitable for women of any kind and there is his main charm in it. Try, trim acquaintances and friends, and who knows, maybe it will be a job bringing profit. Good luck!

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