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We sew clothes with your own hands: learn how to create beautiful things


How to sew clothes with your own hands? We sew children’s clothes for growing up with their own hands. How to sew clothes for dolls? We sew for dogs – warm overalls for walking

Sewing women’s clothing is becoming a popular occupation for many reasons. Firstly, it is interesting, secondly, someone to meet in the same costume that you sewed is zero, and thirdly, it is very profitable. So if you know how to sew and cut, then all your family members will be dressed in original and fashionable things, and not only household, but also pets.

How to sew clothes with your own hands?

It’s just even if you never sewed, repeat the simple steps described below and your wardrobe will undoubtedly decorate the first creations:

  • We sew clothes with your own hands: learn how to create beautiful thingsThe first step is to define the model you want to sew. Sources can be anything – old books and sewing magazines, Internet portals. Choose patterns marked with sticker «For beginners». Deciding with the model, buy the cheapest cut of the fabric. Start acquaintance with sewing better with economical options. Remove the measurements and build the pattern using the phased description, color the fabric. The next step is to fit all the details. This stage is the most time-consuming if you were able to pass it, it means that you will like sewing for a typewriter;
  • Choose a sewing machine. Work on modern cars is pleasure, unknown to our great-grandmother. The machines have several speeds and the ability to adjust the automatic stitch, as well as the presence of various devices that help pave a flat and neat line. You can choose from foreign and Russian manufacturers. Best of all the advantages of a particular model will be told to the store consultants, if not, then on the sewing forums, you can always ask for advice from more experienced Shvent;
  • Buying fabrics. When there is a sewing machine, the main consumption of money is fabrics. Therefore, because you are somewhat cheaper you buy a cloth, save so much more. Experienced seamstres try to buy tissue residues, because the price is significantly reduced. You can also unite with girlfriends to buy fabric from a warehouse at a wholesale price;
  • Collect patterns. The larger in your arsenal, the better. And thinking about to wear a party in honor of the holiday or what to choose a style skirt for work, you will not need to spend time in search. Patterns can be taken on the Internet, but there is one small nuance. Printing from the Internet is conducted on sheets A4, and after they need to be folded. Patterns in magazines in this sense have a completely tangible advantage;
  • Sewing is time saving. It turns out that sewing saves not only money, but also time. For an experienced craftswoman, to sew your own women’s clothes, for example, a dress-case need only 2 hours, home pants – 1.5 hours, and the skirt with the swans takes up to 2 hours. It turns out after you learn how to quickly sew, shopping and fitting things will take you more time than the actual sewing process itself. Incredible, truth?

How to sew children’s clothes do it yourself?

We sew clothes with your own hands: learn how to create beautiful thingsOne of the undoubted advantages of sewing ability is to sewing clothes to children. They grow so rapidly that some things are put on just a few times in the season, as already small. And children’s things in stores are not cheaper than adults.

Therefore, to sew clothes for children with their own hands – this is a great solution to all problems. In addition, you can sew children’s clothing to grow.

Ideas for creating clothes for increased:

  • If you sew on the sleeves and the bottom of the trousers cuffs made of elastic fabric, then with the growth of the child, they will be able to turn around slightly, extending products without additional effort;
  • When choosing the pattern of trousers, it is better to give preference to models, which with the growth of the child will be able to become at the beginning of bridges, and after long shorts;
  • To control the width of the product and increase it as needed, the belt on skirts and pants is better to do on the rubber band;
  • Not fitted or with free skirts skirts and the jumper serve as an excellent example of outfits for increased;
  • When sewing a one-piece product, leave big points on the waist so that the child can wear it, even when it is growing;
  • Elastic suspenders with removable straps will also allow the length of the product length in its choice;
  • Knitted fabrics are most convenient for sewing children’s clothing, since with a constant sock they have the property of taking the shape of a child;
  • Patterns in which there are folds, assemblies and wide outlines of the silhouette can approach several sizes.

We sew clothes for dolls do it yourself

Dolls are an occupation not only of small girls who play with them, but also adult tens that they collect them. Therefore, the ability to sew outfits on a doll, come in handy at any age.

Best of all, if your little girl is growing at home, and you can share your exciting hobbies with it:

  • We sew clothes with your own hands: learn how to create beautiful thingsIn order to sew clothes for dolls, you will also have to shoot measurements and build pattern. Some make clothing patterns, on the basis of which it is possible to create different models of dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses;
  • Thinking out another outfit, collect all your patchworks together, as well as ribbons, rhinestones, pieces of fur and other little things to determine what will decorate the sewn. The more carefully you think about the model, the easier it will be for you to split work on the steps;
  • When sewing products, the dolls can be combined with incompatible, such as skin and fatin, or fur and guipure. Your fantasy does not interfere with anything;
  • The easiest in the sewing template for doll skirts is incredibly simple. Measure the vertical on paper, which is equal to the length of the product. Mark on her waist, hips and bottom. On the line that relates to the thighs, set aside ? measurements on the waist ? Waist girth, add 1 cm on the sweep. We connect the lines – the template is ready;
  • Based on the specified template, you can simulate a variety of skirt models. To get a pencil skirt, narrow the line to the bottom, to create a lush skirt, take the strip of fabric and collect her on the waist.

We sew clothes for the dog do it yourself

Many breeds of dogs need clothing no less people. Therefore, the ability to sew come in handy by many of the owners of four-legged favorites and here.

Best for walking in cold weather, in the rain or snow, sew the dog jumpsuit:

  • Download the pattern from the Internet and remove the measurements from the dog and transfer them to the pattern. You will need to measure the length of the back of the dog from the collar to the tail. The received centimeters are divided by eight. The line of eight equal segments is transferred to the pattern;
  • We sew clothes with your own hands: learn how to create beautiful thingsTake the resulting pattern to the dog, if everything is fine, then cut it in half and attach to the fabric. All items are exhibited by two, you also need to carve out the belt that will connect the details. Do not forget to add 0.5-1 centimeters for seams;
  • Sweep the items between themselves and try on the dog, then sharpen on the typewriter. We sew overalls from inserts. It is stitched from the neck to the armp. Then the turn of the abdominal part towards the groin. Down on the paws insert the gum;
  • When choosing a material for a dog overalls, choose cotton or linen for lining and waterproof synthetics for the top layer.

Of course, professional activities related to the sewing of clothing capable of generating income, needs an in-depth knowledge of the technology of sewing.

But we invite you to start with simple options that will help you master the key skills of the process of creating clothes, not falling into substantive spending. We are confident that you get to create unique things that will not give up to brand products. The main thing – to begin!

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