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Paper crafts: Simple and interesting creativity


Paper and cardboard – Materials familiar to us since childhood. Paper crafts help to direct the energy of children in the right direction, develop the creative abilities of still emerging personality

Times change, but crafts from paper and cardboard remain relevant and now. Creating uncomplicated paper garlands and snowflakes in school years has become the beginning of the creative path of many artists.

Paper crafts: Simple and interesting creativityBut recently, crafts from paper with their own hands acquired a new semantic color, since the technique of their manufacture has reached a completely new, the most complex level. Many products are highly appreciated by collectors, and their cost is pretty big.

Claim world recognition so far, of course, early, but learn how to create some paper products still can.

Advantages of corrugated paper for crafts

This paper at the beginning of its existence in the distant 1856 was used by the British for the manufacture of lining to hats. Sounds rather strange for a modern man, not? Nevertheless, with time the area of ​​application «Street» significantly expanded today and today we are no longer presenting the world of gift packaging without her.

Based on the magnitude of the corrugations, the stupid paper is divided into 2 types: the usual and crepe (with a small pattern). The second option is the most suitable for the very beginning of the creative path of the child: it is soft, pleasant to the touch, has a variety of colors than and won the love of kids. «Castache» Suitable for creating scenery, garlands and fabulous stage costumes.

A variety of corrugated paper crafts is large, but the most attractive flowers made from this material look. Therefore it is worth considering the closest ways to make paper flowers.


What holiday without flowers, and what for March 8 without tulips? In childhood, everyone did these wonderful flowers from paper and gave them to her beloved mommies. Today you will learn how to make a tulip with corrugations.

You will need:

  • wire;
  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

First you need to cut off 6 paper strips of a width somewhere in 3 cm, B18 cm long. Then twist the strip in the middle of the edge of candy. Fold it in half. Stretch the resulting layers, forming small tulip petals. Foundation clamp and tighten tightly. Must happen Bud.

Green strip in size in 2 cm wrench. The length will be different, it all depends on the frequency of the intake, so it is desirable to cut, across the corrugation line. Fold the bands halve and look like a wire with a length of 15 cm.

Put around the stem 3 petal, apprecide the following 3 top. Clepping all this business, surrounding the stem with petals with a glue strip glue. Long strips of green leaves are simply screwed to the base.

Roses from corrugated paper and candies

Paper crafts: Simple and interesting creativityThe following way to arrange a stupid paper in a flower will like sweet tooths. Such a candy bouquet is done very easily and you can quickly prepare it for the next holiday.

What you come in handy:

  • Candy themselves;
  • long wooden spanks;
  • screamed paper;
  • glue;
  • green foam;
  • small basket;
  • Scotch.

Such crafts from paper can be put in a conventional vase, but by placing them in a basket, you can add the composition of the Milosity.

Favorite candies fasten scotch tape. Cut different sizes of petal for future roses. You can make every flower of different colors, and you can choose some similar shades.

For the bud, cut the rectangle with a width of at least 10 cm, stretch it in the middle and wrap it with candy. At the base fix everything with scotch. Petals are attached exactly the same way.

Bending all the edges of the petals, you will see that you have got a rose. The stronger the petal will complete, the more noticeable will be the sweet middle.

You can leave everything as it is, but you can put flowers in the basket, sticking them into a foam.

Colored paper and cardboard – Hello from childhood

Cheerful crafts made of colored paper and cardboard more often than others are found in children’s work. They are easy to do, so kids, not at all taking place, with benefit spend free time.

For joint family creativity, you can choose the manufacture of small cardboard penguins.

What you need:

  • cardboard tube (from paper towels or foil);
  • liquid glue;
  • pencil;
  • paints;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

Cutting the rings – 6 pieces and half, each width of 1 cm. One more cut in half. It turns out of his eyes. Cololes in this way: 1 half and 1 ring – orange, 3 – black, 1 – white, 2 remaining strips (future eyes) Pray half black, half white.

To create legs fold in half and glue in the middle of an orange ring. Of the halves of the same color to mace the beak: we make a droplet, fixing the edges by glue.

Black and white halves twist in a spiral, pre-lubricating them with glue. We form a white body and black wings. Glue everything together, pressing with your fingers.

In the last black circle insert the eyes and beak, lubricating them with glue. It turned out the head of Penguin. Connect all parts.

How to surprise friends from Paper Origami

Folding paper figures called «origami» – Very fashionable type of art. Originating in ancient China, it bloomed in the hands of Japanese masters, and after – the whole world flooded.

Origami technician is very multifaceted: one product can be collected 5 minutes, and the manufacture of another will delay for several weeks.

Paper crafts: Simple and interesting creativityIt is interesting that this art has its own universal system of signs, thanks to which the folding of any model can be represented using a sequential series of drawings.

There are several types of origami:

  • modular origami (consisting of several parts);
  • Simple origami (folded only by the mountain and valley);
  • scan (with drawing description);
  • Origami wet folding (used wet paper).

Paper – a unique material that allows you to give will creativity at any age. But it is important not so much that a person uses for his creativity, how much his openness to know something new.

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