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Create and needlewoman: how to make beautiful clay earrings?


Polymer clay earrings – how to create a real masterpiece with your own hands? How to prepare for the modeling of polymer clay earrings and which details take into account in the process of work?

Polymer clay earrings created by their own hands – bright, unique and universal accessory. All that is needed for a peculiar start – plastic colorful material, sense of style, perfection, rich fantasy, and a little patience.

What to choose raw materials?

Create and needlewoman: how to make beautiful earrings from clay?Do not think that the creation of hand maid decorations – the case is extremely troublesome. Polymer clay – Material Polymaya. You are only the choice of high-quality raw materials, which guaranteed the fruits to your efforts.

Beautiful earrings can be supplemented with similar bracelets and necklaces. Do not forget that creating jewelry for the ear of the ear, you will also need certain accessories.

In this regard, it is easier to create carnations: it is enough to fix your needle product, fix it and wear with pleasure.

You can make long earrings with your own hands, but in this case you will need more effort. If you have high increasing, this option will be perfect for you.

First of all, we recommend that you determine the style and color decision of the future decoration. Today we will look at the creation of earrings on the example of carnations. What will they – round, oval, convex, lush, needle?

What will be depicted on earrings – cake, cake, guitar, flower, animal head? As soon as you decide all the minor technical questions, you will become clear what materials and in what quantity should be purchased. Colors remain at your discretion, although we will give you general recommendations on this.

By the way, if you love nightlife, and often spend the weekend in clubs, pay attention to the clay, which takes the bright glow in the rays of ultraviolet. Do not forget to buy Schwenza – the very part of the decoration that is inserted into the ear.

If you are afraid of losing an earring, take a look at snag with dense clasps, for example, from silicone. So, make earrings from elastic polymer clay do it yourself! 

First preparations

If you firmly decided to acquire earrings with carnations from polymer clay, and make focus on the uniqueness and uniqueness of the product, we will gladly support you in your endeavors and tell you in detail that you come in handy in work:

  • Special plank for rolling and modeling products (plastic board or plexiglass fragment);
  • Knife (Best Stationery), can be acute blade;
  • Toothpick;
  • Surface for baking finished jewelry;
  • Several toothpicks;
  • Required accessories (pick up the style of earrings);
  • Transparent nail polish (preferably high-quality);
  • Vegetable oil;
  • English pins;
  • Foil;
  • Polymer clay of different shades.

The process of modeling depends on your imagination. You can mix multiple colors to obtain a uniform tone or marble effect. If you have other tools and more advanced skills, you can transfer the product already ready image, for example, the logo of the favorite group or the poster to film. 

Sweet intolerable cakes

Love sweet? Embody your passion in jewelry. And for the figure is useful, and beautiful! Earrings in the form of polymer clay cakes will also become a great decoration for children.

If you decide to make them for yourself – they harmoniously complement the frivolous spring image in juicy colors, and will become a real chopstick for you in the gathering for a walk around the city.

Create «Cakes»:

  • Decide S «Filling» – How much will be korzh, how will the top layer of your «delicacy», What colors in it will prevail;
  • Form small balls with a diameter of 1.5 cm for each layer. You can take a variety of colors. For example, yellow, beige, pink, brown and mint;
  • Out of each ball rolling the reservoir. Watch all the layers to get the same thickness!;
  • Fold «BOR» on each other tightly tight. Slice «Cakes» At this stage, the easiest way, following the principle of pizza. You will have 6 uniform pieces, so you can leave a couple of earrings as a backup option, and a couple more – to present a friend;
  • Next, we make relief in the attachments to prepare «culinary» Masterpiece came out especially appetizing. To do this, take a cotton wand or toothpick, and apply a series of chaotic punctures to the sides of the formation;
  • Want to be places from polymer clay to decorate a glossy layer of chocolate? Easy peasy! Take a brown clay and enter in it a few drops of sunflower oil. Emboss with a subtle object like a toothpick;
  • Casually apply a creamy paste to the upper root. Decorate at your discretion. You can make miniature roses: roll a small thin sausage made of pink clay and roll out with the Kalach. Leaf cut separately. Impose on the top layer and give away. You can decorate the product by beads or beads;
  • Create and needlewoman: how to make beautiful earrings from clay?Prepare the surface for baking and shutter it with food foil. In earrings, make holes or carry out rings in them for future fittings;
  • Cover products with transparent nail polish. Only the upper part can be treated, leaving the cake itself loose;
  • Preheat the oven at a temperature of 130 ° C. Gently place your brainchild on the foil and send it to be baked for 15-20 minutes;
  • At the end, attach accessories by following additional instructions. Your beautiful I «delicious» Polymer clay earrings are ready! 

Flower assorted

You love earrings in the form of flowers from polymer clay? We experience weakness to roses, cloves or tulips? Make earrings selected shape with your own hands!

To create residences on petals and plants leaves Use catter or moldes. In general, you can do without them. Another point – observe the cleanliness! Dust and pile, falling on the workpiece, significantly spoil the type of finished product.

How to make earrings in the form of roses from polymer clay:

  • From clay pink, purple, scarlet or cream color roll a small sausage. Cut it on smooth fragments of the magnitude with the pea;
  • Take one of the fragments in your hand, roll into the ball, and then form a drop. This is the base of your rose, the place where the petals will be placed;
  • Another ball roll up so that it turns out a flat pellet. Make a petal with your fingers, but do not overdo it with thickness: it should not be too thin and transparent;
  • Similar steps to make with the rest of the balls and fold the finished petals to the surface for modeling;
  • If you have Mold, create realistic accomplishments on petals;
  • Take one petal and convey them «Basic» drop imitating bud. The foundation itself should not be seen;
  • The first row is formed from two petals. First glue one, 1 mm above the base. Against him – the second;
  • The first petal of the second row should wrap the basis only half. In peculiar «Pocket» Another petal will be fixed;
  • On the third row there must be five petals, each there is somewhat higher than the previous. The edge of the last fragment also falls under the edge of the first;
  • The fourth row consists of seven petals. Cland them according to the principle of previous rows;
  • Remains with a stationery knife. The bottom of the flower should be flat. If necessary – give it with your fingers. Pour the petals. Earring is ready for burning, which should be made by applying «Tortikov».

There is another version of the amusements in the form of roses. To fulfill it, you need to roll one massive ball database of any color. Then create an axer of small roses, following the main instruction.

Create and needlewoman: how to make beautiful earrings from clay?Adhere to the variability of sizes: Dilute large buds of very small, created from one fine «sausages». Ready buds decorate beads or beads. Before baking do not forget to cover the product with nail polish without color.

You can also make earrings from polymer clay with your own hands, manifesting fantasy in mixing flowers and decorating petals. All colors are created practically in a common principle.

Such a beautiful and air product, as a polymer clay earrings, not only complement your collection of jewelry, but also become a magic gift for friends and loved ones. With this material, you can create not only earrings or decorations, but also frames, panels, figurines or stands.

Include imagination, show courage, inspired by crafts of other craftsmen – and you are accurately hobble! And we wish you creative success and beautiful results!

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