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Plastic bottles: how to give them a second life


How to save the environment? Do not throw away plastic waste! Better Create something beautiful for home decoration! After all, stunning crafts are obtained from plastic bottles

Undoubtedly minus rapid infrastructure development is excessive pollution. And one of the types of garbage, which our planet is not refined independently, is plastic. So do not think that if you throw away the usual plastic bottle in the garbage, you save the environment from garbage.

Plastic bottles: how to give them a second lifeHave you ever been to the landfill? So, there are plastic waste there. Without decomposing, they bring huge harm to our ecology. That is why before throwing out better think how you can give a plastic bottle a new life.

Considering that the bottles are completely diverse shape and color, the optimal option are crafts from plastic bottles. So you can not only prevent mass pollution of the environment, but also decorate your home in such an original way. In addition, during the manufacturing process, you definitely get a lot of pleasure, because crafts are a kind of creativity.

The advantage of such a material for decoration can be considered the availability of material. Several plastic capacities are always in every home. And if you stop throwing them away, it is very soon, the material for the manufacture of employees you will have plenty of. So it’s about you! Turn on your fantasy and start creating completely stunning things right now!

Examples of simple crafts from plastic bottles

Unfortunately, with the modern rhythm of life, it is very often not enough time to create days to do. That is why simple crafts enjoy particularly popular, create which can be pretty quickly. And today we will start with the curtains of plastic.

Attention! In order for the curtain to get full-fledged you need a rather large number of bottles. So do not start it to make it, having in stock all units ten and fifteen. The minimum amount should be at least one hundred!

First of all, you need to cut off every bottle bottom. Actually, for our curtains, you don’t need anything else, so the remaining piece of plastic can apply for the manufacture of another craft. When all the bottoms are already cut off, be sure to pay for several minutes to align their edges.

They, firstly, should be even, so appreciate roughness using big scissors. And secondly, be sure to place the edges in order to eliminate the possibility of cuts. Attention! Melting the edge of the plastic is needed very carefully, because if you barely longer hold the fire from the bottle, then the transparent surface can darken.

For reflow, you can use a lighter, and you can resort to hot sand. In order to warm up the sand, pour it into a frying pan and warm warm. Then, not turning off the gas, gently lower the processing the edge of plastic in the sand in need and wait a few minutes. After you pull out a bottle dyshko from the sand, no roughness will no longer.

Now fasten all the blanks in one canvas. For fastening you should use a thin wire. If you decide to make a transparent code, the best choice will be silver wire. But if your choice fell on another color, then you choose the shade of the wire, taking into account the colors of the main web.

By the way, such a canvas can be used not only as a curtain, but also as a separator. For example, for separating the working and sleeping area in the room.

DIY Garden from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles: how to give them a second lifeYou can not only decorate the house, but also the garden. For example, you love to grow flowers. But how to make a beautiful border for your club, if the laying of ordinary bricks is already tired? And here we will use plastic bottles.

But first of all, you will need to make concrete. For its manufacture, you need to mix one part of the sand, three pieces of gravel and part of a good cement. All this must be mixed in a dry form, and then add some water.

As for the selection of plastic capacities, the transparent container does not suit here. It is best to stop your choice on multicolored plastic. So your border will be bright and original. The border itself is easy to do. First of all, you need to make a formwork with boards or iron sheets.

In general, you can use any healthy materials in order to create a groove in which we will pour concrete. After the grooves are filled, we need to wait for the day two or three, and only after that start decoking.

It is necessary to do this as follows: just pressing small pieces of plastic in raw concrete. The frequency and size of the supplied items you can determine yourself. So it all depends on your imagination.

What other garden crafts can be done? Well, for example, you can Make a beautiful flowerbed in the form of ladybug. For its manufacture you need red bottles for wings, black – for frills and specks and two white eyes for peels. And whatever you need to do is to insert the tank in the ground. So it turned out you have a completely stunning flower bed!

Children’s crafts from plastic bottles

The goal of creating crafts with children is the development of ambitiousness and ability to finish the obtained tasks to the end. And we will, perhaps, with applications. Using plastic bottles you can make a fairly interesting fish.

To do this, you will need:

  • A piece of durable cardboard. On him we will fix all the elements of the appliqué;
  • Small pieces of multicolored plastic;
  • Pieces thirty – forty buttons;
  • A slice of colored wire.

Now you need to cut from bottles of fish flakes. And most importantly, the form and size of each scales does not matter. The main thing is that in the end everything looked beautiful and harmoniously.

Similar children’s crafts are a great way to spend more free time with a child, at the same time paying attention to his personal development. So do not be lazy and create similar stunning things with your baby.

Crafts from plugs from plastic bottles

How to use a plastic bottle we have already figured out. But along with her we buy and traffic jam. And this is also a small piece of plastic, though it is a little thicker and more rich color. Is it possible to do something from such lids?

The simplest products from the traffic jams are small fridge magnets. For the manufacture of one magnet, you need a lid, a small magnet, stationery glue and multicolored markers.

Before gluing a magnet to traffic jam, it is necessary to degrease the surface, otherwise after a few hours your magnet just fall apart. After the magnet is attached to the inside, the outside can draw a small funny face.

To create a funny little bit, you can use not only the marker, but also small beads or small pieces of self-adhesive film. That’s ready for your magnet! And he will definitely raise you mood every time you open a refrigerator.

Plastic bottles: how to give them a second lifeAnd if you have any such traffic jams, you can make a beautiful rug near the entrance door. Given the fact that plastic is very easy to wash, this rug will become a real find for a time of bad weather, since most of the dirt will remain on it. The process of creating the rug is simple: you need to bind the tubes with a wire with a wire.

Attention! Use only durable thick wire if you want the rug not only beautiful, but also functional.

We want to draw your attention and on the fact that to put the resulting item you will be the edges down, and it means that the possibility of damaging the linoleum is large enough. That is why we advise you to place a similar craft outside, right under the door. Already concrete you spoil hardly!

As you can see, in everyday life, you can even use plastic bottles and corks from them. Turning yesterday’s waste into beautiful things, you not only give your housing comfort and delight yourself with a new decor element, but also help save the surrounding nature!

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