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Long skirt: sew your own hands


Long skirts this season are in demand even more than before. This article will tell about the fashion trends of the current season, and will also describe how the pattern of the long skirt is made

Independence from the type of shape, character and age of women skirt «maxi» It will be suitable for everyone, because the models of this part of the female wardrobe there is a huge amount, for every taste and color. Over the past 70 years, long skirts have not yet been so diverse and popular!

Spring – Summer 2014 is the most suitable season in order to acquire such a necessary thing for yourself who has no one.

Trends of this season

Long skirt: sew your own handsThe most popular models of long skirts are plights, straight cut, asymmetry (for example, in front of shorter, and the bottom of the hem is lengthened), half. Do not leave fashion skirts-year, various products of products with wedges and ruffles.

For all types of figures exist different Stoys of long skirts: Narrow and wide, with an overpriced and low waist, with different quantities and ruffles. In the hot season are relevant natural materials, such as chiffon, flax, cotton, lace, silk.

Denim and satin long skirts in spring and summer 2014 are very popular. And the denim long skirt has long become classic, they loved it with pleasure many generations of women.

The main advantage of such a part of the female wardrobe is universal and can dress with any riding. Now in assortment Many bright colors: blue, yellow, red and others. But it is not necessary to buy a monophonic model. It can be decorated with a variety of patterns, flowers or some unusual print.

How to sew a skirt in the floor on the elastic band

Despite the huge selection of models and colors, many love to sew clothes with their own hands. It’s not as difficult as it seems, besides it is cheaper. And a long skirt, shifting with your own hands, will always be happy to wear, because you have inserted your work!

Perhaps to take measurements from the waist, honest, throw the length of the future product. Fabric can be chosen any, pushing away from your preferences, material, colors and prices. The best choice will be cotton or chiffon. Save on the length of the fabric is not worth it, as the excess segment may be needed to adjust parts of the product.

To calculate how much fabrics need, it is necessary to add a width to the desired length at the bottom and at the top (the place where the gum will be in), a few centimeters add to the adjustment. Then the resulting digit multiply by two. What material to choose in width depends on the desired puff skirt.

For example, the estimated length of the finished product is 106 cm. Add 4 cm for rubber bands to two sides, 2 cm for processing and 2 cm on the niza bending, the resulting amount multiplied by 2. It turns out: 106 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 118; 118 * 2 = 236 cm. Add another 14 cm for all sorts of errors. TOTAL, you need two and a half meters.

Cut the resulting 250 cm fabric in half. It will be anterior and back sides. Stacks on the sides are becoming cooled and stroken towards the back. Upper cutting of the product adjust and strain, leaving free space. Shoot there rubber bands, connect ends, then, with the help of its stretching, distribute the cloth evenly along the entire length.

And the last stroke. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a pattern, it is advisable to try on your creation, spent heels. After that, determine the exact length and sunmate the product below. Ready!

Pattern of the long skirt half

Long skirt: sew your own handsOne of the most running is Skirt half-fiber. It is one of the types of skirts Klesh. This model lies in oblique and can be made from any fabric. Half-filled comes to all types of figures. This simple, it would seem, the thing gives romanticity and femininity even the most «Iron» Yes mom.

To sew such a model, the width of the fabric must be 140 cm, and the length is 230-235 cm (depending on which the girl has an increase). You also need a button, lining for a belt, lightning with a length of 22 cm.

It is better to draw a pattern on a notebook sheet.Radius (R) from the corner on the right above – it will be the border of the waist.

The length of the radius depends on the size of the clothing:

  • 40 r-p – 20.7 cm;
  • 42 p-p – 21.9 cm;
  • 44 p-p – 23.2 cm;
  • 46 p-p – 24.5 cm;
  • 48 r-p – 25.8 cm;
  • 50 rr – 27.1cm.

Circular made of pencil and dense thread draw the bottom of the product. Or draw this part in a different way: to make the waist to make a canvas, note different points of the circle and combine them with the help of an arcuate line.

Remove the two parts of the product, measure four centimeters in width to the belt (the belt will be two centimeters) and in length from 67 cm at 40 sizes up to 87 cm at 50. That is, each size has four centimeters. Make the allowances where there are seams and cuts about 1.5-2 cm. To the belt to invoke lining.

From the left side to count 20 centimeters from the waist, mark and gently sew a zipper gas.

Stroke seams on the sides. Belt to attach to the upper cutting of the product, making the allowance of three centimeters under the cabin. Slide the connection of the seam connection of the belt and the allowance of the outdoor belt slice. Assemble the belt along, flashing his tips through the line, then manually sew the wrong edge of the belt.

Make a bend niza.

Make a loop at the front end of the belt and sew a button.

Tip: if possible, before heming the bottom, it is better to hang the skirt for a couple of days so that all the details are evenly stretched out. After this procedure, wear a skirt, measure the length, then adjust the fabric and sunmate.

Skirts on the lush waist

It looks nice to look like slender and magnificent girls. Long skirts for full – optimal option. They hide full legs, align the figure and make it slim. You only need to pick up such a skirt that will not emphasize the shortcomings, but to hide them.

Long skirt: sew your own handsHere are a stamps that will most suit the girls:

  • direct skirt;
  • a-silhouette (when the skirt is already on the hips, and the book expands);
  • Skirt with odor;
  • Skirt-trousers.

The main thing is to avoid full women – these are brilliant tissues, large and too bright patterns, strongly tight styles and skirts with lots of layers.

It turns out a long skirt – an integral part of the wardrobe of any woman. It can be worn as summer (from light fabrics) and winter (from dense materials or wool). You can wear it with tops, jackets, sweaters, with a heel or without.

You can choose a model for a business meeting, dating or hike to the beach. And sew such a skirt itself will not be no difficulty. Dare!

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