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Non-nice contests for the wedding and redemption of the bride


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You or your acquaintances are planned wedding? Want to do without the services of Tamada (or at least add them with something)? I do not want all contests from the series «who will drink faster» or «rhino egg in partner pants»? We picked up for you an unresolved and non-flint contests for the wedding and redemption of the bride.

Non-nice contests for the wedding and redemption of the brideRedemption of the bride: contests for the groom and his friends

Redemption for a wedding is a traditional part of the holiday. His scenario is most often prepared by the bride girlfriends led by a witness; They also conduct redemption.

Even if the main part of the holiday (in the cafe, restaurant and t.NS.) will accompany Tamada, then redemption – the field for creativity of friends, and often it takes place in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere than with professional leading.

So, what to do to buy the bride to become bright, cheerful and memorable? You can develop an original script for redemption for a wedding, where your plot, actors, costumes and so on. And you can restrict ourselves to several simple contests or riddles. It all depends on time and desire. And we throw you a few ideas.

Take a script for redemption profession or a hobby of the bride. For example, if she is a doctor (or studying at a doctor), then girlfriends, conducted contests, can be in white coats, do not let guests in the entrance without bootiers (and sell them), to carry out therapeutic inspection of the bride and friends, find comic «Diseases» («Third degree love») etc.

If the bride is fond of growing room flowers, then you can make an entrance to the entrance by signage «Flower shop», asking young, for what flower he came (and having learned that he came for the bride, say that such a flower is just not for sale), make the groom pick up «Floral» Compliments of the beloved and t.NS.

Choose contests in which the bridegroom will be able to show their talents. It is doubly relevant if someone from the guests present still as not familiar with the fiance. Suppose young perfectly sings – make him sing a serenade under the beloved window, if he shoots a dash in a dash – draw him a target on which the causes of the wedding are written («in love», «by calculation», «by hopeless», «by need») And let him shit or throw a dart chosen, why marries.

Provide a witness and other guests. For example, offer a witness to take a handful of seeds, and then make a list of so many merits of the groom, how many seeds fit in hand. Or you can choose several friends of the groom, make them tell about his advantages – but not just so, but with two chups in the mouth.

And now we offer a few funny competitions for a redemption for a wedding.

What is the name of the bride? Write on small leaves different names (preferably funny – Dazeperm, power station, domain and t.NS.), roll these leaves and put in inflatable balls. Offer the bridegroom burst the ball and read how he will call a cute.

If suddenly «Dazdraperm» it does not suit it, then require a fee or «fine» in the form of a song, dance and t.NS. In addition to balls, you can use simply sheets of paper, turned and covered on top of lemon slices. To see what name on the leaflet need to eat lemon and do not frighten. If you jerked – pay, if the name is not that – pay!

«Sweet Lips». Bride’s girlfriends pre-prepare the Watman Sheet, on which – the prints of lips made of lipstick. From these prints only one belongs to the beloved. The groom should guess which. For each incorrect answer – fine!

«Mysterious numbers». This competition is a good mystery and redemption, and on the wedding directly. The bridegroom is called numbers or dates that are somehow connected with the beloved (the age of the bride, the date of dating, the size of the leg, the birthday of the mother-in-law and T.NS.). He must guess what these numbers mean.

«I believe – I do not believe». This competition-riddle will also come up for redemption, and for a wedding, it usually likes to all guests. The leading read various facts from the life of the bride (and if the case is not on the redemption, but at the wedding itself, then you can read about young).

The spouse must say, he believes that it could be, or not. For example, that she traveled in the Crimea in his youth, that she somehow came up with a guy at school, that a glass of brandy drank on a dispute.D.

What can replace the ransom at the wedding?

If you decide to abandon the traditional ransom, you can make something more modern and even adventure instead of it.

Non-nice contests for the wedding and redemption of the brideQuest search for the bride. The groom performs the task, he is given a hint, where to move in search of beloved. This quest can be carried out both in nature and in the city. The main thing is that the distances between items are not large so that no pauses are not tightened, and guests could accompany the groom on foot.

Ethnic rites. Choose anyone like a tradition and beat it to modern way. Especially well, if you are outside the city: you can tell the fire, drive away dances, bring oath to the elements of nature and t.D.

Morning Bride and Morning Groom. Let the newlywed invites the girlfriends early, organizes a romantic photo session of fees and maiden tea drinking.

At the same time, another photographer let him take as a future spouse «Challenge» in family life his friends. The moment of the meeting of lovers can also be beautifully beat: from the singing of romances under the window beloved before the arrival of the riding on the white horse.

Now let’s talk about contests that can be used directly at the wedding.

An example of repurchase of the bride’s shoes at the wedding

One of the traditional moments without any wedding, – theft of the bride’s shoes. Usually for this «Slope» Witnesses are fade: they say, agoned – work out!

We offer several options for contests for witnesses:

  • The witness should kiss the witness as the number of times as the size of the shoes in the newlyweds, and every time in a new place. A more restrained option is to say as many compliments;
  • The witness should postpone the witness on his hands from one to the other five different ways (on hand, on the shoulders, with the help of someone from friends and t.NS.);
  • Witnesses are invited to play some kind of scene, the original story, excerpt from a fairy tale (you can in costumes, under a pre-prepared phonogram, just portray the facial expressions and gestures what voiced by the entry) or dance dance (East, «Gypsy» With exit and t.NS.);
  • Some of the witnesses are offered without words (with the help of gestures and facial expressions) to tell about each of the young, and the second must «transfer» All these words.

Elutes you need mass contests in which all guests will participate (and which do not require special efforts), we offer several options.

«Candy with surprise». The lead is bypasses all guests with a bag of multi-colored candies, offering everyone on candy. Then he announces that candy is not simple, and with the task: who, for example, is red, he must say the exquisite compliment of the bride or the bridegroom; Who has green – to tell a funny story associated with one of the young; If you got yellow – to ask toast and t.D. Candy can be replaced with miniature memorable gifts.

«guess who». Presenter (with the help of young) prepares in advance the short original descriptions of each of the guests. They can reflect the generation, hobby, character traits and T.NS. For example: «Electrician Extra-Class and Perfect Family», «Conqueror of mountain vertices», «Poet, musician and romantic» and T.NS.

Paper with descriptions are put in the bag. The leading by bypassing with this bag of guests, offering everyone to pull out a piece of paper and reading out loud, determine what comes we talk about. This competition helps guests better meet.

Non-nice contests for the wedding and redemption of the bride«Confession». The presenter of pre-acquires various questions (from ordinary to tricks), and selects answers to them. We must try to combine any answer with any question. Then answers are written on paper. Purchase into the bag.

The lead is bypassing guests and everyone asks a question and proposes to read the answer that the guest pulls out of the bag. There may be combinations like «Do you like bald men?» – «This is my heart wound!»; «Did you get into the detox?» – «This is my hobby!» and T.D.

On the pages of our site you will definitely find other ideas, contests and riddles for any celebration. Let your wedding be cheerful and relaxed!

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