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How to sew a case for your hands: Detailed master classes


For those who wish to have a beautiful and original accessory, information, how to sew a cover for your own hands, will be interesting and useful. Consider several master classes

Case for the phone performs not only decorative, but also a protective function. Today there are a wide range of these products in stores, so there should be no problems with the choice. The only thing that stops – the price. In this case, there is a wonderful way out – to sew a case for mobile independently. So it will be possible not only to save money, but also get the original accessory.

How to sew a case for a phone from felt?

How to sew a case for your hands: Detailed master classesRecently, felt is quite popular material. Of it make various decorations, toys and accessories. This fabric can also be used for the manufacture of a cover.

Necessary materials:

  • Felt of different colors;
  • Contrast threads;
  • Button.

The process of manufacturing an accessory is quite simple and even a beginner needlewoman can cope with it. Cut two identical rectangles. Based on the width and length of the phone, plus several millimeters on each side.

Separately, make a fastening valve, the length of which should be about 5-7 cm. To one of the rectangles, the check valve, retreating a couple of centimeters from a small side. Now fold the parts and connect their looped seam through the edge.

Sew on another half a button for fixing the valve. To choose the right distance, put the phone to the case.

How to smartphone sew leather case?

Such accessories are most popular because they are considered universal. In addition, they have a long service life. There are such covers are quite expensive, but they are easy to make them.

Necessary materials:

  • Skin piece. An original will look at the animal print, for example, embossing under the skin of python;
  • Lining matter;
  • Lightning.

Start standing from pattern. To do this, measure the phone and add a few millimeters to the value of the width and length. Taking into account the thickness of the smartphone, make a connection in the center between rectangles, so that a certain distance remains to each edge. So that the accessory is beautiful, it is recommended to round the edges.

As a result, a solid pattern should be turned out to be transferred to the skin and lining. So that the lining fabric does not disengage, it is recommended to walk along the contour of PVA glue. Now unzow the zipper and attach it with glue «Moment» or adhesive gun to skin details. Lay out everything neat.

For fixing, you can use conventional clothespins. After a few minutes the adhesive will dry up and you can remove them. Now sew leather part bonded with lining. Make sure that the lightning is smooth. Locking at a distance of no more than two millimeters. It remains to remove excess lining tissue and the case can be used.

We sew a fabric case

For the manufacture of an accessory, you can use completely different materials. It all depends on your imagination. Based on the master class described below, you can make your original product.

Necessary materials:

  • Two pieces of matter;
  • Fliselin;
  • Keychain ring.

Cut two rectangles, drawing on the size of the mobile. You can use two different colors. Each part must be strengthened with phlizelin, for this use Iron. Take a square piece of fabric – we will make the holder for the accessory.

First make a rectangle from it, wrapped the edges inside. Stretch it from every edge. On the one hand, attach the ring, wrapped and shattering part of the rectangle. Rectangles for the accessory need to be treated with one short side, in the future it will not shifted this part.

Fold the rectangles with an invalid outside, and insert the workpiece between them in the center. Now write around the perimeter, leaving the place to turn out the accessory. To sew left hole and decorate the product, laid on the perimeter decorative stitches, for example, in the form of snowflakes.

How can I make a sock case?

How to sew a case for your hands: Detailed master classesThis option is considered the cheapest, since it is possible to take already used socks. Such an accessory is more suitable for young people, because we will do the cat.

Necessary materials:

  • High sock with bright print;
  • Felt white and yellow color;
  • Beads.

Start standing with phone measurement. Take the sock and cut the gum on it. To the length of the phone, it is necessary to add 3.5 cm and cut the part of the sock corresponding to this magnitude. Now add 1 cm to width and cut extra.

Let’s go to the formation of the ears. To do this, on top in the center, make an incision, about 2 cm. Now remove the sock inside out and wrap your ears. So that the ears did not open, attach them to the pin. It is important that the lower parts of the triangles are on the same line.

Sew the ears with a thread in color, then just do it so that it is not visible on the outside of the thread. Remove the sock on the face and fold it in half – the muzzle must already be visible, moving to its design. For its manufacture, take a white felt, draw a circle with a diameter of 4 cm on it and cut out.

Place it on the sock at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge where the seam will be held, and then hide the thread. Using yellow bead, make your nose.

Place it on a white muzzle for several centimeters from the edge. Using threads of contrasting color, winding eyes, mustaches and other pieces of face. Now turn out the sock, put together, position and return again on the front side.

Let us turn to the lining. For its manufacture, use yellow felt. Cut a rectangle whose length should coincide with a cover, and the width must be 2 times more. Fold it in half and scratch the lower and right side, leaving the top hole for the phone.

No need to turn out. Put the lining in the sock and thoroughly align the seams. Make a V-shaped neckline and by making cuts on triangles, put the lining into the sock and place.

How to sew the original case for headphones?

Probably, every person at least once complained that the headphones in the bag or in his pocket are confused into terrible nodes. To this not happen, you can use a special case.

Necessary materials:

  • Cotton fabric of two colors;
  • Sintepon;
  • Lightning;
  • A piece of felt;
  • Button;
  • Lace.

Initially, it is worth a reservation that the process described below can be used as the basis for the manufacture of accessories of different shapes, for example, a circle, crescent and t.NS. In this master class, a heart cover will be described. As for the color of matter, it all depends on the individual preferences of each person.

So that the main item was flat, it is recommended to make the pattern of the desired size. From one half of the fabric (for example, yellow) cut two hearts, taking into account the allowances for seams. One detail cut in half. Also repeat on the other a half fabric (for example, green) and with syntheps.

Folding the halves of yellow fabric and syntheps, passing them to zipper. To close the seam Beat the halves. As a result, it should get a whole heart with a zipper in the middle. On the other hand Lightning Side Half Green. Turn over the zipper so that the heart of yellow color is from above, and step it up along the lightning from each half.

How to sew a case for your hands: Detailed master classesCut the parts of the zipper that go beyond the heart, but leave a couple of millimeters to secure it. Take a green whole heart, put some of the synthesis on it, then a whole yellow heart and from above the prepared part with a zipper with an inside up, that is, the green part.

Zipper recommended slightly open. First, freeze the items, and after turning them on the typewriter. So that the ends do not bloom, treat them with a zigzag. After that reflect the case. In principle, the headphone case is ready, but we suggest adding a little decor.

Cut the heart or any other figure from felt. Put it on the case and the trick together with the button. For ease of opening on the lightning tongue, the short cord.

Presented master classes uncomplicated. Even if the first time it did not work out to achieve a good result, a little practice – and the finished product will delight you or your loved ones!

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