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Crafts in the interior do it yourself: beautiful and stylish


Domotovers from burlap as a symbol of home overag. We make crafts with your own hands from a variety of girlfriend materials. We make flowers with their own hands

Apartment is our personal space for rest. Holding it, we try to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It is difficult to imagine a cozy interior without cute jewelry. Very popular lately crafts made with your own hands. The main argument is that you do not need to buy anything specifically, in order to make the original craft. You will be surprised, but all the scribe materials are at home.

Open the crust!

Crafts in the interior do it yourself: beautiful and stylishMany in the house for sure there is such a corner where the pieces of old wallpaper are stored and carefully stored, small plates, old newspapers or magazines, tin cans of tea or coffee, and the like unnecessary trash.

Soothing himself at the thought that the time comes, and this piece of old jute or flax, we will definitely come in handy, we gradually turn into keepers of a huge number of small things that are hardly useful.

A little smoking, you can diversify your interior with interesting elements and find practical use of things that have been dusting in the storage room for a long time.

What can be crafts for home

List all categories There is no possibility, because a person’s fantasy has no boundaries. You can only single out some of the most popular, namely:

  • Functional crafts. This type includes boxes, caskets, jars for croup, bottles and t. D. In general, all where we can store small items in their size;
  • Crafts for decorating the interior, which are aimed at creating a cozy atmosphere indoors – figures, pictures, flowers, napkins, chambers;
  • Crafts that combine beauty and functionality – coffee table, stand for shoes or umbrellas.

We choose the material

Everything is simple here: Material for making crafts can be anything. It all depends on your imagination.

Checlap and twine crafts are becoming increasingly popular. At first glance, the burlap seems to be low-attractive and coarse material, which is widely used in agriculture and has nothing to do with decoration of premises.

Although it is sometimes used as a canvas for writing paintings. Interior Designers Position Burlap As Stylish, Natural and Environmentally Clean Fabric.

Therefore, I am pleased to use it in our work, complementing it with all sorts of elements and inventing all new and new ornaments:

  • products from burlap and jute;
  • Jute and straw products;
  • Decorations of coffee and burlap;
  • crafts using clay and jute;
  • burlap decorated by flax.

The list is incomplete, again, it all depends on fantasy and girlfriend.

Burlap products with their own hands

As already mentioned burlap – this is a universal textile material, from which you can make a lot of interesting and useful for household households – curtains, napkins, flowers, decorations for VAZ and flower pots.

People who are no longer newcomers in such a matter recommend starting with a simple. Try to cut the fabric with small segments, dissolve on the edges of the bakhram and starch. Here are ready table napkins!

By the same principle you can give the original view of the usual flower pot. To do this, you need only, to wind it with a dense cloth and how to fix the edge stapler. So that the workshop does not seem boring on top to the material you can stick watermelon or pumpkin seeds, add coffee grains or any friend.

Crafts in the interior do it yourself: beautiful and stylishThe main thing is the color variety of materials used. Such an execution will be not only with its originality to please the eye, but will allow you to change the design of flower pots from time to time. Do not demand from you with additional cash costs.

Preduplently made home interior element can be an original idea for a gift, say, friends or relatives. So, it is interesting and relevant in any house there is such an element as charm.

We make champs from burlap

House is our fortress. And both no fortress costs without a security guard, and the house can not do without the keeper of a homely hearth. And when it comes to the home faith, the first thing come to mind most people are a Domomen’s figure. Make a domain from burlap do it yourself just enough. All you need is to follow the instructions.

Before starting work on the figure, you should make sure that you have everything necessary, namely:

  • 2 wires;
  • leg-split;
  • a piece of burlap;
  • disposable spoons 3 pcs.;
  • bug pakley;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • needle and threads;
  • disposable socks or as they are also called kapron;
  • Motor wire;
  • Sintepon;
  • Cardboard sheet or any other material that would come up for a domain model of a domain.
  • glue;
  • Accessories for decorating figures – coins, cereals, small broom and t. D.

Now go directly to the manufacturing process.

A piece of cardboard available in the presence of cardboard in the tube and fix along the edges of the stapler. NSon your discretion to do holes for future hands of a little man and insert wire there.

Further take one-time socks, fill them with a small number of syntheps and twist in the balls. After that, these balls are tied to the side wires of our craft. Between the ball and hole where the wire enters the cone must be. We will close this gap with the help of a sleeve that can be sewed from any matter you like.

By the same principle, like hands, the head is made. After the head is fixed on the domain body, the sewing of buttons, which, in this case, will mimic eyes and threads to lose a beautiful smile.

Crafts in the interior do it yourself: beautiful and stylishTake 2 disposable spoons and break the handles in such a way that you get two comfortable supports for a little man. By gluing legs, you can decorate the spoons with pieces of burlap, creating imitation of household slippers.

The remaining spoon is glued to the domain handle. A spoon – a symbol of wealth and on the home faug. Such an element will look, as it is impossible, by the way.

Your domain is almost ready. It remains to make a beard out of twine. After the process is completed, decorate the domain accessories that have a symbolic subtext – coins, cereals, in particular, rice, watermelon seeds and T.D.

As you can see, the domain of burlap and twine will simply perform, the main thing is your desire. On the Internet, you can find a large amount of crafts that you can perform with your own hands, a variety, so your interior. Creative inspiration to you!

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