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How to tie a miten?


Mitenks – a peculiar analogue very popular in the past Hamash, they are just put on not to their feet, but in the hands. How to tie this accessory yourself. Tell our review

Mitnesks are an interesting knitted accessory who has long been loved by young fashionable. From the usual glove or mittens it is distinguished by open fingers and a fully insulated wrist. In essence, these are the very gloves, only with cropped phalanges, the length of which can reach the elbow, although preferably shortened models that do not interfere with the comfortable toe of warm clothes.

Since it is difficult to meet a similar accessory in direct selling, the girls have mastered the few schemes of how to tie like mitten spokes.

Make it is easy, the main thing is to decide on the yarn, the pattern of weaving, and that will be the final product with partitions between all your fingers, or will be associated in the form «Pipe». In the last version, knitting implies the separation of the thumb from all others that will not be delimited by yarn.

What to wear?

How to tie a mitten with the knitting needles?Before you decide to weave mitten with the knitting needles, decide whether to carry them in the future. The fact is that this accessory should not come into contact with the edge of the sleeves of the top clothes, otherwise the ugly bugs and folds are formed. It turns out that it is better to combine it with a coat or a jacket, which will have shortened sleeves. Cool weather mittles can be worn with tight golf.

Such a kit will attract attention to a wicker accessory, especially if it is additionally decorated with a bracelet or stripes. Depending on the yarn used, Mitanka is permissible to wear at any time of the year, creating romantic or hooligan images. The main thing is not to complement their rings, otherwise the bow will be released by vulgar.

How to tie on your own?

Openwork or dense mitnts, knitting, will definitely love the owners of modern gadgets with touchscreen. Such tropped gloves simultaneously warm the palms, and will not interfere with work on the tablet, telephone or other instrument.

So, a step-by-step guide regarding how to link beautiful mitencakes with knitting needles, intended for beginners, looks like this:

  • The need for the need for loops, the estimated number of which is 46 pcs. Again, this indicator depends on the density of knitting, brush girth, thread thickness, and even the selected pattern;
  • The whole first row must be tied to the facial, not forgetting that the first loop (edge) is always in charge;
  • How to tie a mitten with the knitting needles?Further, the simplest knitting of warm mittles on two spokes implies knitting gum 2 * 2, which lasts 6 rows in a row. For beginners, explain that all these rows should be in turn to lies a couple of facial and irons, not forgetting the edge;
  • For the two subsequent rows, that is, the 7th and 8th, only facial loops are suitable, whereas in the 9th moment occurs when you can need a thread of another color to make an accessory original and beautiful. Again, you can not do this if you do not have sufficient experience, and just knit mitten with facial loops until it becomes the desired length, and you will not reach the place where you need a loop increase with the goal of expanding the canvas in the scene ;
  • The scheme of knitting a mitten with two spokes implies the addition of the loops of the right product at the end of its last bound row, and for the left – at its beginning. For a couple of loops before completing knitting (taking into account the edge), you need to perform a nakid, to penetrate the subsequent loop, and again throw the loop. Only then the edge is pronounced, and in the subsequent row of the Nakida, be surely twisted, so that there are no holes, and fit according to the drawing;
  • The following scheme assumes another row with Nakid, which knits as follows: For 4 loops until weaving (Considering and the edge) is completed, 3 loops are drawn according to the figure, the thread will be attached again and the edges are encouraged again;
  • The subsequent series is pronounced according to the recommendations given in paragraph 5;
  • If you carefully examine each of the schemes made, it becomes clear that each subsequent row increases with a pair of loops located between the Nakid. In this way, it is necessary to add 12 kettops, which will be enough to pick up the desired finger;
  • How to tie a mitten with the knitting needles?Then the cloth woves until it is necessary to start throwing off the hinges for thumb to the auxiliary needle. Do not forget about the distribution of patterns, so that the weaving looked carefully;
  • 12 The newly created loops is required to remove on the auxiliary needle, without taking this amount of the corresponding row of the right product, or tightening and dropping 12 loops if it comes to the left;
  • Then everything is simple: the openwork or solid trimmed gloves knit to the desired length, and ends them either crossed gum, or simple closed loops, but a bit sent to themselves;
  • Now about loops dropped for big fingers. They can be simply closed, or carry out a semolotie from them, and close just close.

It may seem that everything is very difficult and confusing. In fact, the warm and original accessory can really weave literally for a couple of evenings. His stylish teenager, a small child and an adult woman will be delighted, it will decorate the autumn and winter outfit, especially if we rush together with a slander or a clamp of the same color and pattern.

Beautiful patterns of faces and warm meetings!

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