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Making postcards do it yourself


Even the most expensive gift is made to accompany the postcard. If you do not want to give a close person a standard craft from the store, make cards with your own hands

Almost every solemn event is customary to give not only flowers, but also postcards. Be this birthday, March 8, Wedding, Valentine’s Day or New Year ? The postcard is needed anyway! But who can now be surprised by a congratulatory list purchased in the store?

What techniques can be used?

To become the author of the original congratulations, you need to know how to make an unusual postcard with your own hands. In fact, it is a very difficult but interesting process that requires a creative approach from a person.

To date, there are a lot of techniques that allow themselves to make a beautiful congratulatory letter with nontrivial design:

  • Making postcards do it yourselfquilling;
  • silhouette cutting;
  • scrapbooking;
  • Through image.

How to make such postcards do it yourself, we will understand now.

Technique Quilling

First of all, consider the design of the queen in the technique. Create similar postcards with your own hands is easy, so even those who have never engaged in Hand-Meid will cope with the process. Chosen for congratulations topics ? Birthday.

To make such beauty, you will need:

  • Special sheets of paper for queening;
  • Cardboard sheet;
  • Ordinary glue (PVA);
  • Scissors;
  • Thin knitting needles for folding paper ribbons in spiral.

The process of creating a personal congratulatory «masterpiece» looks like that:

  • Making postcards do it yourselfYou will first need to cut thin strips from colored paper;
  • With the help of the needles from multicolored strips, screw rolls;
  • So that the spirals do not unfold, glue the edges of PVA glue;
  • Take a piece of white cardboard and fold it in half as a book;
  • On the outside of the sheet, draw a heart. It is desirable to use the usual pencil for these purposes so that it can then be erased;
  • Fill the heart with colored rolls of different sizes. To fix spirals, use glue;
  • When PVA is dried, remove the traces of the pencil.

As you can see, create your small masterpiece is absolutely not difficult. As a result, you will get a beautiful and original design of a congratulatory letter.

Technique scrapbooking

Make postcards with your own hands in the scrapbooking technique too. This type of needlework is most often used to design home albums, notebooks, photo frames and even business cards. But no one prevents you from creating an original congratulatory letter in the same style.

To create a beautiful picture you will need:

  • Making postcards do it yourselfCardboard sheet;
  • Special scrap paper. She, unlike the usual, will not flex and yellow over time
  • Paints;
  • Compass;
  • Chipboard;
  • Scissors and knife for cutting;
  • Glue;
  • Sisal.

The process of creating needlework beauty Next:

  • With a circulation, cut the circle from scrap;
  • Then glue them to the second sheet of paper, it is possible in a certain or chaotic order;
  • In the center of the leaf, put a little sisali so that the postcard seemed volumetric;
  • On top of the workpiece glue chipboard;
  • Chipboard decoration can be a little decorated with watercolor paints so that the picture is bright;
  • Write on the usual sheet of paper «Happy Birthday», Then cut the inscription and get it in the center of the postcard;
  • Then cover the appropriate top-top chip and spread the accents you need with small jewelry (plastic stars, clouds);
  • Cull the basis for a congratulatory card from dense cardboard. Next, glue the scrap papers to the cardboard.

Ideas of gifts can be the most varied, it is not necessary to be completely limited to hearts, flowers, or fabulous characters. It is also creative that you can make any design here, and the scrapbooking will only help you.

Technique silhouette cutting

Pretty original gets happy birthday cards made by hand, in silhouette technique.

In order to create a creative congratulation, it will be necessary:

  • Making postcards do it yourselfCardboard sheet;
  • Colored paper;
  • Ordinary pencil and marker;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Glue.

The process of creating an original postcard looks like this:

  • White cardboard sheet must be bent in half;
  • On the inside of the sheet, draw the silhouette of the cat;
  • Please note that only the animal silhouette should be drawing, do not need to draw parts;
  • Next, using the stationery knife, cut the pattern on the body of the animal, along the lines;
  • Bend a sheet of colored paper in half and cut off exactly half of it;
  • Pan the color part inside the postcard;
  • As a result, you will get a postcard with a silhouette of a cat, which can be bent, because the foundation of the picture is not trimmed.

But now it’s time to consider wedding cards made by your own hands.

Technique of volumetric cutting

Any wedding primarily begins with preparing and inviting guests. To create Beautiful invitation Sheets can be used Volume cards do it yourself. This option is ideal for those who love minimalism and simplicity. In addition, such wedding sheets are made no longer than 15 minutes.

In our case, the heart was chosen as a template, you can use any picture that you like.

Creating a postcard occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • Making postcards do it yourselfPrint the template and cut it off with scissors;
  • To carefully cut vertical and horizontal lines, use the stationery knife;
  • After the workpiece is cut, bend all the corners;
  • To the back of the postcard glue a sheet of colored paper. To do this, you can use double-sided tape or glue;
  • Ultimately, you should get this original design.

Homemade postcards, made with their own hands, of paper and cardboard look much more attractive than purchased products, because in them you invest part of your soul. You may not doubt that the person who will be addressed to such a message will appreciate your efforts.

The most important thing is that in the art of the manufacture of congratulatory letters you absolutely do not need any incredible skills of jewelry skills. Enough to make simple, but your personal design so that it becomes special.

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