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How to make a piggy bank with your own hands: Original gift ideas


Piggy bank – a wonderful gift that can please a loved one. Especially if the piggy bank is made with their own hands and the soul particle is invested

Handmade things, of course, beautiful and unique. But I want such a product to be more and useful. Good example Рpiggy bank. She will not only decorate your interior, but will serve in its direct appointment. And such an item is a great gift for a wedding or birthday. From this article you will learn how you can make a gift with your own hands.

What can make a piggy bank?

For the manufacture of the original subject, the most simple things are suitable:

  • How to make a piggy bank with your own hands: Original gift ideasshoe boxes;
  • Suitable boxes and jars of hard cardboard or tin;
  • Glass jars;
  • Plastic banks and bottles;
  • Old toys.

Beautiful material for the creation of a gift will be cardboard, remnants of wallpaper, color and wrapping paper. For the decor, take: newspapers and paper cuts, pieces of lace and ribbons, coins and key rings.

Next, you can list to infinity, choose what fantasy will tell you.

How to make a piggy bank?

So that your job only brought pleasure, and its result did not disappoint, clearly follow the following stages:

  1. Selection of Style, Models, Product Purpose – Piggy Bank Idea. Here you need to consider who will be
    Your gift is intended – age, character, tastes. Which case will be handed – Birthday, housewarming, wedding? Deciding with the idea, it is better to arrange it in the form of a pattern, outline or drawing;
  2. How to make a piggy bank with your own hands: Original gift ideasSelection and preparation of materials. Choose a suitable jar or a box. She must be smooth, without dents. If it is a bank with a lid, then the lid must close tightly. Then, based on how to decorate our product, we select materials for decoration;
  3. Manufacture. The sequence of work depends on the general idea. Whether it is a piggy bank from the shoe box, decorated in the technique «de Bipa», That techniques of work on it will differ from the manufacture of crafts from glass cans. Common for all products is the preparation of the basis. The basis of the future gift need to be washed or cleaned, glass and plastic surfaces to degrease, in the right places make holes.

Piggy bank do it yourself: a few options

Piggy bank made of glass banks do it yourself. Non-flat, but very spectacular model. We select a beautiful glass jar, we need size. Well will look like curly products from coffee or tea. The lid on the bank should be plastic or tin, that is, such in which it is easy to do the hole.

The magnitude and shape of the hole depends on what money is supposed to store: paper or trifle. If these are coins, then the hole cut the largest of them. If you are performed with your own hands a piggy bank for paper money, the hole must be so that the folded four-roll bills entered.

How to make a piggy bank with your own hands: Original gift ideasMaking a hole need to be careful. This work is better done on a joinery table or reliably fixed wooden bar. Purified and degreased jar decorate according to his design. You can leave it transparent, and watch how capital will be copied. Another option – paint the basis of acrylic paints. On the glass jar, glued pictures in the technique perfectly «de Bipa», Decor from Lace and Beads, Painted Painted.

Made with your own hands Piggy from paper and cardboard. Select the appropriate cardboard box, perfectly suitable from under the shoes. If there is no suitable box, you can do it yourself. The drawings are easy to find on the Internet.

If you are painted or bold a piece of paper, then load the surface with a solution of PVA glue and wait for complete drying.

Hole cut with a stationery knife, process edges. Decorating the box with old newspapers printed on the printer of bills, trimming of beautiful wallpapers or fabrics. Very stylish and richly, a piggy bank, plated velvet or skin. In the manufacture of this option it is better to use special glue.

Piggy from old soft toys. This simple and original model will become an excellent gift for a teenager. She will remind of childhood and will help accumulate money to someone you need to your child thing.

Mild toys take out the filler. We leave it in the head and the beast of the animal. We select the foundation. It can be a tin or plastic jar with a lid. In the lid do the hole. We put the foundation inside toys. Void fill the filler. Neatly sewn. Leave a hole in the toy, comparing it with a hole in the lid of the can. The edges of the material or fur, from which the toy is made, we are putting.

Present at the wedding

How to make a piggy bank with your own hands: Original gift ideasVariants of piggy banks made by their own hands. Separate attention deserve those that give a wedding. Piggy bank for a wedding made with your own hands can be performed in any technique.

Her main qualities – it should be elegant and look expensive. For decoration, use natural lace, decorative flowers of fabric, beads in the form of pearls.

The best gift will be a gift made in the shape of a chest or house.

Doing such a piggy bank you need to be neat, not allow glue and uneven edges. Remember that your gift will be many years to delight newlyweds.

Saying good, I want to wish all creative inspiration. Let your hands be happy with loved ones and friends. To new meetings!

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